What is New Covid strain UK?

The world was so happy, but suddenly a virus came into the story and changed the whole scenario of life. Almost everything got affected by this deadly virus. This pandemic has changed the whole framework of almost all the professions. Only healthcare and daily need were doing their business in routine but rest everything got halted. In this article, we provide details about the Covid strain UK.

SARS -COV is severe acute respiratory syndrome covid 19. This virus is a deadly virus which is attacking the respiratory system and thus leads to cough, fever, cold, loss of sense of smell taste, etc. This virus has special spikes that help it to attach to the cells of the body.

After a long lockdown, people have started living the normal life, they were enjoying going out. They have started going to restaurants like Subway or KFC and enjoying their favorite food. In fact, food restaurant chains were giving delivery options also. But suddenly this virus has evolved and its new strain came into the story. This New Covid strain UK is known as NUI 202012/01 or lineage B.1.1.7.

This new strain is a lot more infectious than the older one. Primary symptoms remain the same as cough, chest pain, fever, and loss of taste, smell, aches, and chills. This is 70 percent more infectious than the previous. It attacks the system faster and more severely than the previous strain.

This strain is named N5017 because of spike protein which allows the virus to latch on to human cells and penetrate them into the cell. SARS COV 2 is spreading faster and growing rapidly. This is referred to as a variant under investigation VUI.

Public health England, announced 1108 cases with this variant have been identified as of Dec 13.Genomic sequencing data from UK COG –UK Covid 19 Genomic UK. There are multiple mutations in the spike proteins of the novel coronavirus SARS COV 2 as well as mutations in another genomic region of an RNA virus.  This virus genome is mutating at a very fast rate and thus, the enzyme is becoming more prominent.

Around 4000 mutations in the spike protein. Its new strain is spreading rapidly and it is originated from farmworkers 20A EUI.

So many biotechnology industries are working 24/7 for the vaccine of coronavirus. But one of the most leading molecular biology labs is Pfizer which is almost done with the trials. But there is no direct evidence is there which will suggest that the Pfizer vaccine would not protect people from the new strain.

How Immune response by this vaccine can also deal with new virus variants. The vaccine can be engineered in such a way that it will completely mimic this new mutation.

Now biotech and US drugmaker Pfizer are working together on the vaccine against novel coronavirus.  The new vaccine-induced immunity which would be protective against the variants recently described in the UK.

This mutation raised very strongly and it is 40 percent to 70 percent more transmissible.

WHO said, This variant has a higher transmission rate. No such indication is there that this new strain causes higher mortality rate.

This virus is mutating rapidly; that’s why it is becoming tedious for the biotechnology labs to develop the vaccine for it. Because once they form it, the virus brought something new and became resistant to the vaccine. But there are chances to get the vaccine in 2021; they will target the genome, RNA.

Due to this Covid strain UK, England govt made some rules known as Tier 4 rules in which, leisure,  entertainment, on essential shops, hairdresser venues must close. Due to this the whole market of UK is down and the economy is affected badly.

Most of the food industries changed their services. They moved to no contact delivery options. Thus they are serving their customers and providing them with good options.

Life will be expected soon, and people will again roam like before. They will enjoy their food and traveling once again. This shall pass too, and things will be better again all we need is patience and tolerance.