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Top 10 Best Safari Browser Alternatives For MacOS In 2024

The browser on your computer is likely the most utilized application in your day-to-day life. I hope you agree with the statement, In this sense, the Mac OS has Safari as its default browser. While there are many options in contrast to Safari, Mac users are for the most part staying with this proposition itself. Safari is one of the quickest internet browsers out there, It is lightweight and well-optimized for Mac OS, especially Safari has great memory management, yet it’s quite flawed.

In any case, Safari lingers behind the opposition in numerous areas. There are different codecs that Safari simply doesn’t uphold. On the off chance that you disdain not having the option to run a particular website page on your Mac because of the limitations in Safari, then you ought to most likely begin checking different choices out.

Fortunately for you, we have ventured to audit probably the 10 best Safari browser alternatives for your Mac PC and Laptop. Many third-party browsers are more secure and feature-rich than the default browser on Mac, Safari also needs visual allure and there are many highlighted features present in any internet browser application with the exception of Apple Safari.

Without further delay, Let’s dive into the rundown.

1 Brave


Brave is quite possibly the most secure practical browser available today. It blocks protection from intrusive Ads and trackers. It obstructs third-party data. It shields from browser fingerprinting. Brave is very similar to Chrome and has all the advanced features it’s Chrome but more secure.

One of my favorite features of Brave is that Brave Search doesn’t track you or any of your searches or any of your clicks. Brave and Safari can be principally delegated “Internet Browser” tools. A portion of the highlights presented by Brave is Load pages 2x quicker on work area and up to 8x quicker on versatile, it also experiences unrivaled protection and security.

If you are looking for a browser that helps to speed up your work then Brave would be your choice over Safari.

Download Brave for macOS

2 Vivaldi


Vivaldi is one of the most outstanding browsers for Mac, highly popular, and recommended by many Tech Geeks. Vivaldi depends on Chromium and works to some degree like Chrome, yet quite a bit of its usefulness and appearance are withdrawn from Chrome itself.

Vivaldi covers the nuts and bolts with Google Safe Browsing and similar with Chrome augmentations. Users are very much safeguarded against phishing and malware as guaranteed. Its significant security benefit is its update recurrence.

Brave VS Vivaldi which is best? While looking at the benchmarks, Brave ended up being a slight bit quicker in general, and Vivaldi figured out how to score better for the Speedometer 2.0 test. In this way, the two browsers ought to be sufficient for smart web insight.

Download Vivaldi for macOS

3 Firefox


Firefox is the first browser that I used when I got the first touch with the internet. It is known to be a protected internet browser and one can say it is the best program for pc. Mozilla Firefox or Firefox, in spite of the fact that it possesses the third spot in the worldwide market of browsers, is known to be safer and quicker than the most broadly utilized PC Browser.

Ok, now we have come to the common question Firefox VS Safari, which is best and why? Eventually, all that truly matters is what you esteem in your computer. In the event that you’re coordinated with the Apple ecosystem, Safari is as yet an extraordinary decision. Yet, if you esteem having the best in class security assurances and having the option to work across various working OS, I think Firefox is your smartest choice. Let me know what you have picked.

Download Firefox for macOS

4 Tor Browser

Tor Browser

If you are looking for Top-Notch privacy then Tor is the only option to choose, is using Tor illegal? Many think using Tor is illegal, it’s funny, it isn’t against the law to get to the Dark Web, since TOR conceals the IP address and area of the user. Since the area is covered up, it is preposterous to expect to be aware from which country a user is getting to the Dark Web.

Tor is protected to download and work assuming you’re a high-level user and it’s totally important. Nonetheless, it’s not 100 percent secure. There are critical weaknesses that can endanger your well-being and security, and these dangers frequently offset the program’s advantages for the vast majority.

Tor Vs Safari, well if your only priority is privacy you don’t want any website to track you or you wanna browse secretly then Tor is the only option for you.

Download Tor Browser for macOS

5 Google Chrome

Chrome Browser

If you got used to Chrome Browser and are thinking of sticking with it, then go with  Chrome for Mac. I don’t recommend Chrome if you are ready to use a different browser because I don’t think Google is good at handling storage and data on your computer.

The more tabs that you have open, the more slow your browsing experience will be. Chrome flips that onto its head and commits a similar measure of RAM to every tab. Your perusing is quicker, yet your PC’s performance endures. Then, at that point, there are plenty of safety issues and sites that Chrome subjects its users to.

They collect data to push Ads and to be too personalized. If you are ok with it, then you are good to go. Chrome is great when you are browsing,  it also has a lot of features but it is worse at handling data. If you got used to the Chrome browser then you can use Chrome on your mac.

Download Chrome for macOS

6 Opera

Opera browser

One of the traditional browsers available right now, I started the Opera browser at my initial stages of using the internet. The browser is so simple and has all the necessary features. If you are looking for a simple browser then I will recommend the Opera browser for you.

