Top 10 Japanese Language Courses in India

Mastering foreign languages have infallible benefits both psychological and physiological. Among these foreign languages, Japanese is the most voguish as it is one of the popular languages used on the internet. Moreover, the Japanese language is not confined to Japan alone, but it is widely spoken in Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, etc to name a few. To ease the learning process, there are multiple Japanese Language Courses in India. Here, in this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 Japanese Language courses in India along with some pointers that will help you choose the best course from the list.

Before we delve into the list, here is a brief history of the Japanese language:

A brief history of the Japanese language

As we all know, the Japanese language is the national language of Japan. Though some areas in Brazil predominantly speak the Japanese language as there are a lot of migrants from japan in these areas. In the beginning, the Japanese language didn’t have scripts, but the characters were imported from Chinese and gradually Japanese scripts namely Hiragana and Katakana started to develop. So, the Japanese language is an agglomeration of Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana scripts. Traditionally, Japanese characters are written and read from top to bottom, but, nowadays they are written from left to right just like in English.

List of top 10 Japanese Language courses in India

Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin Language Academy offers top-notch foreign language courses online. Henry Harvin Institute is an adaptive and Schmick online institute that provides world-class education in multiple domains. India Today ranks Henry Harvin as the number 1 amongst the top 5 upskilling courses in India. The apparent top-notch attribute makes this a unique provider of the best Japanese language course in India. Henry Harvin’s online Japanese Language course inculcates the Japanese learning skills in five levels in the training process.

The major features of this course are

  • The five levels of this course are N5 (Elementary level), N4 ( Pre-Intermediate Level), N3 ( Intermediate level), N2 ( Pre-advanced Level), and N1 ( Advanced Level).
  • The training period at each level is 80 hours.
  • 100% Placement support, Internship wherein hands-on experience on various projects are add-ons of this course.
  • 1-year Gold membership with multiple hackathons and boot camps to enhance the knowledge in the domain.

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages – Top 10 Japanese language courses in India

IIFL  provides courses in Foreign languages and English. Japanese Grammar, interpersonal skills, and Scripts are the main focus of this online Japanese language Course. The course materials used are above par with the standards and are delivered comprehensively. All the five levels from N1 to N5 courses are available. On top of this, flexible timings and a good training process help learners achieve proficiency in the language. Also, IIFL provides a certificate after the completion of the Japanese Language Course.

Major features of this course:

  • 60 hours course duration
  • During this duration, all three elements i.e reading, writing, and speaking are extensively covered.
  • Helps in the preparation of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) conducted twice a year by Japan Foundation.
  • They provide study material comprising textbooks, Worksheets, Kanji Book, translation notes in English, etc.


Udemy is a date online education provider and is categorized among the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers in a variety of domains. Here, the adept instructors develop courses based on their expertise and using the Udemy platform and tools, create courses. The online Japanese language course at the N5 level aims to assist at the N5 level thereby helping in the JLPT exam preparation. In this category, there are many choices of courses and videos available on the Udemy website and one can choose according to their requirements.

Major Features of the courses are:

  • Includes 15 lessons with more than 10 lectures for each.
  • The course follows the extracts from AOJ ( Attain Online Japanese Language ) school.
  • The video lectures for the above are also available.
  • Both beginners and entry-level business Japanese learners can apply.

Langma School of Languages- top 10 Japanese language courses in India

Langma School of Languages provides a very conducive environment for students to get trained in the language of their choice. In addition to language skills, they also impart training for TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, etc among others. Here, courses are tailored to meet individual as well as corporate requirements. Moreover, the trainers are adept and experienced in the subject. The Japanese language course from Langma School of languages is designed separately for different purposes like for professionals, students, conversation level, hospitality, etc.

Major features of the course:

  • Writing skills, grammar, presentation skills, and negotiations are multiple methods covered and the duration is 2 hours for professionals.
  • Certificate courses for children of age group 8-13 who are trained in Group discussion, conversation, etc through audio-visual aids.
  • Japanese for Attache and Japanese for conversation are the other two programs in this domain from Langma School of Languages.

Nihongo Max

Nihongo Max is an Institute based in Delhi that provides exclusive Japanese Language courses both online and offline. The trainers here are JLPT cleared teachers well-versed in the subject. In addition to providing training for All the levels of JLPT Exams, Nihingo Max also assists in enhancing the speaking skills of their students. They help train you to get jobs in Japan or even study in Japan.

Major features of the course: top 10 Japanese Language courses in India

  • 6-month course duration for N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5 levels each.
  • Books, audios, Course schedules, etc are provided with the course.
  • High-end tools and pedagogy ensure full confidence after the training.


