How to Live As A Survivor Of Multiple Myeloma?

If you are unaware that India is one of the best places to seek affordable and high class medical and healthcare, you are in constant flux. India is emerging as the most satisfied country, delivering top-notch medical treatments with a higher success rate than any other western nation. Plus, the cost of treatment is also minimal. What is Multiple Myeloma?

Let’s come to the point. The multiple myeloma treatment cost in India is estimated between 11000 USD to 13000 USD. However, the treatment price depends on many factors like the hospital you choose, the city you choose, and the medical tourism company in India you select plays a significant role. You have to stay in the hospital after the treatment for multiple days!

You might have knowingly been unaware of what is multiple myeloma, and it’s symptoms, types, causes, coping, risk factors, treatments. But you have come so far reading this blog, so to give you the straightforward answer, you can survive multiple myeloma only if you know everything about it. Once you know everything about it, including the cost of multiple myeloma treatment in India, you will increase your surviving power. So let’s get started….

 What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Whether you are young or become old, your body should remain fit at every phase of your life. That’s why it becomes important to have some problems in your body and it’s affecting you. One such type of cancer is Multiple Myeloma, a type of cancer that influences cells of plasma.

You might have heard about white blood cells located in the bone marrow; plasma blood cells are also similar. The bone marrow is a soft tissue found inside most of your bones that creates blood cells. Antibodies are made into plasma cells, which are proteins and prepare your body to fight with infections and any sort of disease.

Is Multiple Myeloma Uncommon?

The study of Stanford University states multiple myeloma is considered very rare and is one of the rarest of rare cancers in the United States and across the world. The university also stated that estimated 4-5 individuals out of 100,000 are found with multiple myeloma every year.

What Causes Multiple Myeloma

The explanation behind the event of different myeloma is the advancement of plasma cells inside the bone marrow and recreates itself quickly. You would be shocked to realize that sound cells’ creation is exceeded because of the snappy creation of harmful cells of myeloma.

This result allows cancerous cells to gather inside bone marrow, crowding out the healthy red blood cells and white blood cells. The real concern is cancerous cells can also make antibodies just like healthy blood cells. But the major difference is that cancerous cells produce abnormal antibodies, a medical term called monoclonal proteins or M proteins. The accumulation of these life taking antibodies when amassing together, chances are high that your kidney might get damaged or you could develop other serious life taking diseases.

How About Multiple Myeloma Symptoms? Are They Common Or Uncommon?

You would be shocked to know that the multiple myeloma symptoms depend on individual to individual. In the starting stage, you might not feel easy to locate the symptoms because the disease comes into the spotlight when a progression for damage starts.

Patients experience at least one out of four major symptoms types. In medical language, the term used to address it with CRAB, which sounds short, but it’s meaning is :

● Calcium

● Renal failure

● Anemia

● Bone damage

Identify The Common Symptoms And Signs Of Multiple Myeloma Like :

Your blood count gets lower – As we educated you that healthy blood cells are crowded out with myeloma cells, which lowers the blood counts. This is the reason the individual body takes more time to fight infections and diseases.

Problems related to bones – Your new bones cell production could be affected by multiple myeloma, and you might feel pain in your bones and weakened bones. If your bone gets broken easily multiple times, you should consult a doctor.

Fatigue – Your body fights germs with the help of healthy blood cells. But when bone marrow is replaced by myeloma cells, the body of individuals takes more than usual time to complete daily tasks because you lose your ability to fight with disease due to weak cells, which makes you more tired.

Problems related to kidney – Your kidney might also get hardly affected if you have multiple myeloma because the cells of myeloma produce harmful proteins that are dangerous to kidneys.

Note – These are only a few symptoms and signs of multiple myeloma. However, you must read about other indications including thirstiness, appetite loss, frequent constipation, reduction in weight, often urination, pain in the belly, and neck.

Multiple Myeloma Risk Factors You Don’t Know.

You would be wondering about the risk factors of multiple myeloma but let me tell you that it’s not one only. There are several that develop multiple myeloma. A few of them are as follows :

History Of Family – If your ancestors had multiple myeloma or your parent or sibling, chances are there you might also find diseased with multiple myeloma. However, it doesn’t mean that if your family history has not got multiple myeloma, you are safe. Anyone could get affected by it.

Age Factor – If you are getting old day by day, you are at high risk! According to the trusted studies of the American Cancer Society, only a minimal 1% of individuals below 35 are diagnosed with multiple myeloma. However, the aged people between the mid-60s have a higher rate of this cancer.

Gender – Call it sex or gender, but the trust is men are an increased chance of developing multiple myeloma than women.

Overweight – You should believe whosoever starts you that being obese is the cause of life taking diseases, it stands so true for multiple myeloma. If you are affected by obesity, you are at the extreme risk of developing multiple myeloma cancer.

The Way To Diagnose Multiple Myeloma

Routine check-up – If you want to uncover the evidence of this cancer, then the best way you should adopt is to get yourself checked with the doctor frequently. Because if you have symptoms of multiple myeloma, your routine body checks up will detect cancer in its early stage—however, doctors advise for urination and blood tests.

Image Testing – You might have to go from X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, upon doctor’s recommendation.

What Are The Different Treatments For Multiple Myeloma?

Treatment options for multiple myeloma include chemotherapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy. Radiation therapy, corticosteroids, alternative medications, stem cell transplants, rejuvenation therapies, acupuncture. If you want to expand your knowledge about the detailed treatment guide to myeloma, checkout the Medsurge India website.