New Launch Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Full Review & Buyer’s Guide

Hey guys and welcome back to my website. So today we will be taking a look at the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro by Anker. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about its amazing features and if its high price tag, at £150, is reasonable and worthy. Firstly, we will be taking a look at the contents of the box. Well, we receive the best wireless earbuds themselves, a charging case, 16 Ear Tips of varying sizes, a USB-C cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

Moving on now, we will be studying the design of these earbuds and their charging case. The color combination adopted consists of shades of white, silver, and pink.

Liberty Air 2 Pro Features And Specification

Well, personally I do not believe the colors incorporated worked very well together. In particular the relation between the pink and white aspects of the earbuds.

As for the charging case, however, I feel the little variety of colors, being shades of silver and grey, really reflected the overall simplicity of the product.

On the back of the charging case, there is a USB-C port used as a means of charging for the case in addition to its compatibility with wireless charging as well. I felt the port was incorporated extremely nicely and being a USB–C port it was not too disruptive to the remainder of the design of the charging case.

Liberty Air 2

Moving on now to some of the unique features of this product, one notable aspect I identified was the adoption of a sliding lid on the charging case.

This is the first time I have encountered something like this, however, I don’t entirely feel it was beneficial regarding functionality or had any particular positive effect on the design, despite uniqueness.

Another nice and unique feature I identified was the usage of targeted active noise cancellation. Well, what is this? Targeted Active Noise Cancellation is effectively ANC that targets particular sounds and mutes them, such as transportation, Outdoor noises, and Indoor Noise.

In addition to this, you can receive up to 26 Hours of Playtime, getting 7 hours of playtime from a single charge on the true wireless earbuds and up to 3 recharges from the charging case for 26 hours.

Lastly, the final feature we will cover is its Pure Note Driver Technology: You can receive a 45% boost to your bass, and a 30% wider frequency bandwidth than ordinary drivers. Drivers coated with 10 hardened nano-layers offer incredible stiffness to generate stunning accuracy and clarity.

In terms of comfort, compared to other top earbuds on the market I would say that these earbuds aren’t quite as comfortable as say the Liberty Air 2 pro but they are certainly on the same sort of level as the LG tone-free earbuds I reviewed a while back.

They are perfect for sport and will definitely stay in your ears during a long run or any other sporting activity. But for what they are lacking in comfort they certainly make up for in sound quality as they come with tons of different options on the app allowing you to customize the level of noise cancellation based on what environment you are in. There are options for outdoor, indoor, and even transport so you can get the perfect sound depending on what environment you are in.

Now if you want to customize the level of noise cancellation and avoid using any of these settings you can simply use the customize feature to choose the level of noise cancellation you want.

Now aside from noise cancellation, there is a transparency mode where you have two settings and can decide between being able to hear everything around you or being able to only hear the voices of people around you. And of course, you can choose to disable either of these Liberty Air 2 pro features which will save battery and still give a good sound experience.

Final Verdict

Now aside from these features, Soundcore has also introduced something they call heard which analyses your level of hearing in each ear for different frequencies of sound and then enhances the music to adapt the volume of each sound frequency in the music so that it sounds a lot more balanced and clear when you listen.

Now, this does actually work and well the music does seem to sound better after you go through the hearing process. In conclusion, I certainly believe its functionality and variety of different features make its high price tag, at £150, reasonable. Unfortunately, however, that concludes today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Goodbye for now!