Top 17 Most Accurate Weather Apps For Android And iOS

Technology is proving to be a boon in our daily lives. With high-tech solutions, getting updates on weather or live news has become easy today. Gearing up for long travel can become difficult if you are not aware of the weather forecast. All your plans can be ruined if the Weather Apps becomes challenging.

With the advancement of technology, there are multiple weather apps available to your rescue. Keep the topmost weather apps handy to know the weather changes in advance. Everything is just a click away through mobile apps.

Both Android and iOS smartphones are packed with different types of weather apps that offer real-time alerts and updates on the weather. Most of these apps are trying to grab the top spot in the Play Store and app store.

From the list of best weather apps, we have scooped the below apps for iPhone and Android users.

Weather and Widget- Weawow

A highly accurate weather forecast app with a beautiful interface. This app is free from advertisements so the users enjoy using the app to know the live weather, tomorrow’s weather, weather in 48 hours, or even weekly weather. This app works only on Android phones.

App Features

  • Offers detailed weather forecasts including lowest and highest temperature
  • It covers worldwide
  • Supports more than 50 languages
  • Allows to bookmark

Awesome Weather by YoWindow

The unique feature of this app is that it shows the weather reflection on the app. For example, if it’s raining, then it is raining on the YoWindow wall as well. This is appealing and stands out against other competitors.

It gives you the forecast before a day whether it’s reiny, sunny, or windy so that you can plan your next day accordingly. It comes with various other features like live wallpapers, animated weather, forecast notifications, and temperature on the status bar.

App Features

  • Get to know the local weather ahead of time
  • Realistic user interface with pictures of sunny, cloudy, windy or rainy
  • Track the weather even 14 days ahead
  • Animation of landscapes of the seaside, airport, village etc.


This app is one of the best apps that gives you a prior initiation on the weather forecast before you head out toward an important meeting or an event. The animated radar image quickly gives you the current condition if any storm is on the way.

App Features

  • Use free version for premium features
  • Add clutter separation features
  • You can try a free-trial of 5 days
  • The premium option will give you an adv free experience

Weather Forecast

If you are interested in knowing the weather across multiple locations, then the weather forecast app is the best. Apart from providing a 10-day weather forecast, it also gives you updates on atmospheric pressure, precipitation dew point, relative humidity, wind speed, and direction. You can find this app in-built on almost every smartphone.

App Features

  • Free to use to get hourly, daily, and weekly updates.
  • Accurate forecast for nearly 20 countries
  • A detailed forecast for the day
  • Get regular notifications and alerts
  • Blizzard and hurricane tracker

Local Weather Widget

Users who need hourly updates can go with this app. Get amazing weather forecasts with reports, temperature, dew point pressure, sunrise, and sunset with a local weather widget. Users can also customize weather information based on the current location on an hourly basis.

App Features

  • Add and track the weather conditions easily
  • Support GPS and automatic location detection
  • Keep track of the weather on a daily basis
  • Display weather forecast or moon phase
  • Can access the wind speed and the direction in different units.

Weather Forecast- Weather Live & Radar & Widget

No matter where you are in the world, the weather forecast live and radar gives you the exact forecast of the weather on an hourly basis. The ability to provide weather updates to locals and to the world is what makes this app special. With multi-language support, it becomes easy for users to trace cloud movements from any part of the world.

App Features

  • This app displays the clock and the weather with time and current temperature
  • Makes it easier to check the updates on the mobile screen
  • Even this app gives you the daily, hourly, and weekly forecasts
  • Notifications, alerts, and warnings are alarmed to the user on a regular basis
  • It has a unique feature of showing precipitation that alarms you to carry an umbrella

Windy provides you with the extraordinary feature of fetching accurate weather details provided by trusted professionals, skydivers, storm chasers, and rescue teams. With 40+ languages it allows you to set up a custom list of your favorite spots. Windy gives you the best quality information than any other.

