Top 7 Ways To Be Healthy in 2024

Virgil rightly says that the most significant wealth is health. But if you feel tired of listening to the same old boring tips and tricks of becoming fit, which might not always work. Worry not because we are here to save the rest of 2024 for you. Bring your new year health plan back into motion because we’ve researched unique ways to thrive. Some of these include sound healing, pet therapy, relaxation methods and more.  

Want to gain a detailed insight into how you can focus on your well-being? 

Let’s get started, without any further ado!

Indulging in the world of art:

Connect with your inner child. Bring back the good old memories of basking yourself in the artistic realm. Pick up your brush, crayon, sketches or any form of artistic tool. Unleash your creativity to the fullest. Art therapy is a very famous mechanism. It can not only minimize stress or help express emotions. But also help you walk down the path of self-discovery. Aid you in gaining new perspectives and developing personas. If you have been dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder then art can help you cope with it. It also promotes physical rehabilitation, i.e. development of motor skills. 

Screen detox:

Working the entire day by looking at the screen. Binge-watching your favorite series at night. All this can result in a lot of emotional and mental strain. With a break from the online world, your mind gets a rest and you will not become prone to stress, fatigue or burnout. There are a lot of other benefits to it like better sleep quality, enhancement in concentration and productivity, and more. Besides this, being hunched over the screen can result in bad posture. With a reduction in screen time, you can better your posture. Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues. It can also help you provide free time for physical activities. 

Pet therapy:

Studies show that spending time with animals lowers cortisol levels. It also releases the “feel-good” hormone known as oxytocin. Pets not only uplift your mood. But can also help you get started with physical activities like playing and walking. Thereby improving cardiovascular health. If you deal with high blood pressure issues then cats and dogs are a great source of lowering the pressure levels and hypertension as well. If you have physical pain then pet interaction is a great way to manage it because they provide a sense of comfort during difficult times. It can also highly stimulate cognitive functions. For example, attention, memory retention, and mental agility. This is especially helpful for older people. 

Venturing in outdoor adventures:

You must have seen hundreds of reels of people having the time of their lives. Through biking, hiking, kayaking or swimming. The reason why this works so well is because it is not only fun. But also helps you improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, vitamin D absorption, improvement in the immune system, and more. You also get time to connect with nature. Feel a sense of belonging with the world, the environment, and the surroundings. Also, if you lack social interaction and seek to connect with people then this is a great way to bond with people and make new friends. It can also boost your confidence, create long-lasting memories and enhance self-esteem. 

Massage chair therapy:

In the arena of various ways of maintaining health, massage chair therapy is quickly becoming a popular one. This is because of its multitude of benefits like improvement in blood circulation, alleviating pain, promoting better sleep quality and providing muscle tension relief.

The massage chairs come in a variety of models, but relaxation massage chairs are the most frequently recommended massage chairs by health professionals because they have been shown to improve digestive functions, reduce joint stress, ease various spinal tensions, and more. 

Stress relieving techniques:

In the hustle and bustle of life, while trying our best to make life perfect, stress often keeps coming back like a boomerang. Stress can take a major toll on health and it is for this reason that its management is highly vital. You can practice various approaches like deep breathing, focusing on the present moment through mindful meditation, penning down your thoughts through journaling, reducing negative self-talk, and bringing humour into your life. There are also long-term benefits for it, i.e. improvement in longevity and also overall well-being. In addition to this, the techniques can improve the immune system and digestion, thereby reducing any possible gastrointestinal issues, which are stress related. 

Guidance on diet and nutrition:

With various food delivery apps, it can become challenging to keep a calorie count. Since food is a major part of maintaining your health, you can improve your diet by consulting with a registered nutritionist or dietitian. Personalised guidance can help manage your weight, improve your health and also help you manage any particular health concerns. This also ensures that you are receiving the proper nutrients that your body needs. It also prevents various types of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity issues and certain types of cancers. Future risks of fractures and osteoporosis can also be curbed down since a proper intake can result in your body having the precise vitamin D and calcium intake. 

In addition to the above ways to become healthy, some additional ways that can be taken into consideration include seeking mental health support, consulting with a sleep specialist for managing various sleep disorders, yoga, meditation, team sports, workout games, community events and acupuncture. 

In conclusion, adding the above list to your daily routine can improve your health magnanimously. The above practices are not just to give you a healthy body but also to help you have a positive, happy and vibrant life. Unique practices like art therapy, Zero gravity massage therapy, pet therapy and more can help you open up towards new aspects of life. This year, give yourself a gift of a journey towards health that is not only inclusive of physical health but also mental health.