Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to PM e-Voucher

Trying to solve the problem of replenishing the Perfect Money e-Voucher USD wallet balance with dollars when paying for a transaction with a Credit Card USD, you will note that there are several options for organizing such an operation. To decide which method is better, all methods should be considered more carefully.

Methods of exchanging Visa and MasterCard for PM

The first and most common option is to exchange using one of the electronic exchanges. Working with such services is simple, profitable, and safe. Of course, among them are sites created by scammers, but you can get around them by finding a contractor through the BestChange monitoring portal. But you will see a description of the terms of transactions and the rating of exchange rates by going directly to the site itself. Here, you will find a suitable offer; you will be able to take advantage of it, being completely confident in the security of the transaction. Plus, by choosing the option of cooperation with exchangers, you will see many advantages of the solution:

  • a huge number of offers;
  • loyal commissions;
  • favorable conversion rates;
  • large reserves;
  • availability of small and large-scale transactions;
  • the ability to exchange money without verification on the website;
  • simplicity and efficiency of exchange;
  • possibility to make a transaction online.

If we talk about replenishing a Perfect Money wallet directly, without involving intermediaries, you might think such a transaction would be simpler and bring more benefits. First, you need to know that you can deposit money to the balance of the payment system only by bank transfer. Before organizing it on the Perfect Money website, you must complete the appropriate deposit order application. Plus, it is essential to understand that we are considering replenishing the Perfect Money balance with dollars. Therefore, when making a bank transfer. You should also remember the restrictions. The minimum amount to top up using this method is $1,000. To summarize, the considered option cannot be profitable, convenient, fast, or universal. This is why it is used very rarely in practice.

Another way to transfer from Visa and MasterCard to PM e-Voucher is to take advantage of offers posted on P2P sites Here, transactions are concluded between private individuals. The sites themselves act only as guarantors of safety. Therefore, when choosing this option, you should be prepared for several problems and risks:

  • the commission charged by an individual for the exchange may be too high, and the conversion rate may be unfavorable;
  • the service provider may not have enough funds to exchange the entire amount of Credit card into Perfect Money USD;
  • there is a risk that you will have to wait a long time for a suitable counteroffer.

Now it’s clear why most users choose to cooperate with the monitor of rates at electronic exchangers Working with such platforms is easy, convenient, and profitable. The exchange is carried out quickly with minimal chance of hiccups.

How to work with an exchanger

Seeing how many offers on the page are collected for transfer from Visa/MasterCard USD to PM e-Voucher, pay special attention to selecting the most suitable option. The main criteria should be the rate at which will be converted into dollars and the commission charged for the transaction. Then, you should look at the reserves and the amounts available for conversion. The last to be taken into account are additional points.

When you have chosen, go to the exchanger’s website and make a deal. To do this, you need:

  • read the service rules;
  • fill out the application, check the information to ensure there are no errors;
  • confirm the application while agreeing to the rules;
  • pay for the application using a debit or credit card;
  • wait for the equivalent in dollars to arrive in your e-wallet minus the commission.

When the Perfect Money balance is replenished, the exchange operation can be successful.