Ziplining in Wayanad: Find Adventure At The Heart Of Kerela

Ziplining in Wayanad

The zip line we’re talking about is the longest in Kerala and the second-longest in South India. This beautifully maintained zipline is run by highly qualified adventure groups and is one of Wayanad’sbest places for ziplining. This line measures about 300 meters and covers some of Wayanad’s thickest woodland coverings. The zipline is on the must-do thing for every traveler in Wayanad in Pozhtana, Wayanad. here know all about Ziplining in Wayanad.

The quick zipline will fly you on green plantations and tall trees once your safety equipment is installed. The company managing this deals with the customers very professionally and promises the utmost safety. People of all ages can hop on and give Wayanad the opportunity to zip.

Pricing and Timing

This great experience is only INR 250/- per person at a very affordable price. This hands-on zipline price in Wayanad encourages you to take a shot of it more than once during your trip. The zipline is open between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Later in the evening, the ideal time for ziplining is so the sun shines milder. It is also a great opportunity for a photograph. You can easily find the location on the online map from a distance before you arrive. The zipline is not recommended at night for obvious reasons. It might also play a big part in the weather. During the summers, the best time to go to Wayanad.

Highlights of ziplining in Wayanad

  • The tipper speed is faster than you expect, so please do not worry about pictures or a selfie.
  • It is located four kilometers from Wayanad’s main town.
  • You should also know that if it is your first zipline, you should not stay on all the time. The harness is attached to a comfortable saddle and it is recommended to hold the seam to prevent swinging or flipping.
  • In a strong wind or rainy season try to avoid zipline as these are not safe conditions.
  • A robust helmet, a pair of mistresses to avoid scratching your hands, and a safety harness, are included in the safety equipment.

Some tips to Ziplining in Wayanad are helpful here:

  • Before driving to the destination check the weather and zipline in Wayanad reviews.
  • Ensure that your shoes are comfortable and fit. Don’t wear sandals or slippers that you can slip onto your feet.
  • Ask the person responsible as many questions as you like before you get on the zip and clear all your doubts. See some people in front of you to get a sense of what to experience if this helps.
  • When you zip-line, keep all your goods in your bag or car. When you zip, it can’t be traced if something is to fall out of your hands.
  • Kids less than 5 years old on the zipline are not permitted.
  • If you want to record your ziplining experience, it is best to use an extended stick on a GoPro camera. They are easy to attach and light to your wrist.
  • Check out your instructor before hoping and get yourself harnessed if you have anxiety about heights or other medical conditions.

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