Top 10 South African Positions

For those who enjoy adventure, wonderful scenery, and natural diversity, South Africa is the city of South Africa. Once you’ve been there, you’ll still be long enough to come back and restore this unique experience. The choice of which places to visit is not an easy job, so make sure to put them on your list so as not to lose sight of the wilderness in South Africa.

Cape Town: Table Mountain

Well, this main attraction has its name — a flat mountain with a view of Cape Town. Walk to the peak of the mountain. The climb is an amazing mission, but from up there, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful view — all the radiance of Cape Town can be seen from up there. There is a cable car at the top for the not so adventurous kind.

Cape Town: Table Mountain

Cape Town: The Cape Peninsula

If you are an explorer and love walking — it is the perfect place to go. The Cape Peninsula. The Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope are situated within the Table Mountain National Park. The uncontaminated nature gives you a lifetime experience. You can see Southern Right Whales if you visit this region in spring or early summer. Every year you visit this site in South Africa, make sure you see the colony of Boulders Beach’s 3,000 African penguins.

Cape Town The Cape Peninsula

Cape Town: Robben Island

UNESCO World Heritage Site is Robben Island. It is known for many things, but primarily for the jail where political prisoners in South Africa were held during the apartheid period. The island was once a colony of lepers, a psychiatric asylum, and a center of defensive training at different points in history.

The prison is a fascinating attraction since you can go to the highest degree of security where anti-apartheid militants such as Nelson Mandela have been incarcerated. You can see how the prisoners’ lives were and where they were employed. The interesting part of all this is that the people who guide you on this South Africa tour are educated firsthand.

Cape Town Robben Island

Oudtshoorn: The Garden Route

From Mossel Bay, the Garden Path extends to the River Storms (Eastern Cape). It’s a beautiful place to walk. You’ll probably start by looking at the 10 natural reserves and then at the marine reserves. You will enjoy seeing more than 300 different species of birds, coral reefs, dolphins, seals, and many other splendid animals. There are a couple of coves along the Garden Path, from July to December, where whales come to calve. The best place to go is the whale hotspot of Plettenberg Bay.

Oudtshoorn The Garden Route

Phalaborwa: The Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is situated in the province of Limpopo and is South Africa’s largest reserve. It’s a spot that takes your breath away literally. Nobody could remain unimpressed with such a diversity of flora and fauna. There are 336 plants, 49 fish species, 34 amphibian species, 114 various reptiles, 507 bird species, and 147 mammal species. In archaeological sites such as Masorini and Thulamela, wild diversity is coupled with a certain history.

Phalaborwa The Kruger National Park

Krugersdorp: The Cradle of Humankind

A complex of calcareous caves can be located just 50km from Johannesburg. Scientists have found in these caves fossils dating back to mankind’s birth. The skull ‘Mr is the most common of the fossils. Plus’ and the skeleton “Little Foot” (2.1 million years old) (which is 3 million-years-old). The Cradle of civilization produced our earliest documented ancestors.

Krugersdorp The Cradle of Humankind


In the heart of the Garden Road, Knysna is a city of particular concern. It’s one of the real jewels of South Africa. It’s a lovely place to enjoy a nice meal, to relax. The city is a huge draw for artists and water sports enthusiasts. You can spend a day “springing wave” on a lagoon and have an unbelievable sunset. There’s also a place to relax and enjoy your time.



Oudtshoorn could appear as an odd recommendation, considered to be South Africa’s Ostrich capital. However, this is the place to visit, whether you want to go for a ride or just get your eggs sampled. Many hotels are available for breakfast, primarily for ostrich eggs. They are rich in flavor and fairly large in comparison with other eggs. Sausage and steaks are also used to serve ostrich meat. And you should go biking to those that don’t think much about ostriches, because the landscape is spectacular here.

South Africa


Durban is a wonderful place to go. It is South Africa’s third-largest city, and it is renowned for its “Golden Mile,” a string of surfing beaches and a hair-free zone. You can lounge on the beach during the day and have a nice meal in your local bar. Then go and visit the Marine World Aquarium and you will have a worthy day to remember.

South Africa


If you’re an adventurous man or not, whether you want to visit Gansbaai doesn’t matter. Nature’s beauty is around you — inside and outside the bath. For example, you can look at the walls from the De Kelders cliffs, take a walk in the antique Milkwood forests, and enjoy the white sands of Pearling Beach. You should swim with the Great White Sharks if you’re looking for a thrill.

South Africa