Best Things to do in Goa

Goa, a paradise situated on the west coast of India. It is a blend of Indian-Portuguese culture. The beautiful state has gained great popularity around the world. Goa is the largest tourist destination in India even though it is the smallest state of the country. Goa is not only unique in its beaches and parties, but it also has a beautiful culture and history that makes it very unique. You can relish the tasty seafood along with the bustling nightlife.

The walk around Goa will let you explore the beautiful Portuguese colony, baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, hippie markets, etc. You can also experience the old world charm in Panaji. The antique homes at Altinho and Fontainhas will take you to the past days of Panaji. The popular spots around Panaji are Miramar Beach and Dona Paula. The best season to visit Goa is from the mid of November to the end of February.

Have a quick look through the listicles below and mark your favorite one’s among them.

Narkasur hunting

On the Diwali night, the Goan people celebrate the victory of Krishna. A Diwali is only considered complete in Goa when the effigies of the demons are burned while parading through the streets of Goa. It is popularly known as Narak Chaturdashi. According to the myth King Narkasur caused destruction and tortured the people using his power. So with the help of Lord Krishna people got rid of this demon. This led to the celebration of Narkasur Hunting in Goa.

Hilltop/valleys/ beach party

India’s Nightlife Capital is the home of grooving hilltop and beach parties. It is also considered as the home of trance music which makes it among one of the top things to do in Goa. Lots of beaches organize a beach party, but there is a famous Hilltop Goa party which happens from the month of October to March. It is situated in Vagator.

Indian Dance show at Chalston Beach

As you head towards the Charleston beach you can enjoy the Dance show inspired by Indian culture for free. You can only enjoy this show once a week that is on Wednesdays. You can enjoy the beautiful costume changing show which will cover the clothing style of the whole of India. So grab your dancing shoes and head to Charleston Beach on Wednesdays.

Traditional Portuguese Food

Expensive resorts are outdated, enjoy the stay in Famous Portuguese Villas and relish traditional Portuguese food. Fill your stomach with Goan Fish Curry popularly known as Xitti Kori. Bored of normal Rajma Chawal, here comes its fusion Red beans with Porks to destroy your hunger pangs. You can try your hands on a wide variety of prawns, chickens, crabs, etc.

The Goa Collective Bazaar

The Goa Collective Bazaar is a Friday night market. You will find 100 different varieties of shops. Each shop is curated with love. You can fill your hunger pangs or go for wild parties or simply shop for your loved ones. Get a new haircut, buy unique shell jewelry, natural skincare, or practice yoga. It’s a place where you will find whatever you wish for. Don’t forget to have a beer at the famous Luna cocktail bar. People of every age from children to elders have something fun to do.

Enjoy sunset at Vagator Hill-

A beautiful sunset has the power to make you stop in your tracks. Whether it be a serene or romantic experience, sunset is the best option.  If you are in Goa don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the sunset at Vagator hill with a cup of Chai(Tea).

Trek to Todo Waterfall

Todo Waterfall is situated in North Goa. Trekking to todo waterfalls is one of the thrilling activities. It can be tiring also but the end is much more than expected. You will experience the true beauty of the waterfall very closely. You will get to enjoy the cascading water, pleasant weather, beautiful view along with lush green foliage.

Mapusa Market –

Dive into the Portuguese Era with a Wonderful stroll around one of the oldest markets in Goa known as the Mapusa market. The name Mapusa is thought to be derived from the Konkani word for a ‘measure’ – ‘map’ and the phrase fill up – ‘sa’. The market is most vibrant and active on a Friday where all kinds of traders come for the trade and one can find goods ranging from local aircraft to an antique.

Cruise and Boat Tours in Mandovi River

Book a tour package with us to enjoy a meal and experience a beautiful sunset on a cruise or a boat with a musical experience along.

Mandovi River is also known as the Mahadayi river which is the lifeline river of goa. One may find tickets from a starting price of 300 and the boats or the cruises have no age restrictions and entry for anyone more than 3ft tall is allowed.

Devil’s Canyon

A devil’s region- Want to spot a black Panther…Embark with us on the journey to the Devils Canyons. The canyon is a spot for nature lovers and explores. One experiences the beautiful Dudh Sagar waterfall along the way. During the small trek, one encounters some amazing views and some local stories about the canyon which sparks curiosity and the adrenaline to the next level. The best time to visit here is between Sept to December.

Explore Ruins at Cabo de Rama

Explore the ruins of Indian History with a majestic view over the ocean, come join us on the journey to the Cabo De Rama Fort. The fort was used by the Indian ruler Sound during his reign before being taken over by the Portuguese and then by the British. One may explore the ancient architecture and also one of the most ancient churches within the Fort and some amazing and unique stories. It is sandwiched between two popular beaches in South Goa, Cavelossim, and Agonda.

Enjoy Cycling at Miramar Beach

Cycling on the Miramar beach is one of the most beautiful and joyful things to do and see beautiful Portuguese era buildings and architecture along the way. One can rent a bicycle from various local shops available at your disposal and explore Goa slowly with a cool ocean breeze flowing right above your head.

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