Top 17 Yoga Studio Softwares 2024 Rating, Pricing And Comparison

Top 17 Yoga Studio Softwares - 2022 Rating, Pricing & Comparison

Being a yoga studio owner, you need to get the right set of tools to manage your studio in one place. Scheduling classes and managing payments becomes difficult sometimes when you have a lot of footfall in your studio. So, to make this easy for you, yoga studio software is available in the market. To beat your competition in this digital race, you should have an awesome user-friendly interface to connect with your customers. To make this easy for you, we have collected some of the best options available in the market. Let’s take a look at the basic introduction and explanation of each one of them with some important features, ratings, and pricing!

What is Yoga Studio Software?

Yoga Studio Software simplifies all the administrative work common to operate a studio to assist you in running classes hassle freely. It basically helps you to reduce heavy books or documents used to maintain your users’ data, staff, contacts, etc. They also aid you to provide self-service tools for the customers to enhance productivity. Your clients can easily book the slots, sign in to their accounts, and renew their memberships easily. Some of this software also provides a point-of-sale feature to sell different products like water bottles, clothing, yoga mats, etc. Overall one can easily manage their yoga studio with the help of this software. Even you can manage all this from anywhere through mobile or tablet apps of yoga studio software.

Potential Features of Yoga Studio Software

As you have read about the introduction of yoga studio software, let’s know about some of the key features to well understand their functionality.

Online Booking: Your clients can easily book slots with schedule management online through this software. They can even register for new classes and workshops very easily.

Client Management: You can easily manage different segments of clients like the old or new ones. You can even manage regular or irregular clients. You can even manage members as per their class level like advanced, beginners, etc. This will help you to assign them teachers, and classes.

Class Scheduling: You can easily schedule the class in an automated mode. Moreover, the changes can be sent to the staff and the clients in real-time.

Staff Management: You can manage classes of instructors as per their availability, their wages, etc. from one dashboard. You can set the main and backup instructors for different classes per their availability. You can even manage the payment for the staff.

Report Making and Analysis: You can easily get business insights with such software and maintain them. You can even manage revenue and expenses.

Point-of-sale Feature: You can easily accept payments from already joined clients at their membership renewal.

As you read there are so many awesome functionalities of yoga studio software, let’s read further to know some of the best available in the market.  

Top Yoga Studio Softwares 2024


Our first choice on the list is a next-generation yoga studio software named WellnessLiving. Apart from managing your yoga studio, you can easily set up an online store. You can sell anything from this store like membership, workshops, products, and services. It is a cloud-based business management software that fits all business sizes. It also helps to process transactions very quickly with its integrated credit card processing system.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily schedule classes and make fitness bookings.
  • It also offers widgets for website pages.
  • It is reserved with Google integration.
  • You can opt for both mobile apps and web portals.
  • You can also use marketing automation tools.


WellnessLiving offers four different plans to purchase.

Starter: $89/month

Basic: $129/month

Business: $159/month

Enterprise: Get by quote

WellnessLiving has an overall average rating of 4.4 stars.


Simplify your studio management with our next choice on the list named MindBody. This software deserves the top place in the list because of its right set of tools to complete the needed tasks quickly. Its basic offerings include management of member payments, real-time streaming fitness classes, automatically payable memberships, reporting, scheduling, and many more features. You can help your clients to customize their experience to achieve their best fitness app goals via this platform easily.

Some Potential Features:

  • The video-on-demand feature makes it a super choice.
  • Easily do streamline recordings and bookings.
  • Instant check-in option for members.
  • Easily enable online/offline payments.
  • You can easily monitor attendance and sales.


MindBody software is available in four different pricing plans:

Starter: $159/month

Accelerate: $279/month

Ultimate: $499/month

Ultimate Plus: $699/month

MindBody yoga studio software has an approx. overall rating of 4 stars.


If you want to make your studio more efficient than ever then choose Glofox, an all-in-one studio management software. You can easily manage a gym, yoga studios, fitness clubs, pilates, martial arts studios, etc. You can manage your business through an easy-to-use dashboard via a mobile app or web portal. You can easily make a pair of this software with your website or social media accounts to give a seamless experience to your customers.

Some Potential Features:

  • Easily manage the memberships and classes of the students.
  • Clients can easily book classes, make appointments and make purchases via an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • It even offers you marketing tools to use for generating leads.
  • You can notify your customers about messages via automated emails and push notifications.
  • You can easily integrate your business.


There are several plans available for this software and the company hasn’t disclosed the pricing. As per your business needs, you can get a plan.

Glofox has an average rating of 4.52 stars.


Past pandemic, Bookee has become one of the best fitness management apps to grow your business. This platform has helped many fitness enthusiasts to drive their businesses successfully. It is good to use even if you are beginning your solo yoga training programs. It will help you to scale your yoga business to become a global chain. You can use all the modern tools and features with this one software. It will assist you to give high-branded apps, a good website for your customers, and many customer-oriented tools.

Some Potential Features:

  • It offers live streaming and video-on-demand services.
  • You can easily enable payments via point-of-sale.
  • You can easily streamline the schedules.
  • You can give self-serve instant mobile apps to your users.
  • If you want to convert a static website into a quick booking app, then go for Bookee.


