Little Details on Your Outfit that Make You Look More Beautiful

You can be dressed in the most expensive outfit but still not feel good about yourself. The price tag is not an indicator of comfort, and it doesn’t automatically make you look beautiful. You can dress in inexpensive brands that fit you just right and feel more beautiful than if you were wearing Gucci from head to toe.

Forget the brands and price tag. No matter where you like to shop, you can look beautiful if you pay attention to these little details on your outfit:


You will look at your most beautiful if you’re wearing clothes that fit properly. Even if you’re wearing oversized clothes, they should not hide your shape completely. Accentuate your features, such as your collarbones, waist, arms, or legs by tucking in your shirt or leaving the topmost part of your shirt unbuttoned. When you’re shopping online, check the size chart to know you’re getting the fit you want. A few DIY tips on how to adjust your old clothes can make your wardrobe more wearable without you needing to buy new items every time.


You can choose the size of your clothes just as you can choose your skin toner online depending on your skin type. However, when it comes to your silhouette, it’s more comparable to contouring products. You create the silhouette with the clothes you have, just like you would contour your face to make it look slimmer. Accessories help with this, such as a wide belt to cinch your waist or a long cardigan to hide your insecurities even while forming a slimmer silhouette underneath.

Matching Metals

Many don’t realize that even the belt buckle and jewelry they wear with their outfit can make the outfit look more expensive. Next time you dress up, match your jewelry to the metals in your bag, shoes, or other accessories. Gold metals are worn together to elevate the look much more than if you had an assortment of mismatched metals. However, you can also wear a combination of metals–in a bracelet, for instance–to get all other metals together.

The way you wear your clothes makes you feel more beautiful and confident. Choose each part of the outfit wisely and make sure everything matches the rest of the outfit.

Author Bio:

Lance Sprewell is a short story author, digital marketer, and student during weekends. A charity volunteer during the vacant day at a room of the elders located in Quezon City, Philippines. He has been involved in charity events of the National Red Cross to evacuate the victims of the natural disaster of Typhoon Haiyan last 2013.