The beauty of Udaipur

There is nothing more rejuvenating than traveling. When it comes to India there are so many destinations to visit and quench your travel thirst. One such place that will be special forever is Udaipur in Rajasthan. A dream travel destination, Udaipur is one spot that blends both royal, culture, and ancient Indian taste to a perfect concoction. Udaipur sightseeing can be an amazing or lifetime experience for the beauty of Udaipur.

A sneak peek to the pink city!

Udaipur is a major tourist attraction in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Udaipur is a place connected with a remarkable history. Venturing into Udaipur is like finding land that gleams with tales of heroism, courage, valor, and the eternal treasure of the Rajputs. Seldom mentioned to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is most well-known for its strikingly gorgeous lakes like the famous Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, etc. The city has some splendid monuments and palaces. If you are intending to visit the city, then you can look online and check the various hotels accessible.

Lake Palace udaipur

Tour itinerary of Udaipur  

The enchanting beauty of man-made spectacles coupled with natural elegance makes Udaipur one of the most attractive tourist stops of India. The eminent Aravalli hills, mystic palaces, glittering lakes, and green woods are some of the ornamental pieces of Udaipur. The unique natural appeal of lakes and man-made splendor of grand palaces and Havelis make this address one of the most passionate destinations of the globe.

Tour itinerary of Udaipur

Key attractions of Udaipur

City Palace:

This huge building is a collection of castles, located in the east of the bank of Lake Pichola. It was built by MaharanaUdai Singh and later, some additions were made. This mansion system has a range of little and big palaces along with archives and gardens. This wonderful palace is the elegant blending of Rajasthani, Medieval European, Mughal, and Chinese Construction.

The Lake Palace:

Beautiful to the grip, it is the landmark of Udaipur. Once the home of the royal kings, it has now been converted into a heritage hotel to provide a regal experience to travelers. It is among the best legacy resorts in India. Made with white marble the entire palace is a must-visit if you are in Udaipur. The nearby place with the footfalls of the hill adds to the beauty. You should look for the best Udaipur tour packages.

Lake Fateh Sagar-

Lake Fateh Sagar is the deepest Lake of Udaipur located in the range carves of Aravali. The word Sagar stands for an Ocean and because of its wide geography, this Lake is known as an ocean. There is a Fateh Sagar Lake Palace located in the middle of the lake which is a beautiful instance of ancient Construction Engineering. The one and the only way to reach the Fateh Sagar Palace is through the water.

Fateh Sagar lake of Udaipur

Hotels in Udaipur-

Quality resorts in Udaipur are available in all price ranges, allowing a comfortable stay throughout the trip. Some Udaipur hotels are located near the best visitor attractions. Hotel Rangniwas Palace Hotel and Saheli Palace and are some hotels in Udaipur having a good price for the money. These are located close to many attractions such as Pichola Lake and Lake Palace. Transport is near it the railway station and the bus stand which is in a radius of 3 km. Deluxe Udaipur resorts such as Heritage Resort and RavlaKhempur are also pretty good from the location as well as a luxury point of view.

Hotels in Udaipur

Book a trip to visit the beauty of Udaipur. Plan with your tour operator and enjoy a blissful journey. Be the witness to a regal retreat. A short sojourn to pink city Udaipur will always be a trip to remember and cherish forever.

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