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Top 15 Great Link Building Tools That Are Essential to Your Success

Link building is a crucial factor that helps a business to prosper and succeed in the commercial market. To boost your conversion rates, promote yourself online, and generate more ROI, you must have a great link-building strategy. In this article, we discuss the Link Building strategy and Link Building Tools.

From the Breakout mystery room Bangalore to home-grown cosmetics brands, it is essential for every business to rely on the right strategies for link building. To improve your ranking on search engine results, companies need to earn good-quality backlinks from other reputed sites.

But it is easier said than done since link building is not an easy task.

Luckily, we have various tools that are amazing for link building. So, once you start using the right ones, you will find how easy it can all seem to be! But numerous tools are available in the market, which often make it confusing to figure out the best ones.

Therefore, to help you in your link-building process, here we will highlight the 15 great link-building tools that will help your brand to flourish! Read on ahead to learn about them.

SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

For any link-building campaign that your company is thinking of running, there can be nothing better than doing a backlink gap analysis to get started. Especially since brands rely much on insights drawn from competitor brands, running a backlink gap analysis can be immensely helpful for your purpose!

You can use the SEMrush backlink gap tool to work out this analysis for your brand. With the help of this tool, you can now easily compare your link profile with those of your competitors. It will help you to find out the untapped link-building opportunities that might be otherwise hidden in between.

To use this tool, all you have to do is enter your domain and a maximum of 4 competitors. Then click on ‘find prospects,’ and you will find several opportunities lined up for you. You can now easily find out domains that link to other websites but not to yours.

Check if your competitors have a stronger link profile than yours and work to bridge the gap by acquiring links that you haven’t already. You can find out the other backlinks that your competitors are presently sharing and focus on them!


It is a perfect tool that will help you track your link-building campaigns with ease. In this amazing link-building and tracking tool, you can find an entire link profile for your domains, for those of your competitors’ domains, and even for your clients’. With the help of Linkody, you can now easily discover varied link-building opportunities, spot broken links, and even visually search and identify your links!

The links tab on this fantastic tool will offer you a clean look at all your backlinks, along with a lot of analytics and key metrics. There is also a separate column on this page that can be especially helpful since it shows whether a given page is indexed by Google.

Linkody also offers its users helpful notifications to know which links are the new links and which are the lost ones. Your brand can now benefit from using Linkody as an effective link-building tool at just approximately $14.09 per month!

With the help of this amazing link-building tool, it will now become a piece of cake to check and find out which website(s) is receiving the maximum number of links. You can then easily work accordingly to receive more backlinks to your website over time!

Google Search (Search Operators) 

There can be nothing more effective, reliable, and efficient in handling your SEO needs than Google itself! Google also offers users a handy list of search operators that can serve your purpose well. Search operators can be immensely useful in handling a regular search query and make your results more specifically targeted. In this way, you can look for and find out whatever you need much faster than ever before.

Link builders in your company can draw immense benefit from using Google search operators and find specific opportunities like:

  1. Resource pages
  2. Guest postings
  3. Link roundups
  4. Journalists, etc.

You need to incorporate certain specific commands in your search query to receive specific results. When you are looking for guest posting opportunities, you can run a search for a given keyword or a query within a particular page title or URL. The results that you get will provide you with relevant web pages for your keyword.

Even when you are looking for resource page opportunities, you need to search for pages that relate to your target keyword. You must also check whether it has either ‘resource’ or ‘resources’ in the page title or the URL.


You will find Scrapebox to be an immensely powerful and efficient tool for your link-building needs. Especially when you use this tool with other specific Google Search operators, you will find how useful it will be for your brand.

For a long time now, Scrapebox has remained a proficient and reliable link-building tool, especially for black hat SEOs. It was often used by companies to automate their blog commenting at scale. Once you start using this amazing link-building tool, you will find it easier than ever before to harvest your results from the SERPs!

Manually compiling a long list of prospective URLs can not only be immensely tiring but will also wear you out before long. So, you can instead rely on Scrapebox to scrap out these results for you and export them to you. In this way, you can get your work done in an organized manner and on time.

You can save up much of your time, which you would have wasted otherwise. Instead, you can now spend your time doing something worthwhile, like working on an outreach or convincing your prospects to offer you backlinks!

