Why Consider Metal Roofing – Buying Guide

Most homeowners think that the service life of a roof matters the most. If this is taken as a criterion, metal turns out to be a winner among roofing materials.

The knowledge of its durability and resilience is not new to humans. Metal has been used as a commercial roofing material for warehouses, factories, and storage units. The residential metal roofing has boomed in popularity from the last two decades.

Thanks to technology advancements, metal roofs are much more durable, aesthetically appealing, and corrosion resistant as compared to past versions. If you are building a new house or in need of roof replacement, hire the best metal roofing contractors in your area.

Here are eight good reasons to consider metal roofs!

Advantages Of Metal Roofing Systems

1. Durability

Almost all of the homeowners are looking for roofing systems that can last for years with minimum repairs. The surge in the popularity of metal roofs is not surprising. Once properly installed a metal roof can last up to 50 years. With minimal maintenance, homeowners can save thousands of dollars spent on repairs and replacements of other roofing materials.

2. Save Money On Life Cycle Costs

The upfront cost of a metal roof is misleading in some ways. If you look closely the life cycle cost of metal roof is significantly less as compared to other popular roofing materials. Various studies analyzed life expectancy and life cycle costs. The findings are very promising.

3. Energy Conservation

The durability and lower life cycle costs are important but a sound design can also help in conserving energy. When you add up the savings, it comes out to be a substantial amount. According to a recent study, a standing seam roofing system can result in 40% energy savings. This point alone is enough to consider metal roofing for your home.

4. Reduce Cooling Costs In Summer

In most cases, the roof is the least energy-efficient part of a house. In the case of a metal roof, it can help maintain consistent temperatures within the building by preventing heat gain or loss. If you want to reduce the cooling costs in summer, invest in thicker insulations. Use a light paint colour for your roof so it can reflect the heat instead of absorbing it on hot days.

5. Fire Resistant

A lot of homeowners never consider fire resistance as an important factor when they are purchasing roofing materials. Roofing experts highly recommend checking the fire resistance properties of a roof before installation. A metal roof is a reliable option as it is fire resistant. Cutting through the metal panels is a bit challenging during fires but it is rarely a cause of spreading fire.

6. Pest Resistant

The nasty critters can compromise the structural integrity of your house roof. Every smart owner strives to keep them away from their home. Metal roofs are pest resistant and protect your house against damages caused by rats and mice. Keep up with the roof insulation for added protection. 

7. Improves Property Value

The buildings with energy-efficient roofs not only help save money on utility bills but have higher property values. The economic advantages help buildings command higher rents and selling prices. If you install a metal roofing system with Energy Star certifications have rent premiums up to 9%. Similarly, the resale premiums are as high as 26%. The houses with metal roofs sell faster and with better profits.

8. Minimal Maintenance

The best thing about a metal roof is that it requires minimal maintenance. You don’t have to pay for metal roofing repair after every rainy season. All you need to do is to keep it debris free. Make sure no other metal is touching the metal panels  or else the corrosion can damage the roof. The metal slopes can be very slippery so be extra careful during annual inspections.

Types Of Metal Roofs

Aluminum Roofs

Aluminium is one of the most popular metal for buildings in coastal areas. It is a relatively soft and lightweight metal. This is prone to denting but highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. It can be painted to mimic the steel look for aesthetic purposes. It can work well for over 50 years with optimal maintenance. This is an amazing option for saving money on cooling costs.

Steel Roofing

Most of the metal roofing you see is made up of steel. Steel roofs are heavier and sturdier as compared to aluminum. There are two main thicknesses of steel available known as G-60 and G-90. The former is more expensive. G-90 is used for building low-end corrugated metal roofs.

When you search for steel roofing, two main categories appear in the search results, Galvanized and Galvalume coated steel. Galvanize is zinc and Galvalume® is a combination of aluminium and zinc. These coatings improve the durability of steel. Galvalume can provide corrosion resistance four times as compared to galvanized steel.

You should always consult your nearest metal roofing contractor for choosing the best materials for your geographical region. The performance of the metal roof is also affected by the climate and humidity levels of an area.

Stainless Steel Roofing

If you are looking for high-end materials, stainless steel is the most reliable metal. It is known for its durability and corrosion resistance. Virtually you would never need emergency roofing service for repairs! The neutral matte grey finish makes it an attractive roofing option.

Copper Roofing

Man has been using copper as a roofing material for centuries. It is extremely reliable as it will not rust and has no “finish” to scratch or peel. It can be easily moulded to make different designs and it outlives the house. This appears to be a complete package for metal roof fans. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive. It is not surprising that it is not only used for decorative purposes.

Choosing Between The Metal Forms

Standing Seam Roof

Standing seam roof has raised ribs that run vertically along with the panels every 6, 9, or 12 inches. The metal panels are joined vertically. It has self-sealing raised ribs along the edges. Various locking systems are available.

Batten Roofing

A batten roofing employs a wider cap and special locking parts made for ridges, hips, and edges.

Use this buying guide to make informed decisions in future.

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