Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Your Defamation Case

If you have a defamation case and wondering how to get civil remedy, your solace could lie in having a personal injury lawyer. When someone gives a false statement of facts about you, they injure your reputation. That issue of injury brings out the importance of having a personal injury lawyer help you recover financial compensation for injuries suffered.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer 

The bitter truth is that not many lawyers have solely specialized in defamation cases. But if you get one, it would be an advantage to your case. Nevertheless, having fewer defamation lawyers doesn’t mean one cannot have top dollar compensation. The key lies in getting a lawyer who has a deep understanding of personal injury cases. Getting such a lawyer would be easy if you:

  • Get to do your research well and get a handful of lawyers to interview.
  • Make sure to contact and talk to every lawyer and, if possible even meet them.
  • Narrow down to a lawyer who has a good record of success, who will handle your case on a contingency basis
  • Get that lawyer whom you have the same personality

 With the above, you can be sure to be positioned for success. Defamation cases are challenging and not the kind of cases one may walk to the courtroom alone. Just like when you may get hurt in an accident, having a top personal injury accident lawyer in Alaska would mean the best outcome of your case.

 How Will The Lawyer Handle My Case?

You can decide to get a lawyer from a firm. One significant advantage of having legal representation from a firm is that they will pay for all the litigation costs and then get refunded once your case wins. Such costs include expert witnesses, research costs, filing fees, dispositions, etc. Once you have chosen the right lawyer, you can be sure they will start investigating your case as soon as possible. Below are some of the questions your lawyer may ask:

What did the defendant say or write about you?

The defendant’s statement must be false. If there is some truth about such a statement, no defamation case can prevail. The lawyer may need to have a copy of what was published. In some cases, it’s easy to find such information being removed from the internet. Thus, it’s better to have such information printed.

How did you come to know about the defamation?

The statement must be said or published.

Were there any witnesses?

Such help to verify what may have been said or written. For instance, if the false information is taken down without your knowledge, you may use witnesses to prove they saw such information.

Have you incurred any loss due to the defamation?

The defendant’s statement must have injured your reputation. Proving such would be an excellent chance to show your damages. There are many questions your lawyer might ask you to conclude whether you may have a viable defamation case, and will ensure you have the proper evidence needed. If you have a case, your lawyer will most likely push for negotiating a settlement instead of rushing to court. But if there are disputes about the claim, it’s always vital to take the matter to court. Your lawyer will assess your case to know the rights damages in your defamation case, including special and general damages.

 How Much Will My Lawyer Cost?

 The question about lawyer’s cost is asked by every plaintiff who files a claim. The best part is that a personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. Meaning, you will not be forced to pay any upfront money; instead, you pay the lawyer once your case settles. The same happens in defamation cases. For instance, if you filed a defamation lawsuit and obtained a favorable judgment, your lawyer will take up a certain percentage of your settlement. Normally, the percentage ranges between 33% – 40% of your net settlement. But the attorney may require taking a higher percentage depending on the technicality of your case. In other cases, you may negotiate for a lower percentage.  If your lawyer does get you a favorable outcome, no pay.

 You need to prove defamation which can be very costly. As such, you cannot afford to file your claim without any legal representation. If you believe in having a viable defamation case, you might consider speaking with a seasoned personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will work out to get the best strategy to be used for a favorable outcome.    

Once a settlement is achieved, your lawyer should inform you about the settlement check and require that you provided a detailed list of whatever should be deducted from the net recovery. Since you will have signed the terms of your working relationship, your lawyer will be sure to honor such and give you what you deserve.