Bookee offers you take 7-day trial period and three types of plans.

Essential Plan: $99 per month

The Pro Plan: $199 per month

The Premium Plan: $299 per month

Bookee has a good rating of 5 stars with fewer reviews as compared to other software.

Acuity Scheduling

As per the name, Acuity Scheduling assists you in making your scheduling task easier than ever. Your clients can easily do the task and appointment scheduling via this software and also they can cancel any appointment and do reschedule at their convenience. Your clients will receive a personalized booking confirmation upon confirming a booking from Acuity Scheduling. After scheduling, they will receive automatic emails and messages to notify them about the appointments. Your clients can also use it to make payments.

Some Potential Features:

  • Three custom widgets to offer: For recent posts, favorite posts, and social media.
  • You can use it for recurring appointments.
  • Some of the good features of this software include Automated scheduling, calendar synchronization, group scheduling, online booking, and payments.
  • You can also send appointment reminders automatically.
  • It is a very good option to use for solo instructors and solo yoga studio owners as it is less expensive than others.


You can get this software in three different plans:

Emerging: $14/month

Growing: $23/month

Powerhouse: $45/month

The software has a rating of 4.79 stars.


Clubgro is a club management software that assists you in growing your business hassle-free from anywhere. You can easily manage any academy or club business like yoga studios, sports clubs, dance academies, and any kind of fitness club. You can easily manage multiple venues and payments, and also monitor customers’ attendance.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily track attendance.
  • You don’t need to think about billing and invoicing problems, the software will do it for you very easily.
  • You can manage the memberships of all the clients.
  • It gives you the option to manage your team and even the visitors.


You can get Clubgro at a price of $13/month. It has a pricing model based on per feature. The company also offers a free trial and a free version.

Clubgro has an average rating that too based on limited reviews.


Our next pick on the list is Bsport, a next-generation management platform for boutique fitness studios. You will get everything in this software that you need to run your studio and also you can use it as a tailored software as per your studio’s needs from yoga to pilates to CrossFit to any kind of fitness. You can easily maximize your business potential with its technological features to use.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily run a full-cycle marketing campaign to reach your target market.
  • You can notify your members about their remaining credit and validity.
  • The app offers you to get a fully white-label branded experience.
  • You can easily expand your business virtually via Zoom and VOD integration.


Bsport is available to use at a price of $120 per month. The platform doesn’t offer a free trial.

Bsport has a good rating of 4.34 stars.


The next pick on the list is a recreation management solution named SmartRec which assists in managing bookings, schedules, and attendance of employees in public organizations. Recreation agencies can make and distribute custom forms and waivers to collect information about the residents. The community can easily find, register, and make payments for the activities that too on a single platform. You can basically say, it is e-commerce for activities.

Some Potential Features:

  • Very simple and easy staff management.
  • Admin can easily maintain registrations, sell merchandise, and build activity reports.
  • It also offers a separate customer portal.
  • It lets you easily integrate third-party solutions like Google Analytics, Facebook ads, and Google ads.
  • Easy support via email, live chat, and FAQs.


SmartRec is available at a starting price of $99. It also has many other plans. You can also get its 30-day free trial.

SmartRec has an average rating of 4.34 stars.

Zen Planner

The next option on the list is Zen Planner, an easy-to-use member management software. It is well suited for gyms, martial arts classes, yoga studios, and any kind of fitness studio. By using Zen Planner, you can easily do scheduling, automate works, workout tracking, site templates and belts, skill tracing, etc. One of the unique things about this software is the price-calculating criteria. It calculates prices as per the number of active members and also includes payment processing. There are no startup or contract fees.

Some Potential Features:

  • Automatic billing and robust reporting are some of its good features.
  • Your members can reserve classes, check their attendance history, check the curriculum, etc.
  • Very good growth with its digital marketing services.
  • Industry-leading support, and expert coaching to enhance your potential.


Zen Planner is available in various plans. The average starting price is $121 per month, the rest depends upon the strength of members. It also offers a 15-day trial period.

Zen Planner has an overall review of 4.3 stars.


VirtuaGym is the ultimate pick for yoga studios. It will help you to take your yoga studio to the next level with all solutions in one place kind of thing. It is a cloud-based membership management platform specially designed for fitness businesses. VirtuaGym software has many platform features like a nutrition app, a workout app, and a membership management system with a recurring billing system for every single customer. You can easily make an online community for your yoga studio by using VirtuaGym.

Some Potential Features:

  • The online shop integrates with income reports.
  • You can easily focus on training clients rather than making reports as the software can easily do this for you.
  • It allows you to get a custom business portal that displays your brand color and images.
  • Easily improve the efficiency of your business with an automated billing and scheduling process.


There is no such pricing information available for this software. You can take the help of the club management pricing guide.

VirtuaGym has a rating of 3.74 stars.


If you are a studio owner and looking for club management software, then ClassBug may be a good choice for you. It provides you with modern class management software solutions. It has good support for dance and gymnastics classes, fitness and yoga centers, and another such facility that manages people, and their classes, etc. It is a very user-friendly studio manager that deals with easily managing your studio with its powerful class management system.

