Top 17 Amazing Raksha Bandhan Gift For Sister

You’ve played pranks on her, cried with her, laughed with her, and even scolded her at times. You have even fought with her. Despite the fact that your sister can make you crazy, your life is so incomplete without her. Nowadays, during Raksha Bandhan brothers surprise their sisters by gifting lovely gifts instead of cash.

With only a few weeks left for Raksha Bandhan, brothers start looking for that impeccable gift to surprise their sisters. A gift that matches her personality, a brand she is crazy about, and most importantly something she can use. They search online, offline, and almost everywhere for that perfect gift. Raksha Bandhan is indeed one of the most special festivals. The most unique fact about this festivity is that it signifies something so pure, so beautiful.

Maximum times brothers are clueless about the likes and dislikes of their sisters, and they go mad during Raksha Bandhan when it comes to finding that perfect Raksha Bandhan that would flash a thousand-watt smile across their faces.

For a festival that is so special, we are here with top 17 interesting Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister.

Favourite Staitonary

If your sister is a school-going child and loves up hoard colorful stationeries, then this is for you. Gift your sister a yearly supply of her favorite stationeries ranging from colorful highlighters to her favorite watercolors. Send rakhi to your little sister with a colorful surprise.

A Spacious bag

A woman carries her world in her bag. Gifting a spacious bag as a rakhi gift is an excellent idea. This Raksha Bandhan sends rakhi with a  good quality spacious bag to your sister. She will be more than happy to receive such a useful gift.


A woman is inseparable from her favorite bracelet, pendant, or ring. You should see the sparkle in a woman’s eyes when she is gifted a beautiful pendant or any statement jewelry. Gift your sister a lovely earring or a bracelet as a Raksha Bandhan gift.

Yearly OTT Subscription

This Raksha Bandhan, gift a yearly subscription to your sister’s favorite OTT platform. This is the best rakhi gift idea as none of us getting bored of binge-watching our favorite shows on OTT platforms

Accessories for hair

Hair is a woman’s unavoidable partner when it comes to looking great. You can give your sister attractive hair accessories, like funky hair bands, pretty clips, creative flower crowns, sparkling stone-studded comb clips, magnificent bun clips, and many more for this Raksha Bandhan.


Scarves are fantastic gifts for your sister. They enhance your ensemble look whether it is traditional or western. Send rakhi to your sister with a colorful scarf from this Raksha Bandhan.

Scented Candles

These days, it is one of the most important kinds of gifts. With a 9 to 5 job, a sedentary lifestyle, and stressful life, it is essential to get a decent night’s sleep. Candles with scents can help you fall asleep and deal with stress. They are the most beneficial presents that one can give to someone. Scented candles can be a great rakhi gift option with aesthetics.

Custom-made Shoes

Giving your sister a pair of custom-made shoes is the perfect thing to do whether she is a fitness enthusiast or has an unparalleled love for footwear. Shoes can now be customized at many different shops and brands. Make the shoes unique by incorporating their favorite print or cartoon character. This is an interesting rakhi gift option.

Personalized Journals

Gifting her a journal book is the perfect strategy if she is about to start journaling this year. She will be inspired to keep a regular journaling schedule and develop some discipline in her life as a result of this creative rakhi gift.


Gift your sister a few books by her favorite writers. You could even give her a set of five or six books by each of her favorite writers. If she is a bookworm, she would appreciate you doing this. Getting free books is a reader’s delight.

Vintage Watch

A classic watch completes your entire look. Send Rakhi with a beautiful vintage watch and surprise your sister. Vintage watches are timeless gifting options. It makes one of the best rakhi gifts.

Indoor Plants

If your sister is a keeper of plants and loves spending time around these green beings, then we bet nothing can make her happier than a set of indoor green plants. Areca palm, Bonsai, and Lucky Bamboos are one of the top examples of indoor plants. Send a rakhi with a cute indoor plant and surprise your sist6er. Nowadays, indoor plants are easily available on various websites.

Shopping Vouchers

After a lot of brain-jamming over the internet, when you still cannot understand what to gift your sister, then this one’s for you. Gift shopping vouchers from her favorite online platform. She will never run out of clothes and would be grateful to you, whenever she shops online.


A woman and her cosmetics share a very deep bond. The feeling is incomprehensible, whenever they run out of certain cosmetics. Gifting a set of items according to your sister’s preference has forever been a top-class idea. Send Rakhi a set of her personal favorite brands.

Personalized Make-up Pouch

A woman can never have enough makeup stuff. If your sister gets crazy about keeping her cosmetics properly or always runs out of space in stocking them, then a big makeup pouch can be the best idea for a Raksha Bandhan gift. Send Rakhi a personalized makeup pouch of her favorite color and surprise her. She will be very thankful to you.


Headphones are a must nowadays. Whether it is for entertainment purposes or for office use. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones is the demand at the current time. Surprise your sister with a good pair of the latest technology headphones.

Fitness band

This Raksha Bandhan sends a beautiful rakhi with a fitness band to your sister. This gesture shows her the importance of good health. Fitness bands are quite a normal thing nowadays.