Best Jewellery Designer Brands 2024

Many of the biggest celebrations of life  – engagements, weddings, coronations, and more   – are marked with a piece of jewelry. Similarly, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings frequently make an appearance at other happy times of life such as birthdays, promotions, retirements, and graduations. Now comes the big question  – why is Jewellery Brands such an amazing way to celebrate?

Let us have a close look at some of the best jewellery designer brands of 2024 and beyond.

Bryan Anthony’s

Bryan Anthony’s is way ahead of the rest when it comes to jewellery masterpieces that are not just like to look but are imbued with a mystical and magical significance. The brand is considered one of the best designer jewellery brands out there and is named after the brother of the brand’s co-founder. The brand ethos is all about living a purposeful and meaningful life. The designer jewellery pieces created by Bryan Anthony’s are thoughtful and beautifully crafted pieces, with each piece of their jewellery communicating a unique message of its own. 

For instance, the Pause Necklace reminds you to take a few moments to breathe and go deep inside yourself to understand the real you and your real needs so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect ahead of you and can regain strength in challenging times. Or the Beautifully Broken bracelet that sends a reminder that flaws and imperfections can never belittle beauty.

Hancocks London

Simple, contemporary, classic, stylish, modern, and vintage & antique jewellery! You name it and Hancocks London has it. Unarguably one of the most successful and trendy stores of signet rings, vintage & antique jewellery, cufflinks, and pendants, Hancocks London is globally renowned for its unique potential of creating jewellery masterpieces that have stood against the waves of time to become timeless classics. 

Hancocks London is the name the world trust when it comes to gorgeous jewellery accessories, best jewellery for men, and best jewellery for women. From engravable bracelets to embellished signet rings, Hancocks London feels 100 percent of life’s special moments and balance sleek contemporary elegance and sophistication with a subtle hint of opulence. 


It seems like we just cannot ever get enough of Cuyana, the world’s most popular and sustainable luxury fashion brand. Whether it is Cuyana vintage & antique jewellery or Cuyana bags or even Cuyana leggings, the brand seems everywhere and for the right reasons. After all, no one does it better than Cuyana when it comes to timeless masterpieces that turn heads and transcend trends. 

The jewellery range of the brand presently only includes embellishments and earrings but as the ethos of the brand, ‘Fewer, Better Things’— less is definitely more in this case. How about checking the beautiful eight sculptural designs of Cuyana that include the innovative Luna Ear Jacket and the stunning rose-inspired petal hoop earrings? The three-piece system lets you mix up and experiment on your own terms wherein you have the complete freedom to customize the earrings as per your individual preferences.


An American jewelry brand, Capsul is a Los Angeles-based store that has its eyes set on the future. Leveraging the best of the latest 3D-printing technology, Capsul offers unique and customizable designs that take inspiration from everything from the sound of your voice and your handwriting. 

One of the best things about Capsul masterpieces is that you can always be confident that you will never meet any other individual wearing the same thing as you are. The best thing is that the prices of Capsul jewelry pieces remain affordable despite the level of craftsmanship and quality that goes into each design.

Ariel Gordon

The mission of Ariel Gordon is to create jewellery pieces that can be worn day in and day out. Versatility is the cornerstone of the Ariel Gordon jewellery collection. You can explore a wide range of dainty and customizable jewellery pieces that you can effortlessly layer for different moods and looks. The vibe centre’s around the inimitable South California brand of luxury: laid back and authentic but also sophisticated and glossy.

At Ariel Gordon, you will find diamonds, pearls, enamel-work, and motifs ranging from apples and strawberries to moons and elephants. You can also check out the personalization options that include the Name It stud earrings and medallion signet necklaces. Ariel Gordon Jewelry is designed for the stylish, savvy modern, and adventurous woman and that almost definitely includes the “special” you.


There have been many instances of movie scenes being dedicated to getting an engagement or wedding ring at Tiffany. And the best part is that they still do weddings, from bands to rings to table settings, and you can celebrate some of the biggest moments of life with the iconic Please Return to Tiffany silver heart charm, Elsa Peretti bean pendant, Bone cuff, a simple T bangle, or a Tiffany key. 


Millions of people across the globe who wear the “Love bracelet” and swear by it cannot be wrong. The iconic screwdriver patterned design of the French house has been a coveted and special gift item ever since it made its debut in the 1970s. Today, the collection even boasts of rings, earrings, and bangles. The nail-inspired Juste Un Clou pieces offered by Cartier provide the same diverse range and are incredibly popular.

Fernando Jorge

Imagine all the vivacity and organic sensuality of Brazil alongside the edge, grit, and daring of the creative scene of East London. It is this cultural synergy that forms the basis of the jewellery collection of Fernando Jorge. The designs of Fernando Jorge are sculptural and delicate, incorporating topazes, gold, diamonds, and lapis lazuli into an irresistible display of grace and color.

The names of Fernando Jorge pieces perfectly capture the spirit of the brand: flicker, flame, ignite, flare, gleam, and beacon. No wonder, the designs of Fernando Jorge exuberates a sense of soul, energy, passion, and individuality that make Fernando Jorge jewellery the perfect choice of women who aren’t hesitant to have a distinct personality and identity of their own. If you have always wanted to channelize royal-family-worthy glamour with one of the best luxury jewellery brands, vintage & antique jewellery from Hancocks London is just the perfect destination for you. Each jewellery piece offered by Hancocks London feels modern yet something that is ethereal and timeless to create stunningly wearable and jewellery masterpieces.

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