Top 10 Ideas to Design Your Own Jewelry Online

Customized jewelry has been trending for some time now. And a vast majority of people embrace this type of jewelry as the perfect gift for a dear one. Whether you got a precious gem or a vintage heirloom that you feel needs some tweaking to fit your style, you can configure and personalize it online. Redesign or start from scratch. However, it’s prudent to have a jewelry appraisal before you hand them over. Here are the top 10 ideas for custom our Online Jewelry design.

Browse websites and blogs for inspiration.

Anyone who wants to start a project, big or small, may require some fabulous inspiration from those who have already done what they intend to do. Online is always the right place to start browsing whatever you like, where you will get spoiled for choice. Also, check the online jewelry stores, blogs, and magazines. The gems and the pendants maygive you the brainwave you need. 

Make some sketches 

You don’t have to be artistic to draft your desired piece of jewelry. Start by drawing some basic shapes on a piece of paper or making some computer designs if you are right. However, it may be a little difficult, unlike doing it on paper. Then proceed with some embellishments and other accents.

Identify a jewelry store

After checking and getting inspired with what you have seen, it’s time to search for an artisan that will work on your custom Online Jewelry design. And how do you go about this? Any reputable online store will have a clean web structure with precise details and reviews. Check them out to see if you will find some red flags. They should also show some of the work they have previously done for their clients. If the details are convincing, then you got your people.

Call the jewelry store

Now it’s time to start ringing so you can get more details about what you need. Get the current working email and share your sketches so they can understand what you need. The artisan may also make some suggestions which he will discuss with you. Ask as many questions as possible, such as if they do a jewelry appraisal.

Get the final draft 

An artisan designing your jewelry will compile your ideas and send you the expected outlook for your jewelry for approval. There you can use a loved one’s eye if need be; otherwise, make a few changes, or adjust because the last thing you will get will be the final deal.


Working with a budget is crucial so you don’t get overwhelmed with options that might sway you off what you can afford. Sharing the amount you want to spend with your artisan also makes the process easier. Communication is vital, as some of the affordable elements you might choose may be out of stock, or a jeweler might recommend a better quality that might go out of your budget.

Stone selection

Now that you have selected your metal band, it’s time to determine which stone will pair perfectly? The most precious stones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Other options are semi-precious gems such as opal, amethyst, aquamarine, and more. All the ‘big four’ precious stones will be more expensive than other gemstones.

Although diamonds are the go-to-choice, rare stones are also ideal since they are unique. So it depends on what you are looking for, considering your budget too. If set for a diamond, you will have to select the 4Cs, which comprise cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Lab-grown gems are those stones created in a lab rather naturally. However, they are beautiful and display almost the same physical make-up as the natural gems. They also make a great alternative if you are on a budget.

Being savvy of what you are purchasing is crucial since some stones get treated to look more vibrant. Check a reputable seller that provides jewelry certification and have a qualified appraiser who can offer a jewelry appraisal. Details of the stone should include in this document.


After you decide on the gemstone you are going for, consider your ideal shape. A round diamond is one of the classic and most expensive that most people choose. But there are other fancier styles to choose from, such as the oval and more.

Metal bands

Will you go for traditional yellow gold or select the go-to-choice variety of metals such as white gold, silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten, and titanium? The most crucial thing is to find what your partner loves, then weigh the pros and cons of each metal:

Gold: It is a timeless metal and a classic choice for wedding bands. You can go for conventional yellow gold or go for modern choices such as white gold or rose gold. All of these are valuable, and we recommend getting a jewelry appraisal after purchasing them. Metal bands are the major part of customized Online Jewelry design.

Gold also has some unique advantages and disadvantages. 

For example, white gold may be affordable than platinum but requires higher maintenance. It is the epitome of luxury when it comes to metal bands. It lasts longer and has low maintenance upkeep. However, it comes with a pricey-tag. If you are in love with this but find it unaffordable, palladium can be an alternative. It is a pocket-friendly metal that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Silver: Those on a tight budget may find silver quite appealing because it looks expensive and somehow resembles platinum. However, it requires the most upkeep and tends to tarnish or scratch easily. 

Titanium: One of the features you are likely to appreciate in titanium is lightweight and is available in various shades of light silver to black grey. But one downside of this metal is that it can’t get resized. Choose titanium in high-quality metal as the lower quality is not durable and is prone to scratches.

Select your size

Most of the online stores have a section where you can choose the size of your finger. If you are not sure about the right measurement, visit one of the local stores and have them measure you, and they will tell you your right size that includes height and width. Then use those details online. size is also the matter for the Online Jewelry design.

NB: Since this might take time, planning is prudent to avoid any disappointments. The ideal time is one to two months before your ‘big day.’

In conclusion, when you finish making your selection, wait for the unique piece of jewelry that you have successfully designed. Remember to request a jewelry appraisal to keep a record of your investment safely. It is a document that will help you know the value of your jewelry if you ever wish to sell it. Also, some insurance providers might request it when you get a cover for your precious metal.