Top 3 Best Places To See Snow In India


Best Places To visit for Snow In India

Monikers that contrast India with the moving snow slathered heaps of Switzerland isn’t inconceivable. India has a huge portion of slope goals that guarantee shocking perspectives on snow-clad mountains, making the best winter excursion spots. Gulmarg, Auli, Mussoorie, Manali, and Leh are a portion of the names that come in a flash to mind. Here are the absolute best places to see snow in India for a winter get-away. – PahalgamGulmargKufriShimlaManaliMussoorieLehGulmargAuliYumthangSonmargNarkandaPatni TopMunsiyariDalhousie Find flights to Manali

Try not to give the crisp winters a chance to make you pull the breaks on traveling. Rather, head to probably the best snow-clad spots for radiant perspectives and fun in the midst of the snow. We’ve picked the main five spots to see snow in India.

  • Gulmarg


One of the champion goals of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is a prominent one with sightseers who need to see stunning perspectives on snow-covered slopes around. It lies around 9000 feet over the ocean level, settling on it a positive decision for winter travel and skiing. Countless neighborhood and universal vacationers visit here to learn or hit the slants with skis.


Srinagar is the nearest air intersection from Gulmarg. From here, taxis are accessible to achieve the base, Tangmarg. The street wends up along the slopes, till you hit a tremendous level. The voyage is deficient until you take the gondola up to Aparwath and Kungdoor.

Top Things To Do In Gulmarg

The top activities in Gulmarg contain winter sports, gondola ride and see the most elevated fairway on the planet. There is additionally a little altar at the edge of the primary entry point, which is deified by the Bollywood melody, ‘Jai Shiv Shankar‘.

Best Time To Visit Gulmarg

While Gulmarg is throughout the entire year goal, it is astounding in the winters. This can be credited to the snow-clad huge mountain run in front that is best located from the gondola. Gulmarg is the most well-known skiing goal of India, which fittings it high on the movement guide of India.

Gulmarg, India

Surging down the slants

  • Manali


Thronging with guests in the late spring, Manali does not lose its sheen in the winters also. Truth be told, it is a standout amongst the most feted towns to see snow in India. Not exclusively is the principal town canvassed in a floor covering of snow, the higher cruises close by, particularly Rohtang, turns into the focal draw for snow themed recreational games.


The nearest airplane terminal to Manali is arranged about 50km away in Bhuntar. Sufficient taxis are accessible to truck you to Manali from here. A great many people like to take the medium-term transports from Delhi that assume control more than 12 hours to reach, however, are helpful.

Top Things To Do In Manali

There are various things that one can do in Manali. Multi-day trek to Rohtang Pass is one of them. You can wander the lanes of Old Manali, visit the Naggar Castle 24km away or even sit by the edge of River Beas near town. The stream is celebrated for boating, however, winters are a terrible time to be in the water.

Best Time To Visit Manali

Perpetually lovely to venture out to, Manali holds an uncommon attract the winters. The roads are shrouded in snow, and regardless of whether it neglects to be snowed in for quite a while, short drives to the higher achieve lands you in the midst of snow-secured slopes ksp. The summers are great as Manali remains cool and offers rest from the blasting warmth of the fields.

White – the overwhelming shade of winter

  • Leh


Leh, without any help features as the main visitor goal of Jammu and Kashmir. It is open in the winters just via air, as the town lies 13000 feet above ocean level. As one can envision, winters are dreamlike. There are far lesser guests and one gets the opportunity to see another element of Leh nearby other people.


Despite the fact that the 3-day Manali-Leh drive is prominent with voyagers from over the world, openness in winters is just by the air. The Leh air terminal is all around associated with Delhi DRDO.

Top Things To Do In Leh

Leh is the base town to make a trip to many exciting spots in the Ladakh locale, yet in winters the movement range should be cut. A magnificent legacy stroll in the old town separated, one can ascend to the Shanti Stupa and furthermore visit the Leh Palace. These are the top activities in Leh in winters.

Best Time To Visit Leh

While summers are anything but difficult to access and offer alleviation from the late spring warmth, the winters stand separated and offer something new for the eyes.

Leh, India.

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