Majestic SEO 

Majestic SEO can be a great link-building tool that will help you to find which websites are linking to your competitors’ sites. Hence, it will offer you opportunities to build up backlinks to your brand’s site too!

Majestic SEO works to offer all its users a free and detailed report for any website that they may own. This report will help you to ensure that all your links are currently active. You can work with the free version initially to check out the program and see if it solves your needs.

Majestic SEO 

To access all the exclusive features offered by Majestic SEO, users need to sign up for the premium version. The paid version of this amazing link-building tool comes at plans that start from approximately $49.99 per month.

The API feature that this tool offers is probably one of the best features that you will ever find on Majestic SEO! What’s even more impressive is that you can integrate this helpful tool to make it work with various scripts and software.  Some other splendid features that you need to watch out for are, the bulk backlink checker, comparing websites, and even checking out your backlink history!

Moz Link Explorer 

You might find that Moz Link Explorer works much like Majestic SEO in many ways. You can just enter the designated URL of the website or webpage for which you want to receive the link data. Once you do it, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive analysis offered by Moz Link Explorer.

With the help of this amazing link-building tool, you can even check out the spam score of various backlinks and even research the backlinks of your competitors. It allows users to discover several unique and helpful link-building opportunities. You can now find out the broken backlinks to your site in no time and maintain the traffic on your links seamlessly!

Moz Link Explorer has a robust, fresh, and updated live link index that will make link building so easy for you! It will help you to have a comprehensive understanding of how your website ranks on the search engine results and even how you can improve it. It also allows users to find out the top pages and check out their content to help them know how they can improve their reach.

Google Alerts

While considering the different kinds of link-building tools that you can check out for your brand, you will hardly find enough attention pertaining to Google Alerts. But honestly, if you know the way around it, you can even use Google Alerts to your advantage!

Once you learn your way around handling Google Alerts, you will find how immensely powerful and effective this tool can be for you! Every link builder will find Google Alerts proficient in helping them with their necessities. While there are various things that this tool can help you with, here are a few noteworthy ones:

  • It sends you notifications to alert you each time anyone mentions your brand on the digital platform and gives you opportunities to try and secure backlinks!
  • You can check out relevant content published online that is relatable to your brand or your keywords. In this way, it provides you with a smooth way to find out new bloggers or journalists to whom you can reach out to. Further, it can also be helpful for you to find out relevant and trendy topics based on which you can design your content!
  • It also lets users know when and where competitors’ brands are mentioned online. Thereafter, digging deep and finding out how they secured this mention will become a piece of cake for you!

Given that it is pretty easy to set up your Google Alerts account, why don’t you try it out today and benefit from using such a useful app?


Journalists and bloggers are always looking for trustworthy and good-quality businesses that they can mention in their articles. If you can work smart, you can even make your brand name pop up in one such article! Bloggers or journalists need to back up their comments, statements, or even bits of advice with the correct and verified source. Incidentally, one of the most useful sources that they turn to for help is HARO.

HARO is a digital platform that allows journalists and bloggers to connect via a chain of three emails sent every weekday. Once you sign up as a ‘source’ on HARO, you can hope to receive requests from fellow journalists in your inbox!

If you find a certain journalist to request something that aligns with your domain of work, knowledge, or area of expertise, you can respond to the email. While drafting your response, make sure to highlight exactly why you think your brand would be the best choice and what needs to be paid attention to. In this way, you can easily secure good-quality backlinks delivered right to your doorstep!

Raven Tools

With Raven Tools, you will gain access to a lot of beneficial data at a sustainable price of approximately $49 per month. There are several unique and immensely useful tools that you can now avail of at Raven Tools.

The Link Manager program, in particular, can be very helpful in finding out potential link partners with whom you can connect to secure backlinks. It automatically works to find out the contact information of the webmaster and sends them messages for backlink requests. All this is done seamlessly through an easily navigate-able window.

Raven Tools offers its users several great features like auditing their websites, tracking their rank on search results, and even researching relevant keywords. It also has useful integrations built in it that make it easy for you to manage several kinds of campaigns from a single location.

You can use the backlink analysis tool to effectively monitor your backlink profile and find out loopholes, if any. All you have to do is, insert your URL or domain and then you can examine the number of backlinks and backlink sources and do much more!


