A True Buying Guide For Laptop

There is no doubt that technological advancements have made gadgets much more interesting and functional. No one would have thought that what else a phone can do except calling. Similarly, who would have imagined that personal computers will become so compact that anyone can carry them along. The laptop has almost become a necessity. Most offices are also replacing the computer system with laptops. The reason behind this change is its compact size, easy maintenance, and advanced features. This article will shed some light on the points you should consider while buying a laptop.

With numerous features and technology, it is very difficult to choose the best laptop for your use. Many brands are there in the market and each brand has multiple models depending upon the features. Selecting one from many is not an easy task. After reading this post you will gain some insights about the things you need to consider before purchasing the laptop.

The operating system

First and the foremost thing to consider while going to buy a laptop is which operating system you want. There are three operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. The most versatile and easy to use operating system is Windows. If you are familiar with macOS then you can go for Apple. Chrome OS you will find in a Chromebook. Be sure which operating system you are comfortable with before making a decision. We will suggest you should opt for Windows OS as it is easy to use.

The purpose

Another point to look for is why you want to buy a laptop. A clear purpose will ease out most of the confusion and will help choose the right one. You can buy it for office, college work, commercial use, or for leisure. The configurations your laptop should have will depend upon the purpose. As you will also hear this question by the salesperson “for which purpose do you want a laptop?” A clear and precise answer to this question will help the salesperson to show you the options accordingly.

The budget

Apart from all things, the budget is the most important that one should be defined. How much you can pay for buying a laptop is the key factor. The price will decide the features of your laptop. Many budget-friendly variants are there in the market that you can see. Those models are the best for people with a tight budget. One point to consider is that the higher the price better will be the configuration.

The brand

Once you have decided on the budget, select the brand you prefer. Many laptop brands offer quality laptops under every budget. If you have any plans to go for a specific brand then don’t divert your mind, just select the model to think is perfect. On the other hand, if you don’t have any brand in the mind than decide from multiple brand options according to your preferences.

While choosing the brand, keep some points in your mind including the quality of product it serves, accurate & on-time tech support, and reviews by other consumers. This is important to think to prevent any difficulty in the future when something goes wrong with your laptop. All this you can easily check on the internet.

The size

Laptops come in different sizes and choosing the correct size is the key. The smallest laptop size you can get is 11 to 12 inches and this size is perfect if you want to carry it along. Plus, this size model is also lightweight. The most common size of the laptop is 15 inches that most people buy. It is the best size to opt for if you do not want to carry it enough. For those who want to use the laptop as a desktop, then 17 to 18 inches size will be the best. Some more sizes you can avail when you search in the market.


Considering this factor will define the performance of your laptop. Smartness lies in noting down the key specifications you are looking in your laptop. Specifications section will include the processor, RAM, storage capacity (hard disk), screen resolution, graphics card, screen type (touch screen or normal), connectivity options, DVD drives, and ports. For better configuration, you will have to pay more than basic ones. Research between multiple brands for the specification you are seeking to buy to get better clarification about the difference.

There are many processor options from Intel including i3, i5, i7, and i9 with different generations. The higher the processor better will be the speed and performance. You will get to know better about the processors when you’ll go out to purchase the laptop. There are few AMD versions as well in the processor category that you will see in low-cost laptops.

The battery life

Once you have decided on the specifications, the next thing you should look for is battery life. The good battery life of the laptop is necessary so that you don’t have to worry during the grid failure. Some models offer 12 to 13 hours of battery life while the standard ones have 6 to 8 hours. Decide which one is the best for you.

The keyboard and touchpad

Always check the quality of the touchpad & keyboard of the laptop you have selected. Some laptops have hard key-press while in better ones you will find soft & silent on. The sensitivity of the touchpad is also important to see whether it has good cursor control or not. Precision touchpad drivers in Windows laptop is a must, check this before finalizing the laptop.

The design

Not so important if we talk about the performance but plays a key role while considering the looks. Sleek, modern, and stylish laptops models are there in the market with many options. You will see many body colours with patterned surfaces and textures. But don’t forget, you will also have to pay for this extra feature as well. The foldable laptop models are also there that you can choose if you like it.

These are the basic factors that require attention on a laptop. If you do enough research before going out to buy the laptop then it won’t be the confusion in choosing the best one. Now think this other way around, you don’t have any idea about these factors and you went to buy a laptop. There will be two scenarios, first is that you will end up buying something inappropriate. The second point is that you will spend money that will not be worth. The reason is you will believe everything the salesperson says and try to have as many features in your laptop that you might never use.

We hope reading this article will clear the dilemma you have about the laptop you should buy. We will suggest you to just jot down the features you wish to have in your laptop on a paper. Later when you do market research, it will be easy for you to decide.

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