How Will Does Shopify Perform As An Online Shop System

Many companies have had their own online shop for a long time. The size of the company hardly plays a role anymore. In addition, more and more private individuals want to run their own shop to sell items. Whether private or professional e-commerce: Programming an online store requires a lot of time and specialist knowledge. Even shop systems like Magento or WooCommerce, which can already be found as “turnkey”, require their own server as well as administration and management. This is where the homepage and e-commerce kits come into play. They enable the simple creation of shops without specialist knowledge or previous knowledge. One of the market leaders and pioneers in the scene is Shopify. In this article, you will find out what experiences there are with Shopify and what exactly they are.


• Shopify is a website construction kit and shop system

• Shopify is one of the market leaders among shop-building kits

• Although it was primarily developed for the US market, Shopify is also popular in Germany

• Shopify can be used without specialist knowledge or special prior knowledge


Shopify is a so-called shop or e-commerce kit. This is software that enables you to set up your own online shop online in the cloud without any special prior knowledge or expertise. After you have registered with the provider and decided on a tariff, you are already online with your store. All you now have to do is configure your e-commerce, upload the products, etc. A modular system like Shopify is therefore ideal, especially for startups and smaller projects with little effort and requirements. For larger and more complex projects, however, Shopify is less suitable.

Basically, Shopify’s modular shop system is suitable for all situations in which you need professional e-commerce quickly but do not have the necessary specialist knowledge or capital to develop your own shop and if you do not have a CMS or shop system Server operator. In this case, a shop builder like Shopify is a very good solution. You are online almost immediately and do not have to worry about high expenses. In particular, simple shops and websites that do not require a great deal of functionality and many extras can be created professionally and in a short time with Shopify. Overall, the software is particularly suitable for:

Private websites and hobby shops

• Landing pages with online shop

• Professional e-commerce, with few functions

• Online stores for sole proprietorships and startups

In addition, other areas of application are conceivable under certain circumstances. In the end, you have to decide for yourself whether a shop construction kit is the right solution for you and whether the functions of Shopify are sufficient for the requirements of your project or not.


In the following, we will show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Shopify construction kit and its use and what you should pay particular attention to in order to avoid nasty surprises. So you know what to expect when choosing software.


The advantages of Shopify’s modular shop system are obvious. You are:

• As compared to Squarespace vs Shopify, it is a very easy to create websites and online shops

• Websites are ready for use in a short time

• No programming skills required

• Directly online, in the cloud

• No worries about server maintenance or security

• Expandable with options and packages

All these advantages show that working with Shopify is practical and can simplify the creation of your own website many times over.


Know all the advantages, using Shopify is of course not only associated with advantages. Here is also various disadvantages that you should be aware of. These are important and can be decisive for the choice or for the selection of another construction kit or CMS. The main disadvantages are:

• Less flexibility and functions

• Shopify charges transaction fees

• Only conditionally suitable for complex websites

• Regular (monthly) costs for usage



• Easy website creation

• Websites online in a short time

• No programming skills required

• Directly online, in the cloud

• No worries about servers and security

• Expandable with options and packages


• Less flexibility and functions

• Applicable transaction fees

• Only conditionally suitable for complex websites

• Regular monthly charges

• Only partially suitable for the German market

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