Some Potential Features:

  • It offers hassle-free online registration solutions to lessen the paperwork.
  • Your clients can easily pay via the ClassBug web portal.
  • It set up classes within minutes with schedules, tuition fees, discounts, etc.
  • You and your clients can access it via any device.


If you are opting for ClassBug, then the first month will be always free. And after that, you can get it at a price of $89/month.

ClassBug has a good rating of 4.9 stars.

The next choice is, a cloud-based scheduling solution specially designed for service businesses. It simply provides a booking site for users to accept online bookings, gathers client feedback to enhance sales and revenue, and sends emails and SMS about appointments. You can even insert a booking widget into your website. Clients can buy services or take yoga classes through your site, Instagram, Facebook, or Google.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can customize the booking option by adding the booking system as an iFrame or by adding a booking button directly on the site or Facebook page.
  • Owners can synchronize their personal Outlook or Google calendars to their booking calendars.
  • You can choose the pricing option as per the custom feature option.
  •  Easily collect feedback from the clients to optimize the revenue.


The pricing option for this software is very good. It is available at a starting price of $10/month. The price will vary as per the chosen features. has a good rating of 4.58 stars.


Vcita is our next pick on the list and it is good software designed for service-based micro and small enterprises. The platform provides a cloud-based all-in-one business solution. You can connect with your clients in a better way by using Vcita. You can even manage your client base with a mobile CRM. You can even offer a personal client portal where they can easily reschedule, book, make payments, and fill out forms.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily manage your contacts, leads, and clients with one centralized client hub.
  • You can get a birds-eye view of clients’ history of appointments, payments, invoices, documents, and conversions.
  • You can use an online team calendar to manage schedules and appointments.
  • You can send action-driving email campaigns.


You can get Vcita at a starting price of $29 per month.

Vcita has a rating of 4.2 stars.


TeamUp is another good choice for club management software. It is specially designed for fitness studios, personal trainers, and other administrative tasks related to online class sessions. Your customers can easily make bookings from their favorite devices within minutes. It offers a vast set of features for managing businesses including valuable insights, and important reports.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can customize your signup form as per the information needed from your clients.
  • Automated statuses to track your customer’s journey.
  • You can even give rewards to your customers to send references.
  • You can even automate messages and follow-ups.
  • Online or in-person register to check attendance.


You can get TeamUp at the price of $35/month with a free trial.

TeamUp has a good rating of 4.85 stars.


LegitFit is another awesome gym and yoga studio management software, especially for fitness management professionals. Its main aim is to empower fitness professionals to well use their time. This way they can have more time to focus on the things that are needed to grow the business. The software allows you to use every single feature of a good studio software including management of members, payments, scheduling, etc.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can easily manage all the online and offline bookings and membership plans can also be automated.
  • You can manage comprehensive reports.
  • Easily manage all the members and maintain good communication with them.
  • Very easy social and website integration.


LegitFit offers you four different plans: Free, Growth, Platinum, and Ultimate.

The starting is available for free and you can get a Growth plan at a price of 69 euros per month and 45 euros if paid annually.

LegitFit has a rating of 4.84 stars on average.


The next turn on the list is of GymMaster which is a cloud-based health club management software for clubs or fitness studios of all sizes. You can easily manage your members and track their records. You can offer a personalized web portal to your clients to manage their accounts and also you can manage those members via this customized web portal.

Some Potential features:

  • 24*7 gym door access hardware to have more seamless control over the visitors of your club.
  • A rich feature full booking system, point-of-sale, and a mobile app for the staff and members.
  • Payment management feature to let clients sign up online and make payments.
  • You can even sell equipment and accessories via its point-of-sale feature.


You can use GymMaster at a starting price of $69/month with one free trial.

This software has an average rating of 4.65 stars.


The last option on the top list of yoga studio software is Fitli- a cloud-based club management solution. Users can easily book appointments, and manage classes. Your clients can use any desktop or smartphone to access your yoga management software. You can have access to all features of Fitli, regardless of the size of your business at a very affordable price. You can even take the help of Fitli representatives to set up and answer your every query.

Some Potential Features:

  • You can well organize studio members and their packages.
  • Check-in feature for both remote and manual support.
  • You can even manage the payment of the employees from the app.
  • Your clients can even transfer the packages within the family.


You can get this software in four plans: Solo, Grow, Expand, and Enterprise. The starting price of the Solo plan is at $32/month.

Fitli software has a rating of $4.86.

Bottom Line: Choose the Right Yoga Studio Software

That’s all about the gathered information on the top 17 yoga studio software. As you can see, we have explained the potential features with prices and ratings of each software to make it easy for you to compare and select. Rest you can check their respective official websites. The right software can help you to grow your business and maintain financial stability very easily. You can have smooth communication with your staff.

Now make the management of reports and member portals easier with suitable yoga studio software today for your dreamy fitness business!

If you have any other option in mind, drop your idea here hassle-freely!

Hope you had a fantastic reading time!