But one thing that holds me back from using the Opera browser is I felt the browser is slower in contrast to other browsers, and the browser questions its safety while the browser is still safe to use, it is not safer. Have that in mind.

Unlike other browsers, Opera rolls out updates often ie: every 4 or 5 weeks once the browser receives an update to ensure the user experience is safe. Hence the browser is cross-platform, and it is easy to use on all OS including Mac.

One of the most useful features of Opera is it has a native ad-blocking system so users don’t have to rely on other third-party ad blockers. And surprisingly the Ad blocker works very well. Unlike other chromium browsers, Opera utilizes Phishtank and Yandex to identify and hinder malware and phishing sites, but no need to worry it is safe like Chromium.

The browser also included a VPN service natively, on conducting various tests Opera’s VPN latency is 288.9% which is similar to all other average VPNs out there.

Here are my final words, If you are looking for a clean and feature-rich browser and you trust Opera’s safety privacy, and policy then you this Browser.

Download Opera for macOS

7 WaterFox


First of all, I didn’t know much about the browser. I haven’t used it before. But hearing about the browser few of my friends had told me about the browser so that’s why I want to mention it.

Another conventional browser is Waterfox; it has an adaptation that can be recommended practically without restrictions for professionals who also rely on older technologies. WaterFox is rapidly evolving, and we believe this will improve the company’s output. For Pro users looking for an alternative to Safari with faster speeds and improved security, the WaterFox browser is another best choice.

Opera is less supported than Waterfox. Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are supported by Opera. Waterfox isn’t secure because it disables the Telemetry feature, which obviously hurts your pocketbook. Opera, on the other hand, does not support telemetry data to it.

You might ask why should I use WaterFox, One of the reasonable reasons is that while you surf, Waterfox’s Improved Following Insurance protects you. Without hindering website activity, it prevents trackers from following you across the internet and accumulating information about your browsing preferences and interests.

These are my thought about the browser, comment below whether you will try this browser or not.

Download WaterFox for macOS

8 Pale Moon

Pale Moon

Another totally secure and free browser for your machine that was cloned from Firefox and the Mozilla engine is Pale Moon. Although this tool has a variety of characteristics, customization and proficiency are where it really shines. It is also great practice to use a VPN when accessing the internet with each program.

With a focus on efficiency and customization, the browser is an open-source, Goanna-based web browser available for Linux and Microsoft Windows (with offered support for additional operating systems). Be sure to gain from your program.

However, one big issue is that Pale Moon is not available on Macintosh, despite the fact that there are several options with comparable utility that see abrupt increases in demand for macOS. But we can hope that the browser will soon be available on macOS.

9 Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey

If you think you should be able to design your internet browser, the SeaMonkey web browser is a good option. It uses a similar core software to Mozilla Firefox, and its neighborhood of supporters produces extras you may plug into the source.

It is a universal web browser suite that was formerly known as the “Mozilla Application Suite.” It includes an Internet browser, a mail and newsgroups client, an HTML proofreader, Web development tools, and an IRC conversation client in a single programming package.

In addition to an internet browser that is related to the Netscape family, SeaMonkey also includes an email and news client (SeaMonkey Mail and Newsgroups), an HTML editor (SeaMonkey Writer), and an IRC client (ChatZilla). The product lineup maintains skins.

Download SeaMonkey for macOS

10 Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go

Despite its private search engine the organization also offers a web browser for an immersive online experience and of course, privacy is ensured. The web crawler and well-known portable application were created by DuckDuckGo, a security company, and the public beta of its browser is now available for macOS. DuckDuckGo prioritizes protecting user privacy by using security measures like secure search, site encryption, and email insurance.

DuckDuckGo currently offers a protection software application for iOS and Android as well as a Chrome extension, in addition to its private web search tool. You can also go to and conduct your searches there if you’d rather not download the application or expansion. This is how to use DuckDuckGo on your computer or mobile device.

Even while DuckDuckGo is a lot better than Google Chrome, your Internet service provider (ISP) can still monitor your web traffic, so it doesn’t keep your browsing activity secret. Even your ISP cannot track you if you have a VPN installed on your device. Ticking off the first box for online security.

Know more about

Installing DuckDuckGo on your macOS

That’s it these are the 10 Best Safari Browser Alternatives for Mac Users that I have hand-picked for you to experience safe and secure browsing on your computer. Will refresh this rundown when we find more upcoming best alternatives to Safari for your macOS delivered in the future.

Assuming you know any browser that you are using and observed, we have missed remembering for the above list, sympathetically notice it in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and assuming that you find these 10 Best Free Safari Browser Alternatives for Mac Users accommodating, go ahead and share them with your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Have a wonderful day!

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