App Features

  • It provides the world forecasting models
  • You can not check the status of wind, rain, snow, etc.
  • With weather forecast, it also displays 1,500 paragliding spots on the map
  • You can customize the color palette to add your favorite maps for quick glance
  • It provides altitude and timezone info to sunrise and sunset.

Weather Underground

There are multiple reasons to download this app on your smartphone. The layout is user-friendly and keeps the user engaged while using the weather information. This app heavily relies on weather stations to offer the user exact weather updates.

App Features

  • The app relies on 30,000 weather stations to provide an accurate forecast
  • Smart forecast function gains users’ attention for a long
  • Updates on any location to plan your work or trip accordingly

Carrot Weather

This app gives you simple weather statistics on the basic information from the Dark Sky app on the same platform. The software allows users to check real-time weather alerts to flip between multiple platforms.

App Features

  • Graphic on the upper right corner of the mobile display
  • Gives you updated information for a couple of hours
  • You can check 7-day prediction at one tap on the phone

Transparent Clock and Weather

A very easy-to-use app that tracks the weather for today, tomorrow, and the weekend. Whether you need daily, or hourly updates on the weather, a transparent clock and weather app are available on the screen.

App Features

  • Live updates and timely alerts, this app can give you all
  • Updates on sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset, and daylight duration
  • Get daily weather graphs with humidity and wind pressure
  • Wallpaper changes according to the temperature conditions

The Weather Channel

It is an IBM business for this weather tracker that helps to forecast possible weather disasters. It provides weather forecasts to the local users. Tracks pollution, sweat index, latest weather news, and the umbrella index on the app.

App Features

  • Detailed GPS and live data on tides
  • Local forecast for the next 15 days
  • Provides allergic tracking alerts to beat the hayfever

MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar app keeps you ahead of all the storms predicted in the coming few days. This app has been the top choice for many users as it gives weather enthusiasts an instant assessment of the weather with the mapping system.

App Features

  • The fast and efficient mapping system
  • High definition radar, temperature, and storm tracker
  • Pinch and zoom capability to make it easier to look
  • Amazing graphics with wind surface


Beautiful widgets of 1Weather allow you to track the weather from any location possible. Get notifications on rainy days or storms with hourly updates to keep you ahead of the weather.

App Features

  • Get HD quality updates on the sunrise or sunset
  • Covers more than 15 weather points to keep you updated
  • 12 weeks extended forecasts with live radar online with 25+ layers

Weather Home

This is another amazing weather app that can only be used by Android users. For live, immediate, and worldwide weather updates, this app gives you alerts on your home screen.

App Features

  • Get hour-by-hour, daily forecast
  • Hyper-local forecast and weather visualization
  • Know more about clouds, temperature, and waves in detail

Today Weather

Beautiful and simple to use is today’s weather app. It is reliable and easy to access and understand the thunder, lightning, and storms, to stay updated if you have any plans or activities to perform.

App Features

  • Get the information across the globe
  • Get a forecast 27/ anytime
  • Easy to navigate
  • Amazing user-interface


This app is a one-stop destination for all weather-related forecasts. The accuracy of AccuWeather sets it apart from the entire list of the best weather apps. The 45-day weather outlook gives you updates according to the preference of the user.

App Features

  • Highest installs
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Alerts and warnings on a severe weather day
  • Minute cast feature that gives you an update every minute

NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts

With NOAA Weather Radar Live and Alerts you can easily know the weather conditions for your location and that of your family or friends. Key highlights like interactive maps, real-time weather radar images, and much more.

App Features

  • Units of measurement in terms of inches, mm, kPa for pressure, and Fahrenheit/Celsius for temperature.
  • Notifs for precipitation
  • Customize the screen according to your widgets


These were the 17 best weather apps used by people today. Due to its incredible capabilities and its unique features listed, the apps are surely the best to get accurate weather forecasts and avoid potentially hazardous situations.

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