Guide of Pakistani Sarees

Whenever a woman dresses she dresses to look different and she tries that she looks the best. In Pakistani fashion race, there are many trends that come and go. All these many trends are very different from one another. Along the time we saw the fashion being simple shalwar kameez to the short shirt with Patiala shalwar, to the elegant long shirt with palazzo pants, Pakistani Saree to the long shirt with Capri pant and later the trend shifted to ladies wearing culottes under the same type of shirts.

And like these many trends came by and ended their respected times. And all these trends passing by like clouds one clothing item always stayed “SAREES”. A Saree is one clothing item that every girl desires to wear at least once in their lifetime and drape it as flawlessly as her grandmother and look like a younger modern version of their mother or grandmother.

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Pakistani Saree Style

Pakistani Saree style is very elegant and chic it makes you look professional yet ready to still the show look. Whenever you go out for an event or visit any place you will always find that one lady who is in Saree looking gorgeous as ever and you see that everyone at the party is praising her for her outfit and you notice that this lady is standing out from everyone. You see this lady and think to wish that if you also wore the Saree and got the attention like her.

Saree is one article of clothing which is size inclusive and age inclusive. Anyone can style themselves in this article and look good. They may be a fresh young girl or a woman in her 90 is a girl who is skinny or a girl with heavier body. Saree is one dress which falls perfectly on every body type and makes a statement when worn.

Saree is a signature of chic style and fashion. It is one thing that stays in fashion while other trends just pass by. The trends are so fast to pass. People get over every type of fashion but Saree is one trend people don’t get over with. It is seen that older Sarees look even better as they are a form of nostalgia and it is like bring the older generations charm back to life or living the moment again.

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The origin of Saree is from the Indian sub-continent. Pakistani Saree is a long drape which is 5-9 meters long. This is worn with a blouse and skirt underneath which is also called Petticoat. The Petticoat is used to tuck in the Saree. The drape is 2-3 feet long in breadth.

Banarsi Saree

The Saree comes in many different type materials from banarsi heavy material to cotton Saree to a luxurious silk Saree. The Saree may be revealing or it can be super modest. Saree is a very versatile dressing article. Has many different ways to be draped. In India alone, there are more than 80 styles of draping a Saree. A sari historian in her book stated over 108 styles of draping a Saree. The most common way of manufacturing a Saree is wrapping it tightly across the waist and leaving a loose end which is thrown on one shoulder.

While buying a Saree one must keep in mind that the Saree should be of a flowy material. This helps the Saree to fall perfectly on your curves and gives it the most appealing look. You can use silk, chiffon Saree for such look of Saree. These fabrics are considered as the most appropriate of Saree. If you want to buy a Saree for casual wear you can opt for cotton Saree but the drawback with the cotton Saree is that it clumps up and does not look flattering at all.

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The other materials that can be used for Saree are Banarasi Jamawar fabric. This fabric is comparatively thicker than all the other fabrics mentioned above but still looks extremely beautiful and graceful. The Bengalis and Marathi wear this fabric for special events. When looking for Sarees you can also go for branded options. Pakistani fashion designers are now putting out some very beautiful designs for sarees which are trendy and have a very strong presence in the design which will make you stand out in the crowd of people.