Steps to Hire the Best iOS App Developer for a Successful Business

With the standardizations and specific requirements of iOS platforms, it is very challenging for app developers to get their app launched. Even though statistics show that only 20.38% of the population are Apple, mobile users, a lot of consumers are known for spending more on paid and premium features. For obtaining good revenue from such users, it is wise to look for iOS app developers.

Even though Apple has its list of specifications that a developer needs to take care of, several technical reasons go in favor of iOS. Firstly, it has higher standardization than Android. Secondly, Apple has a lesser variety of phone devices, which makes it easier to create more innovative UI/UX designs for them.

For hiring professionals to work on any platform, it is crucial to know your own needs and what you require when you hire iOS app developers. This article provides essential tips to acquire specialists and sustain them over some time for iOS development.

What are the Skills of an iOS Developer?

The cost of hiring an iOS developer depends on the professional’s grade, experience in a hands-on project, expertise, etc. Some of the must-have skills are as follows:

  • Needs to be well versed in objective-C or swift iOS native language
  • Should be aware of the Apple Human Interface and follow the strict guidelines
  • Have to be familiar with all the software tools of XCode, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) exclusive for Mac iOS
  • Should have sound knowledge of UI/UX of Apple. They should keep up with competitive technology and should keep making updates to improve UI/UX. As Apple’s technology always stays a step ahead of its competitors, the hired developer should have a creative mind
  • Have to be proficient in advanced coding language
  • Should have practical experience in handling core data
  • Needs to know application programming interfaces like OpenGL
  • Should understand the application programming interface

Apart from these, when you hire iOS app developers, they should also have a good set of soft skills. A developer needs to work well in a team. They should have good leadership qualities and collaborative potential. They should be easy to approach, have a critical bent of mind, should be able to finish work on time and be responsible. Moreover, they should also need to present themselves perfectly, should be persistent and motivated at all times.

What are the Grades of an iOS Developer?

iOS app developer grades depend on the number of years of experience and not the type of software engineering. It includes diversification of skill sets, how many projects they have worked on, the variations, and complications. Different grade developers have different hourly wage rates.

  • Junior Grade- They usually have experience of fewer than two years. They start their training under senior control in complicated projects. Very soon, they become specialists in the mid-level, maybe within a year itself. However, junior grade developers are hired, only if there are adequate advanced engineers on board. Moreover, the same can also happen when there is an abundance of small tasks available as well. Hiring a junior, in that case, saves costs.
  • Middle Grade- They usually have experience from 2-5 years. They can work both in easy yet advanced tasks. This type of specialist does not require full-time monitoring. However, advanced tasks require supervision. They can also be asked to manage jobs by forming a team of their own or with junior developers. They can work, both individually sell as in a group.
  • Senior Grade- They have experienced above five years. They are the most skilled developers who can be put in charge of advanced and complicated projects. Their skillset is diverse, and they are capable of managing the entire development department. Such developers can be the leaders in product testing. They can also manage several business processes. Sometimes, they also provide their creative input to the R&D team. A senior developer might also have excellent skills in sales and can cooperate with the sales team. The Chief Tech Officer should be a senior grade developer.

What are the Hiring Options for an iOS Developer?

There are several ways to hire iOS developers. The most traditional way is to hire full-time employees. However, this might eventually result in a substantial loss for the company. Thus, the company might want to outsource projects to individual developers or an outsourcing firm with teams of professionals. These developers would work on a contractual basis. Here are some of the options you have for hiring an iOS developer:

Hiring a Freelancer

Freelancer hiring is a process in which the in-house project manager contacts a particular developer. He becomes a part of the regular team but attends meetings online.


  • Rare qualities can be found in such developers.
  • They are cheaper than in-house employees and do not need office space.
  • You can pay them on an hourly basis.


  • Might miss deadlines
  • There might be communication gaps between the in-house team and the freelancers
  • They do not give you exclusive attention

Hiring an In-house Developer

It is the most prominent way of hiring developers. You have to pay a monthly salary. Their work can be monitored and moderated at all times.


  • This study the product in greater detail.
  • They can have better and faster communication with everybody.
  • They spend all their time benefitting your project only.


  • You have to pay them a full-time salary even when there is not enough work.
  • Office space, taxes, and other expenditures increase.

Hiring an Outsourcing Company

They take care of an entire assigned project and handle all of your technological requirements and meet deadlines provided by you.


  • Outsourcing firms have enthusiastic specialists eager to work on new projects.
  • Saves your operational costs
  • Easy substitution can be made if someone needs to be replaced


  • Meeting deadlines might be an issue.
  • Cooperation is an issue in this regard.

To hire iOS app developers, you will have to follow the simple steps outlined above. You’ll end up with the dream recruit who will deliver the desired app to take your business to new heights.

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