How Much Does a Cervical Spine Surgery Cost in India?

India is a country that is best known for reasonable medical services and cervical spine surgery is one of them for which the patients across the globe will pay around USD 8,000 which is quite reasonable as compared to the cost of cervical treatment in other developed countries. This cost is the same for everyone the spine surgeons at the hospitals under Spine Surgery India will not be biased between the poor, needy, or payee people. They treat each individual in the same manner and will not compromise on the quality of the treatment. They will offer the best and the same international standard quality of the treatment but at a very reasonable cost which can be easily afforded by people who are below the average class.

Behind offering reasonable or cost-effective cervical spine treatment is only the aim of the spine surgeons to give the best treatment which protects the person’s cervical and maintains the mobility and stability of the cervical spine.

How people can manage to pay for their cervical spine treatment?

Nowadays, with various methods, people can easily pay for their cervical spine surgery. E.g. they can speak to their insurance providers to help them in paying for their cervical treatment as now most of the insurance companies in India cover the spinal treatments so that people can easily pay for their treatments.

Other methods like savings, bank loans, credit cards, etc. will help the patient to pay for their bills to protect their cervical spine from damage. The hospitals under Spine Surgery India have experienced and trained spine professionals who will take care of your cervical spine and treat in this way that the problem will not re-occur in your entire life. So, this cost is nothing to save your entire life.

What do you understand by Cervical Spine Surgery?

Cervical spine surgery is a procedure that is useful to treat the abnormalities that occur in neck areas such as herniated disc or any injury which causes compression in the spine. According to the study, cervical spinal cord injuries are one of the major spinal injuries and this can affect both sides of the patient’s body, therefore, immediate treatment can protect the spine before it becomes worse.

Our cervical spine consists of 7 bones which are known as cervical vertebrae and this is linked by our muscles, ligaments, nerves, and joints. The cervical spine is a hub that sends messages from the brain to control the whole body and also it allows your neck to move in all directions.

Usually, the spine surgeons at the hospitals under Spine Surgery India perform cervical spine surgery to relieve the neck pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness which help in restoring the normal functioning of the neck and also prevent the abnormal motion in the neck.

The spine surgeon will perform the surgical treatment for a cervical disorder which is anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in which they will remove the damaged disc and will insert a bone graft which acts as a bridge between two vertebrae in this way spinal fusion occurs and will form a solid piece of bone. Your surgeon will fix the bone graft and vertebrae in place with the help of rods, metals screws, and plates.

Bone grafts can be taken from the different source it can be:

  • a)     Allograft bone: This is a bone that is taken from the bone banks where people are agreed to donate their bones after their death.
  • b)     Autograft bone: In this, the bone will be taken from your hip bone.
  • c)      Bone graft substitute: These are the artificial bone grafts which are made up of plastic, ceramic materials.

What causes disorders of the cervical spine?

The following are the causes due to which a disorder in the cervical spine occurs and these are:

  • a)     Herniated disc: This is a cause where disc breaks open due to which injury or trauma occurs to the neck.
  • b)     Degenerative disc: This is a degeneration of the disc between vertebrae which occurs with increased age.
  • c)      Cervical Spondylosis: This is a condition where an abnormal degeneration of the bones occurs in the neck area.
  • d)     Spinal stenosis: This is a condition in which the spaces in the spine become narrowed and it put the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.
  • e)     Rheumatoid arthritis: This is a cause that affects your immune system and attacks your healthy joints, tissues, and muscles which causes pain in your neck region.

What is the way to perform cervical spine surgery in India?

While performing the cervical spine surgery in India, the spine surgeons use the most common anterior approach where they make a long skin incision which is of 1 to 2 inches in the left or right side of the neck depending on the part which needs to be repaired. After this, they will remove the affected disc completely which relieves pressure on the nerves. The spine surgeon will also perform Fluoroscopy to get an x-ray of the spine during the surgeon is performing surgery so that they can have the correct disc level of your spine. Once the affected disc is confirmed, the spine surgeon will remove that and will implant an artificial disc in the cervical disc space. After the procedure is completed, the spine surgeon will close the incisions and cover them with a bandage.

The recovery process from the cervical spine

Recovery after cervical spine surgery mainly depends on physical exercise and aftercare. Your surgeon will instruct you to start walking immediately after the surgery as this is the best exercise to heal from surgery quickly and fast, but you need to avoid hard exercises or lifting heavy objects at least for 4 to weeks after the treatment. You may feel pain at the site where the graft was inserted and the same can be taken care of by applying cold or heat packs. Avoid using oil on your incisions during your healing procedure, if you feel irritation then you can wear some silk cloth under your braces to get relief from irritation.

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