Types of Eye Surgery Cost

The eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs in the human body and require extensive care. Ignoring their importance can result in a condition that is intractable and can also cause permanent vision loss. Eye Surgery in India becomes a necessity when a common treatment method fails to produce the desired results and is no longer effective if a person wishes to maintain their eyesight. Also known as ocular surgery, eye surgery is a surgical specialty performed on the eye by an ophthalmologist for curing your specific eye condition. The eye is a delicate part and avoiding problems related to the eye can cause considerable irreparable damages. The main aim of eye surgery is to prevent further damages to the eye and improve the quality of vision.

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Common types of Eye Surgery in India – Procedures with Cost

There are different types of eye surgeries performed in India such as laser eye surgery, cataract eye surgery, glaucoma eye surgery, corneal surgery, refractive surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, oculoplastic surgery, eye muscle surgery, orbital surgery, etc. Out of all the aforementioned surgeries, cataract eye surgery, glaucoma eye surgery, corneal transplant, and laser eye surgery are the most widely performed eye surgeries in India. At We Care India, we have highly experienced eye experts having substantive expertise in providing different types of eye surgery in India, they ensure to provide effective results in different types of eye surgery in India.

Below is a brief explanation of different types of eye surgery in India along with their cost.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a popular eye surgery in India to correct refractive vision errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon reshapes your cornea and clears the surface of your eye to make it receptive to the light, which is focused on the retina in the back of the eye. The main objective of the surgery is to improve the vision of the patient by correcting the shape of the cornea. The cost of laser eye surgery in India ranges between USD 800 to USD 1500.

Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Glaucoma eye surgery is needed when there is intense intraocular pressure is felt inside the eye as a result of damage to the optic nerve. In this eye surgery, the surgeon performs the surgery in order to reduce the pressure in the optic nerve. The pressure inside the eye leads to the build-up of fluid, causing discomfort to the patient. Even if only a single eye is affected by glaucoma, the patient will perform glaucoma eye surgery on both eyes. If your glaucoma is severe, then the doctor will suggest performing trabeculectomy surgery on the patient. The approximate cost of glaucoma eye surgery cost in India is between USD 800 to USD 1200, which is the most affordable cost that you can get for glaucoma eye surgery along with the services of well-experienced ophthalmologists and surgeons.

Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract eye surgery is a surgical procedure done when the eye lens becomes cloudy and eyeglasses or lenses are no longer effective in creating a clear vision. During a cataract eye surgery, the low-quality defected eye lens is replaced with a clear-vision lens in order to avoid additional damage to the eye or loss of vision. The aim of the surgery is to restore the normal vision of the patient and eradicate the need for spectacles. The cost of cataract eye surgery in India comes under the price bracket of USD 500 to USD 1000 and the price may go beyond this range in order to accommodate the specific needs of the patient and the cost of the surgeon.

Cornea Transplant Eye Surgery

A cornea transplant is done to improve vision, alleviate pain, and correct the appearance of the damaged cornea. Often referred to as keratoplasty, a corneal transplant is a surgical procedure in which the damaged portion of the cornea is replaced with a healthy corneal tissue received from a donor. A cornea transplant is done when minor eye treatments such as contact lenses, spectacles, eye drops, medication, etc., fail to restore normal vision. The cornea transplant eye surgery cost in India is in the price range of USD 1000 to USD 1800.

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