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Life in Mumbai Quaint Suburb Mulund

Situated in the northeast quadrant of the city, in the foothills of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, 32 kilometres from the commercial hub, Mulund happens to be the only planned suburb in Mumbai. And it is one of the liveliest suburbs of Mumbai, especially Mulund West. The suburb has been planned on a modern grid pattern, like that of London or New York.

The architects Crown & Cater laid out Mulund’s gridiron plan of the area in 1922. You would find huge shopping malls, retail outlets, clubs, gyms, party venues, schools, hospitals, and historical landmarks. As for living, you can find well-designed houses and 2 BHK flats for sale in Mulund West. This makes Mulund one of the most well-built, settled, and worth-living places in the city.

If you are an investor, a potential resident, or want to own a flat, here is what you can expect:

Strategic Location

Mulund happens to be one of the best-connected suburbs of the city as far as location is concerned. The Central line makes it accessible via rail, followed by Nahur and Thane. The LBS Road is parallel to the Western Suburbs’ Link Road. And it easily connects you to all the Central suburbs of the city.

The Eastern Expressway is within proximity, as well as allowing seamless connectivity to the city. To enter Mulund West, your best path would be through Mulund-Goregaon Link Road.

Educational Opportunities

Mulund houses some of the best educational institutes. There is the Dayanand Vedic Vidyalaya, one of the best Hindi Medium Schools. And Mulund College of Commerce. In terms of academia, you would find Mulund quite populated. In the past decade, numerous CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate schools have also opened here. Anyone deciding to live here wouldn’t have to worry about sending their children to school far away from here, as Mulund offers numerous schools and colleges.

Medical Facilities

Mulund houses the middle-class population in great numbers. And as for health care facilities, Mulund has a lot of options. There are private clinics and medical centers situated nearby residential communities where well-reputed and experienced doctors are present to deal with any medical emergencies.


Mulund is a bustling station on the Central Railway network where both slow and semi-fast trains stop.  There are numerous BEST and NMMT buses that offer connectivity to all parts of Mumbai.

Diverse Population

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Mulund a melting pot of diverse cultures and populations. You would find people from all classes and cultures living here in harmony. It mainly houses the middle and upper-middle-class population. The Suburb Mulund is home to a cosmopolitan mix of people, including Gujaratis, Marwaris, South Indians, and Bengalis.


One of the most enduring landmarks of the suburbs is the long-running communal Ganesha mandala, named the Mithagarcha Raja. The festival is responsible for bringing throngs of people to the makeshift shrine. There is a lot of hustle-bustle and activity on the 11-days of worship and celebrated with great excitement.


There are about 8 parks and gardens in Mulund, offering the residents sprawling lawns and greenery. No matter where you live in Suburb Mulund, you will be close to some kind of garden or park. The most popular among these are the Chintamani Dwarkanath Deshmukh Gardens and the Johnson & Johnson Park.

Diverse Dining

Since a lot of communities live here, each has its traditional cuisines. Owing to that, Mulund offers a wide range of dining options so that there is something to delight everyone’s palate. You will find everything from seafood to South Indian delicacies to delicious North Indian food. The options are endless. The shopping malls also house fine dining restaurants, lounges, and pubs.

Places of Worship

Mulund homes many temples and churches. The Gujrati and Marwari community are followers of Jain faith. That’s why you would find many shrines here. The most popular being Dharamnathswami Jain Temple. Also, you would find numerous Gurudwaras in Guru Gobind Singh Marg.  And churches as well. St. Pius is a must-visit.

There are numerous options for residential property buyers here. Mulund houses some of the ideal residences as well as super luxury apartments in Mumbai. The jump in property prices year after year makes it a good option for investing.

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