What Makes Online Ludo So Interesting

All of us who were born in the 1990’s or earlier would have certainly loved playing a few games during childhood, carom and ludo being two of them. The best part here is that these games have been equally enjoyed by people all over the world. Ludo was earlier played with tokens and dice, but now a new form for the same as been reborn. In fact, it can be said that Online Ludo has been reborn in a digital avatar, and it is no less exciting than earlier. 

With help from technology, Ludo can either be played on PCs or mobile apps, and Internet connectivity is required for the same. The best ludo game online is the one from which downloads can take place seamlessly and the gameplay is smooth, assuming that a healthy Internet connection is in place. Internet connectivity has zoomed upwards all across the world, making the gameplay possible.

Easy to Learn and Play

To be able to play ludo online, a suitable app has to be downloaded onto the smartphone. The app is certainly more convenient as opposed to playing on a website. Instructions for playing are standard in nature: add money digitally into a wallet, choose the game, and choose whether to play with a known partner, random players, or the computer. Every time a person wins, there is a reward, often in the form of extra money in the wallet. Players move their tokens forward by tapping their screens.

These days, games such as ludo are so easy that even small children can manage to play them. Although the appearance of the board is roughly the same, it’s the interface that has changed. The game begins once a player gets 6 on his or her dice. This player will have to complete 4 rounds of the virtual Ludo board before entering his or her own house. Whoever gets all owned tokens into his or her house wins. Each player can eliminate another as well.  

Money that is won can be withdrawn from wallets and online bank accounts in almost the same way of all ludo websites and apps, but the account will have to be verified initially.

Winning with Referral Codes

Every player receives a referral code on an online ludo game, and if he or she can get another person to register with his or her referral code, both players get the chance to win cash. Such codes may also be used to create individual rooms for playing with specific individuals.

In these chat rooms, a Voice Chat facility has been provided by many ludo game developers, allowing known or unknown players to talk to each other using the Internet. This is a form of social interaction which is good for the game. Conversations can also involve the use of emojis, much like on social media and WhatsApp.

Skins Look Good

The way a virtual Ludo board appears is known as its skin. This skin can be changed with different patterns, which are known as skins. While crossing their current levels in the game, players become eligible to change their skins, which can also change sounds and other aspects of the game, as per theme. 

No Data Theft

There are always danger signs for every technology, and one of them could be a comman in the disguise of a new ludo website, which can get personal information from a player. This could further cause a major data breach, which may involve the leaking of passwords and the removal of cash from wallets. However, the top ludo companies here have proper procedures to ensure that this does not happen. Therefore, it is important to play only with a known company.

Strategies to Win Ludo Online

The following strategies can maximize the chances of winning ludo online:

  1. All Tokens Need to Move – It is not a good idea to make one token complete the journey and then start another. Instead, all of them should be kept moving from time to time, as anyone could return earlier.
  2. The Rule of 7 – One of the best strategies here is to be 7 steps ahead of the opponent on the board. Such a strategy provides a fair chance to escape when the opponent’s token comes close. It can be considered as a player’s best survival chance.
  3. Enhancing Chances to Knock Off Tokens – All players need to remember this can happen only when a player decreases his or her h own probability of being knocked off. With more than one token surrounding the opponent, there are more chances of killing it.
  4. Waiting Game – Tokens must be strategically moved to stand on the star-shaped signs on boards. These are the signs where other tokens cannot knock them off. Wait for the right time to move ahead.
  5. Use of Math Skills – Probability could be of great help on the virtual board