What is the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India

Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India

India is a country where the estimated cost of open-heart surgery will range between USD 3,000 to USD 6,000 which is quite cheaper than other developed countries and this is the reason that people across the globe prefer India for their open-heart procedure. India is a country where heart surgeons perform more than 10 thousand heart surgeries in India every year and achieve successful results. We have highly qualified and trained heart surgeons who take care of the person’s heart as this is the organ of our body which is small in size but plays an important role in survival. The surgeons at these hospitals have experience in treating complex cases of open-heart surgery which makes them the experts in this field.

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The hospitals under We Care India use a similar procedure to perform open-heart surgery as it performed at international hospitals but here you will pay one-tenth of the cost which the other developed countries charge and this makes it easy for the people of an average class.

While performing this procedure the heart surgeon will open the patient’s chest by making a large incision and after that, they will begin with the surgery. The purpose to perform the open-heart procedure is that it will bypass the arteries in the heart which are blocked; it is useful to repair or replace the heart valves and can also perform heart transplantation. The open-heart surgery term means that you are connected to a heart-lung bypass machine when your surgeon performs this procedure. Your heart is not beating when you are connected to a heart-lung bypass machine. This machine will exactly work as your heart and lungs do when your heart is stopped for the surgery. The purpose to put you on this machine is that it will add the oxygen to your blood, remove carbon dioxide from your body and this machine will also ensure that the blood flows throughout the body.

The following are the common types of open-heart surgery and these are:

  • Heart bypass surgery is also known as coronary artery bypass graft (CABG).
  • Valve repair heart surgery.
  • Surgery is used to correct the heart defects that is present at the time of birth.

How can you pay for your open-heart surgery in India?

You can pay for your open-heart surgery in India by using various methods such as follows:

a)     Insurance: The best way to pay for your open-heart treatment is that you can speak to your insurance providers as now in India also there are many insurance companies who are covering the partial or entire cost of the open-heart surgery.

b)     Loans: You can take loans from the bank to pay for your open-heart treatment it can be property loan, gold loan, mortgage loan, etc. and return that into easy installments.

c)      Private financers: You can take help from private financiers who can help you in paying for your open-heart surgery.

d)     Savings: If you made any savings in your life then this will be the best method to pay for your open-heart surgery as it is your own money which can be utilized when needed.

e)     Credit cards: On your good credit history the banks can also offer you a credit card with the maximum limit which helps in covering your open-heart surgery procedure.

Does reasonable cost mean low quality of open-heart surgery treatment in India?

No, reasonable cost for open-heart surgery in India does not mean that the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India offer low-quality treatment. By offering low cost, these hospitals mean that people of each class can easily afford the cost of the treatment. As the same procedure in the other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc. will begin from USD 20,000 which is quite expensive for the people of average class and this is the reason that the hospitals under We Care India offers the reasonable cost of the treatment by using the equipment purchased from the international market to deliver the highest success rates of the open-heart surgery.

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Nowadays, India has become the favorite destination for the people across the globe in terms of medical services as here people will get the same services at a cheaper cost with highest success rates by experienced and trained heart professionals who have completed their training in the field of heart surgeries from the top international universities.

How much do the best hospitals in India will cost for open-heart surgery?

The best hospitals under We Care India will cost you somewhere around USD 6,000 for an open-heart surgery procedure as the surgeons here will use the advanced and latest technologies to perform the open-heart surgery. If you compare the cost of open-heart surgery in India with other developed countries than you will find huge variations in the cost and also find India is a reasonable and affordable country not only for open-heart surgery but for all other medical services.

These hospitals will offer you the best personal and medical care throughout your journey which helps in concentrating on your treatment to recover fast. The standard medications which will be used for the open-heart surgery procedure is also included in the package, however, if you need more advanced medications then there will be some extra cost attached to the package but this will also very reasonable which can be afforded by each individual.

How much does the Open-Heart Surgery Cost in India 2019?

The cost of open-heart surgery in India in 2019 is a little bit increased which is around USD 7,000 including the cost of standard medications as well. The reason these hospitals increase the cost as now we have more big rooms with the best infrastructure, modern facilities, more advanced procedures which help in recovering quick and fast, more experienced heart surgeons. Also, the representative of We Care India, a leading medical tourism company will help you in assisting with medical Visa, accommodation, travel, etc. They will also take care to send you back to your country.

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