How to rectify the malefic effects of the moon through moon homam

Moon plays a very important role in the birth chart which also signifies the personality of a person. The feelings, moods, charm, memory, sensitivity, popularity, growth, emotions, etc. are controlled by the moon. Tirth Kshetra purohit provides purohit services in Varanasi for performing Chandra homam in Varanasi.  According to the pandit for puja in Varanasi, after doing the moon homam in Varanasi, the moon may diminish several problems which can cause adverse effects.

Moon is also called Chandra. Often it is termed as the astrological body that delights. When the obstructs the path of the sun as well as earth,  Amavasya or new moon days occurs. Different phases of the moon represent different tithi. And depends upon the tithi, different Varanasi rituals are performed. In Indian astrology, the moon occupies a significant place. It looks after the mental emotions of a human. 

Chandra dosha can give a significant impact on your carrier, health, and personal life. For eliminating its adverse effects, it is very much necessary to utilize certain remedies and perform Chandra pooja. Our pandit for rituals in Varanasi can help you in controlling your subconscious as well as the conscious mind. It will help you to concentrate on different prospects of your life. 

Among the homams in Varanasi, Moon homam is an ideal one for those individuals who want to get recovery from the bad impacts of the moon when it moon is placed in the wrong place. The pandit for Chandra puja in Varanasi finds out feasible ways to strengthen the moon to perceive positive energies. By performing moon puja in Varanasi, it is possible to prevent against different health disorders by acquiring exact requirements.


Any person, who is facing difficulties because of problems in the moon, should perform some puja in Varanasi to get better results.

The pandit for Chandra puja performs moon Homam to overcome mental as well as physical issues to a large extent.

During pind daan in Gaya, the pandit considers the day of the moon as well as the sun to prohibit its negative effect. That’s why, while performing death anniversary rituals in Varanasi, the pundits strict to the tithi.

During the moon puja, the pundits involve in the chanting of mantra from the Vedic scriptures and also with the fire rituals to get the desired results.

This Chandra Homam in Varanasi also shows the paths for eliminating the negative effects of the moon to lead a happy and prosperous life.

How to Organize Chandra Homam?

Those persons, who want to perform different rituals in kasha, they have to continue with the rules and regulations of Vedic folks. Likewise, while doing Chandra Homam, Tirth Kshetra purohit arrange pandit for rituals in Varanasi and they get enough knowledge from Vedic texts before doing the homam. They organize this homam with powerful mantras for acquiring desired results. In addition to that, moon Homam in Varanasi able to provide positive energies on the bodies and avoid mental tensions and other health disorders.

The pandit for Chandra puja in Varanasi gives ideas for removing any problems after properly analyzing the horoscope of a person.

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