What are WordPress and WooCommerce?

The Most Popular Way to Create A Website Is Using WordPress. What exactly is WordPress?If you’re looking for a new website, you’ve probably heard WordPress listed many times. As a result, you’ve also found yourself asking, WordPress is a full-featured content management system that just happens to be the most common website-building platform on the planet. WordPress is so widely used that it now powers more than 39% of all websites. To expand your domain you can look here for dedicated WordPress programmer who will assist you to expand your business contacts and customer range. The reasons for this huge success need to be explained more. In this artice read what is the difference of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Why do we need WordPress?

  • WordPress is a completely free platform. You can have it right now without spending any money.
  • WordPress is free and open-source software. It’s a global collaborative initiative with thousands of people from all around the world. All are welcome to take part. All may contribute to the growth of WordPress by building on it.
  • WordPress is cutting-edge. You should be sure that WordPress has some functionality that is deemed “ordinary” in website apps.
  • WordPress is a flexible platform. It is capable of running some kind of website. WordPress can easily accommodate any kind of website, including a basic business site, a forum, a photo site, a leisure site, a technical corporate site, a portfolio site, a wedding site, a wellness site, a registry site, and even an e-commerce shop.
  • WordPress is easy to use and understand. Users with poor vision will use it without difficulty.
  • WordPress is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and computers. You can use a desktop, mobile, smartphone, or phone to reach your website.
  • WordPress is a flexible platform. Plugins allow you to customize your WordPress experience. Consider plugins to be the “mods” on your website (like your iPhone apps, but for your website).
  • WordPress is a lovely platform. For WordPress, there are thousands upon thousands of free and paid template kits (called themes). Those can be installed with a single press.

Briefly, WordPress is the engine that powers the website. It allows it to run, allows you to edit the site’s content, add new articles and pages, and ensures that the website looks good on all devices. Of course, to take advantage of these advantages, you must first install WordPress.

WordPress Programming:

WordPress is simple to use forbeginners while still being effective for developers: WordPress, as previously said, is a very simple website to get started with. It’s easy to set up and use. The majority of web hosts come with one-click auto-installers. WordPress is as simple to use as a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

You can look here for dedicated WordPress programmer who can create custom plugins and modules for the platform. A WordPress designer (a real one) will create a theme for WordPress. A WordPress specialist is someone who can do it all, but not as good as the advanced listings I previously listed, and can assist you in completing the project by understanding the appropriate plugins and themes.

It is someone who is well-versed in the platform’s core functionality and how it all operates. Well, a WordPress expert is also a PHP developer, but not every PHP developer is also a WordPress expert. Regrettably, not everybody who claims to be a WordPress creator is deserving of the term. Software production in general necessitates a set of expertise and disciplines that are often absent in places that I’ve been employed to repair after a WordPress developer built them.

The application:

A host of high-traffic blogs, including Small Press Expo, use WooCommerce. According to Trends for the third week of September 2015, WooCommerce was installed on 30% of e-commerce pages and had millions of successful installs. Ecommerce is increasingly expanding across the world, and WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce network in 2018, with over 39 million plugin downloads and operating on over three million websites. This is responsible for around 4% of the top million HTML pages. WooCommerce already has a market share of 29 percent of the top 1 million eCommerce pages in 2021. WooCommerce has continued to capture market share since Automattic’s takeover and is now one of the most popular E-commerce sites on the Internet.

The Thematics:

Since there are too many WooCommerce-ready themes sold on third-party platforms, it’s impossible to say how many themes are connected with this WordPress plugin, however below are several WooCommerce figures for the major theme providers. On ThemeForest, there are 1,135 WooCommerce themes. There are 548 WooCommerce themes in the theme directory.

What’s the deal with WooCommerce’s popularity?

WooCommerce is a common way to create an eCommerce shop for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s WooCommerce is open, as is the WordPress program that powers it. WooCommerce is a free and open-source e-commerce platform.
  • Anyone with access to the code can inspect, change, or expand it.
  • WooCommerce is a user-friendly platform. To open a shop, you don’t need to be an expert programmer.
  • WooCommerce can be customized. You can add all sorts of additional features to your store using something called “mods,” and you don’t need any technical skills to do so.
  • WooCommerce is compatible with all types of smartphones. People are increasingly shopping on their smartphones, and WooCommerce is ready to meet their needs.
  • WooCommerce appears the way you expect it to. You can monitor the look of your store using something called “themes,” and you don’t need any technical skills to do so.
  • WooCommerce is a safe platform. WooCommerce is not only open source but is also developed by Automattic, a billion-dollar corporation with the ability to protect your shop.

So what is WooCommerce?It’s your chance to create a secure, scalable eCommerce shop with the most common website-building tool i.e. WordPress.

WooCommerce will assist you in selling “something” and accepting payment for it. Since WooCommerce is a plugin, you’ll need a WordPress account that supports plugins to use it. The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a host and purchase a plan for your shop. It’s really easy. SiteGround, Bluehost, and Pressable are all recommended by WooCommerce and WordPress.

WooCommerce makes money by offering a large number of useful plugins for their website. It’s a perfect business model for them because they own the platform that allows them to do too much, and they profit from the extensions that business owners who have invested in using it buy.

The configuration is the most significant distinction between the two. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, which means you’ll need a WordPress website, pay a hosting fee, install the WooCommerce plugin, and then set up the shop.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that handles e-commerce.

One of WordPress’s early attractions for bloggers and authors was its excellent content management. It keeps track of content, such as photographs, that site owners claim as their own. The simplicity of store management for clients is cited by many WooCommerce developers as a unique differentiator.