Top 21 Best Billing And Invoicing Software In 2024

Businesses have to provide an invoice for any product or service rendered. However, it’s a task that is time-consuming and a mistake can prove dangerous for the business. To save businesses from trouble, a software development company came up with the solution- billing and invoicing software.

What is Billing and Invoicing Software?

Billing and Invoicing is a software tool that automatically generates a bill for rendered services and products. The tool makes a list of costs for services and products offered by the business and sends them to customers. An invoice is the first step toward getting paid. The benefit of having software is that you don’t have to manually keep a record, which often leads to errors in billing and delays in payments. Now that debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets are available, invoicing software can be of great help to speed up transactions as customers get their bills instantly that can be paid via various payment methods.

With invoicing software, businesses can create and customize invoices. Also, since it’s not an only on-premise system, businesses can access information from anywhere and at any time. With the tool, you can build an invoice from scratch, use templates, and write customer names, quantities, discounts, sales tax, amounts, etc. In addition to that, when you hire a software development company, you can customize the software to generate a variety of reports to track your finances and monitor outstanding invoices. You can also share these reports as PDF files via mail. 

Let’s see the benefits of Invoicing Software:

Minimize Late Payments

With the right tool, you can streamline the whole process and receive payments on time. It’s also beneficial in increasing your profits.

Less Missed Payments

To reduce missed payments, it’s important to monitor and track billing commitments, and to do so, billing and invoicing software is of great help. 

Build a Professional Image

Billing and invoicing software is a great way of building a professional image. An organized and prompt approach helps in creating a positive image of the business.

Minimize Fraud

Good invoicing software is built with security features to ensure that the entire process of billing to payment is secure and protected from hacks. 

Automate Tasks

One of the most important features of billing and invoicing software is that it can automate many business operations, hence, you can cut costs by reducing staff. Also, since many tasks get automated, the time taken to fix and resolve errors gets reduced, which increases the customer experience. 

Let’s see the top 21 Billing and Invoicing Software 2024:


myBillBook is an easy-to-use GST billing software. It allows you to create and edit GST as well as non-GST invoices, and you can even share them on WhatsApp. Quotations can also be easily converted into bills with myBillBook. It provides 10+ formats to customize invoices and is available on mobile and desktop. 

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice helps in crafting professional invoices, tracking expenses, logging work hours, sending payment reminders, etc. It can be integrated with other tools easily and is a perfect solution to automate tasks and minimize errors.


Vyapar billing software is one of the simplest and easy-to-use applications that is designed with unique features to help MSMEs run & operate their business with ease. Its powerful features make it a must to manage stock, check business status, and generate detailed reports that are easy to understand. It’s a great way to streamline your invoice process.


TallyPrime is a well-known name as it has been used by almost 20 lakh businesses around the world. The software is being used for accounting, GST, inventory, payroll, and banking. It is known for being affordable and rich in useful features. The easy-to-use software saves time for businesses and provides them with accurate results.


Small and medium-sized businesses can greatly benefit from JustBilling. It’s great for people who don’t have much technical knowledge and want to use a software solution to make their daily operations seamless. It’s an intuitive business solution that automates tasks and makes the invoicing process stress-free.


CaptainBiz is an easy-to-use tool for generating invoices, managing customers and suppliers, monitoring transactions, and tracking inventory in real-time. It is endorsed by the GST government of India as an affordable solution for GST and non-GST firms.


Pretture is a SaaS solution made for home décor, Fashion and Lifestyle manufacturers, and retailers. It automatically calculates taxes, and GST and generates auto bills of material and purchase orders. It’s an affordable solution for small businesses to manage orders and inventory.


Ecogreen allows you to be in control of your business. It’s a retail business chain management software that takes care of all tasks of retail chains like sales, purchases, sales returns, order processing, returns, etc. 


Invoicely tracks the time for the projects to bill your clients accordingly. It allows you to add tax values, shipping charges, discounts, logos, and other small details to create an eye-pleasing invoice. Invoicely is a great example of how a software tool can help you to provide a transparent customer experience.

Uprow ERP

A simple but powerful software, Uprow ERP can help you maximize your profits. With the tool, you can manage inventory across multiple outlets; it helps you create a centralized database and even automatically reorders stock, prints barcode labels, generates smart reports, and does so much more. The software is highly scalable and provides real-time data to businesses.

Output Books

Output Books is a smart choice as it is equipped with a number of features- GST-ready accounting, invoicing, and inventory management. It’s an easy way to track dues, manage late payments, and create professional invoices. It’s an easy-to-use software that doesn’t require technical expertise.


Looking to make your accounting tasks easy, secure, and fast? FreshBooks is the right solution. It helps in tracking time, tracking expenses, and sending invoices. Also, FreshBooks is known for providing exceptional customer service. FreshBooks says, “You went into business to pursue your passion and serve your customers – not to learn to account.”

Busy Booking

Busy Accounting is especially focused on small and medium businesses. It’s user-friendly, scalable, and flexible. Its powerful features make it a preferred choice for businesses as it’s a great way to increase efficiency and provide users with a transparent experience.

Spectrum Billing

Spectrum Billing is the best choice for small, medium, and big retail companies. The software offers GST, billing, CRM, inventory, and E-commerce for businesses. It can work on any device such as mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. If you are in the retail industry and want to automate various processes, then this reliable software can be of great help.

Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP is equipped with complete inventory and accounts modules. The good thing about Horizon ERP is that it’s secure, reliable, flexible, and easy to maintain. Horizon ERP is a preferred choice of distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. It is ideal for businesses that have a large number of invoices.


The goal of Saniiro is to make the invoice and billing process hassle-free. You can say goodbye to generating manual invoices with Saniiro. It automates tasks and is a billing cum best inventory management software, which can generate invoices with GST as well. It can generate GST reports and financial statements in an easy-to-understand manner.

Saral Billing

Saral Billing is a GST billing and invoicing software that has no hidden charges and no maintenance charges and on top of that, all updates are free. The Saral Billing offers a free 30 days trial. The software claims that with its help, you get paid two times faster. Saral Billing works both online and offline.


QuickBooks accounting software keeps your data organized on the cloud, and you can create and send invoices, and track sales, and offers a business and financial management suite, which is equipped with tools for inventory, tax filing, bank account tracking, budgeting, payment processing, payroll, etc.

Swipez Billing

Swipez Billing software helps you collect payments faster, and automate vendor payouts, and with the software, you can organize company expenses in a better way. It allows you to increase your ROI with faster and smoother transactions. You can also send automated invoice-due reminders, which is a great way to remind customers of their pending payments.


Invoicera is a great choice for small businesses and freelancers. This invoicing and billing software is designed to make the whole invoicing process manageable. Invoicera is a cloud-based solution, which is used by more than 75+ global enterprises. It can be customized as per your business requirements and can be integrated with a legacy setup. It allows you to automate invoicing, subscriptions, payments, and more. You can even track time and manage reports.


Giddh is the cloud accounting software that is equipped with features to provide ratio analysis, cash management, P and L, and Ledger, and has a Tally plug-in. Its features also include inventory, invoices, bank reconciliation, multi-currency, GST compliances, import data, share data, etc.

Final Words

Having billing and invoicing software is the need of the hour. The above-listed software is a great fit for your business, however, if you need a customized app, you can get in touch with the best software development company and build the app of your dreams for your business.

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