How to Choose the Perfect Shower for Relaxing Bathing Moments

If you are moving to a new home, want to renovate the bathroom, or simply want to buy a new shower, we give some valuable tips on how to choose the best model for relaxing bathing moments. However, if you love a bath with superheated water you need to know that more powerful showers use more electricity. Therefore, when buying it, it is not enough to choose a model with an energy efficiency label ‘A’ or ‘B’, that is, you must first consider the region in which you live.

The first point to be taken into account when choosing the shower is the water flow and the power, if it is electric. If you do not have a central heater, whether electric, solar, or gas, your shower model is the electric one. There are three types available: manual, pressurized, and electronic. If you like a warm bath, for example, buy with high potencies.

Already products for heating, more commonly called showers, need to be chosen by the flow, which must be compatible with the capacity of the heater, in liters. The model is also essential at the time of purchase. There are different color and shape options for the showers. Chrome is very elegant and harmonizes with the metal of the taps. For showers, squares and those that come out of the ceiling are currently on the rise. Some have self-cleaning nozzles, very practical for maintenance.

Check out how to choose the ideal shower for your bathroom!

Rain showers

If you plan to buy a rain shower head, be aware that a square model, for example, with the pressure of 40 liters/minute will provide a very relaxing bath, but it depends on the distance between the water tank and the shower point. The higher it is, the greater the pressure and flow of the water. A detail, in buildings, from the third to the eighth floor, it is customary to use a pressure reducer, which causes less water to enter the shower and, thus, it comes out warmer and helps to save on the monthly gas bill.

Hand Showers

The most common showers, usually have three temperature options: summer, winter, and off and are part of the group of multi-temperature showers, which have predetermined temperatures, being necessary to turn off the equipment to alternate them.

Another point that must be taken into account is where the temperature is changed. In the simplest showers, the change is at the top, and it can be a bit difficult. However, there are showers with controls that are located below the appliance and even make it easier for children to change the temperature.

Single Head

The hand shower is the most common, has three to four temperatures and can be used in houses, townhouses or apartments where the water pressure is medium or high. The most common showers have a round nozzle and can be used with or without the diverter, that is, the shower head.

Now, if you enjoy a great and pleasant bath, choose an electronic shower, which offers more accurate regulation of the water temperature. Choose the shower according to your need.

Dual and Multiple Functions

The showers are modernized, but in general, the showers have a concentrated jet with more pressure, ensuring a relaxing bath and being ideal for bathrooms that already have high water pressure. If the option is for a shower that allows precision when changing the temperature, the ideal is one with electronic change – continuous, so you can change the temperature according to your need.

Body Sprays

When choosing a shower, you must see the technical specifications that show the flow rate, that is, how many liters of water per minute your shower will release. It is clear that a bath with a lot of water is delicious, but it is good to remember that the higher the flow, the greater the water consumption.

When buying a shower you must also pay attention to the wiring of your electrical installation. Just like the circuit breaker for the shower. The ideal is to respect the limits, but if your choice is a shower with greater power than the one indicated for your installation, then it is good to hire a professional to make the appropriate changes.

Final Verdict

However, choosing the right model amid so many showers offered by the market may not be such a simple task. That is why we have separated several tips for you to choose the ideal shower for your home and that satisfies all your needs. After all, a device that is used every day, and sometimes more than once, needs to be chosen very carefully.

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