Check Trending Packaging Design for Sending a Gift in 2020

The luxury gift packaging got popular because they have this special feature of portraying the gift as something that is specially produced for the receiver. The beauty of the packaging enhances the gleam of anything that is being presented to someone. There is no specific or traditional design of the gift boxes. You can get whatever you feel like. Gifts can be anything of any shape and size; a few boxes would be specific to the items while others can be designed for general purpose. The Packaging Design does half the job to please the person while the other half shall be done by the gift itself. As the world saw the New Year 2020, a very haphazard trend has been observed about the gift packaging techniques and boxes. People have very vague preferences about their choice of gift packaging. However, a few of the mainstream designs of the custom luxury gift boxes shall be discussed in this article. A few of them are quite well-known, while others became popular owing to their creativity.

Jewelry boxes:

The beautiful and profound jewellery boxes have been an all-time favourite to present gifts and jewellery to your loved ones. They are available in several breath-taking designs and shapes that can fit the need of small-sized gifts. They are ideal for gifting perfumes, some fancy cosmetics kit, small gadgets, and several other items. The list never comes to an end as far as the productivity of these boxes is concerned. They serve as an excellent luxury gift packaging and is loved and adored by everyone alike.

Explosion boxes:

Explosion boxes got famous through those viral social media videos. They are conventionally used to contain candies and chocolates, but they are pretty much utilized for several other various kinds of gift items too. They have many small boxes placed inside one another; when the lid is removed from each box, it opens up with many candies or small gifts lined inside the walls of each box. They look magnificent, and it is quite entertaining to watch them open.

Fancy treat boxes:

The regular treat boxes can be decorated in a manner so that its beauty would be enhanced enough to charm the receiver with all its glamour. People like simple designs in general, not everyone is a fan of flamboyance. You can delight them by decorating a simple treat box with external decorations like ribbons and false flowers or whatever you like. They are also available in various luxury materials that look a lot better than the regular kraft paper. There are several packaging setups that are already customizing them to make them look like spectacular gift bags boxes.

Wooden cases:

Wood boxes have always signified the sense of luxury. They completely change the perception of the receiver about the gift inside and is very much appreciated and adored by almost everyone. Nothing says luxury better than the wooden packaging. They have always been used to pack products that were dedicated to a special kind of audience with a desire to be treated specially. This has developed the general thinking about them as being something super exclusive. Therefore, gifts presented in a decorative wooden case would naturally be assumed as something special and luxurious.

Fancy origami:

The Japanese origami has found its application to serve various fancy gifts packaging needs. They look adorable, and their luxury lies in the effort and hard work utilized in making them. They can be designed in various variations and can contain a variety of items, making them suitable for packaging gifts. The receiver would love to see such a creative packaging design, and that is what made them increasingly popular in the present time.

Decorative velvet hard cases:

Velvet has always signified extravagance, and due to this, it has been utilized in producing packaging for various luxury items like jewellery and something unique that has the need to be packed inside a luxury packaging. They have always been used to pack expensive items. Several decorative luxury boxes wholesale manufacturers are already making them everywhere owing to their increasing demand worldwide. Their use as gift packaging has increased over time.

Gift towers:

A gift tower is a packed tower made by placing the boxes of ascending sizes one over the other in a tower-like manner. They are more of a method than packaging design actually. The impact the receiver in a way that something huge is being presented to them. They are ideal for the scenarios when you want to gift someone with a lot of items, so instead of getting a very large box, it would be a better idea to arrange them like this. They would not only look amazing but shall also make the occurrence memorable since they are nothing that can be forgotten easily. However, the choice of the kind of boxes is left to the choice of the user, and so does the decoration.

These were some of the luxury gift boxes that are catching the eyes of the public as we see the dawn of the year 2020. People have found several methods to pack the gift for either their loved ones or the ones they admire. The usual and popular Packaging Design of various categories have been explained above. They are getting rapid attention owing to their versatility for different kinds of gifts.

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