Businesses might often struggle to find out the email address of their potential prospect. It becomes quite frustrating, as you then feel you might lose a potentially enriching source for generating backlinks for your site! But now, with Hunter, you need not worry about finding out the email addresses of your prospects anymore.

All you have to do is enter the domain name or even the name of the company and click on “find email addresses.” You will find an entire list of email addresses of people working at or associated with the given website or company portrayed before you.

You can use Hunter even without signing up and creating your account. However, if you want to utilize the ultimate power of this amazing tool, you need to create an account. Once you sign up for a free account, you can make up to 50 searches every month! You can also filter your search results and refine them as per your needs, and download the required CSVs. Thus, when you start using Hunter to find out the email addresses of your prospects, you can save much of the time which you would have otherwise needed!


Simply creating great content on your website online is not enough. You must also ensure that your content gets circulated worldwide via good-quality links. The more you circulate your product and services, the greater your chances of securing backlinks to your website.

GroupHigh has built an enriching database of blogs, including the largest, richest, and most current ones in the world. With the help of this amazing online platform, you can now find out new prospects, influencers, and even individuals who can help you amplify your content. At present, 15 million+ bloggers remain active on the database on this amazing platform!

You can now find out the best bloggers and influencers and approach them to work on articles that are relevant to your brand. GroupHigh can also help you to measure the value of your content on the web. It also does tedious work like drawing analytics of your website and your social media handle. Therefore, once you start using this efficiently to serve your purpose, you can boost the traffic to your website immensely!

Link Research Tools

For people who are more of an advanced webmaster working in a competitive field of work, Link Research Tools will be immensely helpful. It does far more than just figuring out link-building opportunities for you. The intricate programming of this tool allows users to understand whether or not they need to focus more on branding links.

With the help of this tool, you can even find out whether your website is performing well in contrast to other competitor websites in terms of securing backlinks. It will also help you understand why your website lost its rank within the SERPs so that you can work hard to rectify it.

Link Research Tools offers users varied kinds of features and can be highly intuitive. They will provide users with an in-depth and detailed insight into digital marketing and SEO strategies. Whether your purpose is to build up links, detect and remove links, or anything else, Link Research Tools is going to be of immense help to you!

Link Research Tools


There is much that Ahrefs can offer every user in terms of its multifaceted functionalities. It offers users a detailed and comprehensive report of their inbound links, along with providing an approximate idea of the number of visitors to a link per month. Therefore, with the help of this detailed report, you can now reorganize and prioritize your link-building partners to maximize the traffic to your website.

Ahrefs has several different built-in features and tools that can help you with link building and researching your competitors’ keywords to even track your rank. With the help of this fantastic tool, you can track the growth of your backlinks from time to time. Even the customizable dashboard that Ahrefs comes with, can also be immensely helpful for your purpose!

You can also work on and enhance your local SEO strategies and benefit much from localization, with the help of Ahrefs. It also allows users to work on technical SEO and SEO auditing for their businesses.

Check My Links 

Check My Links works as a Google Chrome extension and is an essentially powerful tool that will help you meet your link-building needs. It allows you to check and find out your broken links, which you can modify or remove based on your decision.

Check My Links aims to help web developers to clarify and find out whether there are any broken links on their web pages. Therefore, it opens up opportunities to work on broken link-building campaigns. In case you find out that you have broken internal links, you can quickly update them so that your readers can benefit from the same.

With the help of this helpful Chrome extension, you can now easily check for broken links that might be present on web pages or websites wherein you are looking for backlinks. It will also allow you to ensure whether or not your website is getting linked to dead pages.


BuzzStream is yet another intuitive and proficient link-building tool that will help you enhance your overall research process seamlessly. It allows you to find out contacts almost automatically, browse your list of prospects, and even add contacts and metrics to build up a better profile link.

BuzzStream also allows you to send out relationship-based outreach emails that can help you to uplift your present response rates. It further enables you to manage your link-building campaigns, using reminders that poke you to follow up and track the progression of your link-building campaigns.

You can now avail of the premium version of this amazing link-building tool at approximately $24 per month, and you can delete your account any time you want! It offers users every little basic feature that they might need in the process of link building at an extremely affordable rate.


These link-building tools will help you to create good quality backlinks to your brand website and boost your traffic in no time. So, now that you have the detailed information about 15 great link-building tools, which one do you want to try out?