Top 7 Dressing Sense Ideas That Will Make Your Outfit Look Stylish

The way you dress up (dressing) shows how confident you are about yourself. Your dress portrays your personality or sometimes it is needed according to your profession also. Some people know how to dress up well but often, they always end up missing that one thing that can make their outfit look perfect. Therefore, here are a few dressing sense ideas that are compiled to make you look stylish:

Round-Up White Button-Downs

We all remember Marilyn Monroe being an ideal role model in the world of fashion. She was the one who introduced us to white button-downs and plain old blue jeans. Although she is not here with us anymore, her fashion sense still is. These white button-downs are perfect for any formal or informal event that might be coming up. Moreover, it makes you look professional with a touch of chic and class. You can match this with blue jeans or any other colored jeans. They look perfect with almost anything. Whenever you are out shopping, buy two or more round up white button-downs but not more than four as they can get dirty fast.

Add Some Brightness to Your Wardrobe

If you have a wardrobe full of neutrals like navy blue, black, camel or grey color then combine these outfits with accessories that upgrade your look. Add some energy with bright colored shoes or a really chic yet bright bag. This will make you look mysterious yet lively at the same time. If you are feeling very confident then you can also wear a neutral base with a bag and shoes with two different complementary colors. It does not only make you look lively but also very versatile. Pair up your favorite black leather jacket with a red satchel and you are good to go!

Layer It Up

The more the layers, the better the look. However, layers are not only limited to your clothes but this idea is also great when you are wearing necklaces. When Coco Chanel’s more-is-more idea came out, it created quite a buzz around. That year might be gone but the buzz still exists. More-is-more is a fashion style in which wearing more than one of the same material or in contrast makes you look good. This also applies to the necklaces you wear. Try wearing a femme piece with edgy chains, feather chains with beads or you can always go extremely over the top and pair up a pearl necklace with diamantes.

Stripe It Up

One can never go wrong with stripes. Every wardrobe should at least have one piece of clothing in stripes. Either it is pants with stripes or a shirt. Striped pieces are a subtle and classy way to pull yourself together for the weekend and slay the look. You can wear an off-shoulder striped shirt with high waist jeans or you can always go with a simple white shirt with striped black pants. This look will make you look all fashionable and classy with no extra effort.

Never Go For A Boring Outerwear

It does not even matter what you are wearing inside as long as your outside looks good. No one will ask you what shirt you are wearing underneath your coat or jacket, however, if you wear trendy outerwear, everyone will be asking you about it. Buy a stylish coat or a leather jacket from and end up making you look ten times better. Instead of going for boring jackets, you can buy various amazing jackets that have been worn just like the biggest movie celebrities, for instance, Emilia Clarke or Scarlett Johansen. Wear your leather jacket with wool trousers and end up looking different.

Mix And Match The Prints

Practice makes you perfect and one surely needs to practice on how to fuse colors, scale, and patterns that end up looking amazing. There are some tricks involved when you are practicing. One of the basic tricks is to wear two prints that have the same colors or you can mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller sized pattern.

Always Add An Element Of Surprise

Surprises are meant to make everyone go in awe especially if it is a good one. Always remember to add an element of surprise to your final look that no one would expect. For instance, you wear a trendy leather jacket over a formal gown or an oversized choker with a white T-shirt. You can also bring together some vivid bright shoes or boots with any dark color and show everyone how confident you are. A touch of contrast can make almost any outfit look fabulous.


In short, the above-mentioned points are some ideas that one can always add in their wardrobe and in their daily wear to look perfect. These ideas include white button-downs to mix and match.