Selling Gold For Cash: Is It Possible?

In India, gold is acquired for every event or celebration, with the most demand prevailing around the wedding season. Given its consistent price increase over the last several years, gold is a sound investment choice, and why not? This precious yellow metal is a savior in case of any financial emergency.

In the past, India has pledged gold for children’s education, weddings, and meeting emergency needs or unavoidable situations. Therefore, selling gold is a frequent practice in the nation, as individuals seek to turn it into cash when they desperately need funds. So, if you are looking for How to sell gold jewelry, this detailed guide will help you.

How To Sell Gold Jewelry? An Overview Of The Process

Selling gold for cash in India is easy, and you can get instant cash for your jewelry at any gold shop. So, what is the process of selling gold to get cash? Well, the process is simple, and we will list it below. Yet, before you proceed with the process, you must keep a few things in mind. So they are as follows:

1. Keep the invoice

A reputable jeweler always requires the original receipt or invoice when selling jewelry. Suppose you return to the same store where you originally purchased the item. In that case, the merchant cannot dispute any concerns about purity since the facts are on the original receipt.

2. The value of the gold

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the value of the gold you wish to sell. Consequently, get quotes from various retailers. Because there are no standard techniques for determining the selling price, there might be considerable variation in the bids obtained. Get at least three to four estimates to thoroughly assess the worth of the gold and negotiate the most excellent price possible for the object you are selling.

3. Check the purity

Before selling your gold, check whether it is hallmarked or not. The hallmarking process certifies the gold content in jewelry. Also, any jewelry with a 916 hallmark indicates 91.6% purity for 22-karat gold.

Moreover, jewelers will always choose 916 hallmarked gold over non-hallmarked gold since the latter lacks purity assurance.

If you sell gold for cash for non-hallmarked jewelry, please bring it to a shop with a carat meter, which determines the gold’s purity. Then, you assess the purity and pricing.

After you have received 3-4 estimates on your gold jewelry, the next step is selling your jewelry at the most preferred shop. So which shop to choose for selling gold for cash, and what is the process of receiving money? Find the procedure below.

Where To Sell Your Gold For Cash?

With gold prices at an all-time high, now is an excellent period to consider selling gold to earn extra money.

Although selling gold might be complex, some reputable purchasers will pay you a high price for your gold jewelry, coins, or other gold items. The best option is to visit a reputable jewelry shop, where the likelihood of receiving a reasonable price (market value) is high. However, there is a little problem here. Even if you possess the receipt for the item, many businesses will only accept back jewelry purchased from them and not from other retailers.

In India, pawn shops and buyers of gold are an alternative source of emergency funds. Please be careful, however, that these stores often engage in unethical activities, and you may ultimately get paid less for your product.

Yet, with 24Karat, the best place for selling gold for cash, the entire process is effortless. You need to visit any 24Karat branch, and the staff will help you with the process.

In general, the process would start by assessing the purity of gold with Karatmeter, and then you will receive a quote on your product. The entire process is transparent, and the valuation process will take place in front of your eyes. After that, you will receive the payment in your preferred mode. You will need to carry a valid photo ID, and then you can sell your gold.

Also, if you are pondering how to sell gold coins, bar, it is the same as gold jewelry.


In this way, you can sell gold for cash will help you fulfill your emergency funds needs. 24Karat has 39 branches in Delhi NCR, and each branch will offer the best experience and make the process of gold selling quick and effortless. Visit any branch and get cash on gold.