I Got A Tarot Reading For My Career — Here’s What I Learned

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Out of the many things that I wanted to do in my life, getting a tarot card reading was never a part of the plan.

Being a Virgo, I have always been possessive about planning things in my life and carrying them out with perfection is always the first on my list. I was in my late teens when I thought I have my whole life charted out and I just have to go with the scheme.

Get a graduate degree by 21, post-graduation by 23, a perfect teaching job by the age of 24 and what else, find a decent partner for myself, I know that was weird right. But that was my plan.

Ironically, life has its own plans and we call it Destiny.

A few things turned out as I had planned but a few didn’t. And then started the mental distress and agony.

How a Tarot card reading rescued me

In my mid-twenties, I was at a stage of my life where everyone assumed that I am settled and managing my life and career in the best way (none of it was actually true).

I had my own bucket list of things that I wanted to do- a solo trip to the mountains, bungee jumping and learning professional yoga were just a part of it. Getting a Ph.D. was another one.

I was actually at a low point in my life when I didn’t know what was the purpose of my life. What was I born to do?

I had come across many tarot card reading apps online and started reading about how tarot card reading is not about prediction but about understanding your inner calling and intuition. I wanted to get a tarot card reading for a career, but I wanted to do it in person. Somehow, I was enchanted by the whole idea of a psychic sitting in a dark room and charting out my life’s calling to me.

But that was not ideally possible, given that it was hard for me to trust the originality of a tarot card reader.

I tried multiple tarot card reading apps, but none of the readings looked appealing and satisfying to me. I came across the Tarot Life app, that many of my friends were using, and could swear about the credibility of the readings.

I somehow felt that I was called to Tarot Life and could connect to it instantly. I felt like I was home. The way I look at my life, changed ever since I started using the tarot life app for my personal tarot card readings.

Career And Tarot Insights: A Perfect Combination For Life Transformation

I cannot forget the day I got my first tarot card reading for career, that was the day I felt a divine connection to my soul. Truly saying, I could never believe in the idea that something could ever help you connect with your inner guide and get you acquainted with the spiritual calling.

Like I mentioned already, being a professor was my dream job, but when I actually started working in a college, I realized that I wasn’t thrilled by this job at all. Yes, it was noble and I had a chance to change people’s lives with my guidance. With time, I had started feeling the lows and I could sense that this wasn’t for me.

My tarot card reading for career guided me in an entirely different way than anyone ever had. The 3- card reading for the career perfectly chalked out my entire career in front of me and I was startled with the thought “how can a tarot card reading define my whole life?”

The tarot reading for a career was about the past, present and future of my career, I am writing a little recap of my tarot card reading

The first card(past) in my tarot reading for a career was The Fool, which indicated that I was feeling stuck and uninspired with my professional situation for a long time, which by the way I really was. It even pointed out that even though I knew what I wanted from my life, I didn’t make enough effort to bring those ideas and thoughts to completion.

The next card (present) for in my tarot reading for a career was The Death card, and as frightened as I was upon seeing that card, it brought positive learning for me. The calling of the card told me not to keep chewing on the idea of starting a new job and that I was reluctant to make choices in my career that I knew I had to. The Death in my tarot reading for career guided me to give in to the upcoming opportunities.

My life changed entirely with this particular reading, for the card I got in the outcome position in my tarot reading for a career was The Lovers. It pointed out that I will be put in situations where I will be forced to make tough choices for my career and that those choices should be made from the heart and not from a practical approach. The best part is yet to come, the reading said that I may find myself working on paper or book or maybe teaching a course that I feel deeply connected with. That my creativity was my best feat and only following my inner voice can only lead me to success.

I wasn’t too psyched about my reading because I couldn’t instantly connect to it, however, the reading offered me what I needed the most at that time- peace and reassurance.

Reality Check: How My Life Turned Out After I Followed My Inner Guidance

Tarot card reading guides you about the direction you should follow in life according to the calling of the universe. It’s more about using your free will. Tarot card readings chalk out your cosmic calling and yet tells you to follow what your heart tells you to.

I did just that.

A few months later, I happen to speak to my friend about my long lost dream of starting my own wellness studio, and she immediately fixed up a meeting with a prospective partner. We met and discussed our business plans.

And a few days later I was signing a contract of business and we started our very own wellness studio where we encourage fitness through yoga and natural eating. Started a special class for physically challenged people, and guess what- business is booming baby!!!

I am teaching Yoga ( a course of my interest), and my upcoming book about herbivory eating in under publication now.

And I am in a happy place. A tarot card reading for career actually changed my life.


My life changed entirely and today I am at peace with what I am doing with my career. Tarot life came to me as a calling. I regularly use this tarot app for daily readings, career readings, love readings. I wouldn’t argue on the absolute accuracy of these readings but most of them seem to fit my life in the most perfect way.

The stars have a plan for each one of us, and Tarot card reading is the most divine way to understand the cosmic layouts for your life.

Tarot card reading has not been able to change the way I am living my life. And I still don’t believe that the choices I make for my life are predestined.

Instead, the best thing that tarot life gives me is something much less tangible, yet much more empowering. It gives me hope.

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