How to Fall in Love With Your Makeup Products You Bought Online

It is so common to witness online makeup products disasters when you are out in public. You must be quite familiar with the look where the makeup of someone is just way too dark for their skin color. You know, the kind of look where the face appears to be painted whereas the neck is completely pale in comparison. Perhaps you must have spotted someone wearing a foundation that is way too light, which might give them a ghost-like appearance. Chances are that you must have also made such blunders when you put on your online makeup products when you are out in public, or even worse – when you are at work.

It can be very frustrating to learn how to apply and buy makeup products so that they fit you perfectly, just like a glove. But don’t worry, we are here to save the day! Here are some tips that can help you buy the right makeup products and fall in love with them – perhaps more than the person who you are wearing the cosmetic products that you shop online for!

Tip #1: Know Your Primary Skin Tone Like The Back Of Your Hand (Quite Literally!)

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If you want to pick the right cosmetic products online that you would fall in love with, then the first thing that you should know is your skin tone. Your skin tone is the natural color of your complexion. You just can’t pick the right beauty products online without knowing what color would best suit your complexion. If you are still wondering about how to assess your skin tone then here is a simple breakdown to help you get started.

1. Fair complexion – If you have a fair skin tone then you must be quite aware of it since a lot of people would have described you as being fair and having porcelain – like skin, at least once or twice in your life.

2. Light complexion – if you consider yourself to have a light skin tone then you are still quite pale in comparison to most people, but not as much as some of your friends who have a fair complexion.

3. Medium complexion – In case you have a medium complexion then you are caught right in the middle. You would notice that your complexion isn’t quite dark and it isn’t super light either as compared to other people, it’s somewhere in between dark and light.

4. Deep complexion – If you have a deep skin tone then your complexion would be darker than most other people.

Tip #2: Know Your Undertone (Secondary Skin Tone)

You would be surprised to know just how much thought and effort goes into applying the right beauty products online. When it comes to finding the right beauty products when you are shopping, your skin tone is not the only part that you have to be worried about. Sure it is important, but you cannot neglect your undertone.

Your undertone is the color that appears through your skin, which in turn affects the overall hue of your complexion. The undertone of your skin color plays a very important role when you are doing your beauty products shopping online. It can either make or break your entire look. So here is how you know what your undertone is like.

1. Do a white paper test.

To conduct this test, you must place a piece of paper (or any other material) that is stark white in color. The contrast created between your skin tone and the white paper will create a cast of color on your skin. You can easily determine the undertone of your skin in this manner. You would notice any one of the three undertones – cool, warm, and neutral.

If your face suddenly appears to have a pink or blue tint when contrasted with the white paper, then you have a cool skin tone. If your skin suddenly has a yellowish tint, then you have a warm skin tone. And in case that it is grey, then you are neutral.

2. Look at the veins on your arms.

The only thing required in this test is having a look at the inside of your arm. Just flip your wrist to expose the veins on your arms and take a good look at it. Do they appear blue or purple? If that is the case then you have a cool undertone. Whereas, if your veins appear to be green then this indicates that you have a warm skin tone. In case you aren’t sure enough and it is difficult for you to determine whether you have a cool tone or a warm tone, then you most likely have a neutral tone.

3. What jewelry suits you best?

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This is more of a subconscious test that you must be doing already without even realizing it. What jewelry do you wear the most? Do you steer more towards gold than towards silver? If that is so, and gold looks best on you then your skin undertone is warm. But if you look a lot better in silver then this indicates you might have a cool undertone. So, accordingly, you can shop online for most matching jewelry. In case you are an equal fan of both and don’t mind wearing silver earrings or sporting a gold chain then you would have a normal skin tone.

Tip #3 Find the right color of beauty products for your skin tone

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Now that you have determined your skin tone and know which color suits you best, you are ready to find the right foundations, lipsticks, and all other beauty products that can match your skin tone and your undertone. You should choose warm colors if you have a warm skin tone, cool colors if you have a cool skin tone, and neutral ones if you have a neutral skin tone. There are a huge number of products that you can find on Desertcart. Have a good look around, follow out tips and you are sure to fall in love with some of the best beauty products that are available on our website.

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