Professional native Japanese teachers train the most advanced-level Japanese language at Hayakawa. If you aspire to study in Japan or work in Japan and for this purpose, you want to get trained in the Japanese language, then Hayakawa is the right place for you. Regular batches on Weekdays and weekends, online interactive classes, and self-study are the main Japanese Language courses at Hayakawa.

Major features:

  • 1-month to 9-months duration of courses depending on the type chosen
  • All kinds from Basic to Advanced are available, even for self-paced courses.
  • Placement support in Japan and India as well.
  • Courses are designed to help with JLPT, BJT, Nat, etc Exams.


Another best institute that provides exclusive Japanese Language courses is NIHONKAI. Based in Delhi, this institute offers Japanese Language courses from basic level to an advanced level covering all the four elements namely Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, and Reading. Course material and CDs are also provided to practice at home. In addition to this, training is provided to prepare for JLPT Exams. The unique feature of this course is the training provided for getting insights into the culture and etiquette followed in Japan.

Major features of this course:

  • 3 months for the weekend and 2 months for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Batch ( for N5)
  • 6 months weekend and 6 months Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Batch ( for N4)
  • 6 months weekend batch ( for N3 and N2 )
  • Latest JLPT based Course Material
  • Conversational Skits, Verbal Techniques, Audio-Video, and Picture flashcards are the main teaching methods

Mosai Institute of Japanese Language

A prestigious association of specialists from research and academic Japanese universities, the Mombusho Scholars Association of India ( MOSAI) works to promote Indo-Japan relations in the domain of education and academic-related areas. Lectures, Seminars, Exhibitions, and Conferences aid in strengthening this relationship. Entrance Examination for Japanese Universities, JLPT, Study in Japan, and Japan Language Institute are the main programs they offer.

Major features of the course are:

  • Course duration is 3 to 4 months for each course.
  • Thrice a week classes are offered.
  • Students and working professionals are catered to at MOSAI.

Course Fees: INR 20,000 to 25,000.

Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation is based in Delhi and supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India. Japanese Language education, art, cultural exchanges, and intellectual exchanges are the main areas of concern of the Japan Foundation. Special workshops are available for the teachers to upskill their Japanese language skills. Also, for other learners, JF- Koza Language classes, JLPT coaching, Minato online classes, etc are available.

Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages

Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages is a puddle in a pool of various other courses offered by the institute. The Japanese Language course from JN Language Academy is one of the best among the other Japanese Language courses in India. Trainers with vast experience in the subject matter take you through the classes proficiently and ably. Reading, Learning, writing, and speaking skills all are touched on in this course and the curriculum is specifically designed to promote these skills efficiently. More than that certification exams after the course helps in gaining cutting-edge confidence in the domain.

The major features of this course are:

  • 5 month course is regarded as one semester.
  • Diploma after four semesters and certificate after 2 semesters
  • Classes oh Mondays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

The above list of top 10 Japanese language courses is one of their kind and choosing the best from amongst them is a tedious task. But here I am putting some pointers to guide you plus the benefits of learning the Japanese Language

Benefits of doing a Japanese language course in India

As mentioned in the beginning, learning a foreign language has both physiological and psychological benefits. It refreshes and resets our mind and body equally. Japanese is a widely acclaimed language in East Asia and we can also find Japanese-speaking people in the USA, Europe, Australia, and so on. The important advantages of learning Japanese are:

  1. Study/work in Japan: If you are a professional or a person who aspires to study or work in Japan, Knowing their language improves your interpersonal skills and ultimately leads to advancement in your career and studies.
  2. Career benefits: Japan is an indelible hub in the manufacturing and development of many industries be it automobiles, electronics, computers, etc. So to land a job in any of these areas will prove to be worth learning the Japanese language.
  3. Translators/ trainers: There is a huge upsurge in the demand for translators and trainers in the Japanese Language and if you love the language, you can master it through a course and make a career out of it.
  4. Love for Japanese Culture: If you are a huge fan of Japanese culture and love manga and anime, doing a Japanese language course will be fun and worth the effort.

How to Choose the best Japanese language course in India

The Japanese Language is the ninth most spoken in the world and this East Asian language has taken dominance in multiple fields recently. Choosing the best among these courses solely depends on your needs and requirements. For example, if you are looking to learn Japanese as a hobby, you can opt for the beginners level Japanese Language course. But, if you are looking for a course that aids in your career advancement, then you can opt for a certificate or diploma-level course from the most suitable one from the above list. So, you need to go through each course’s details and decide upon your requirements and takeaways each course has to offer.

Some fun facts about the Japanese Language

# 1. Characters in the Japanese Language are inspired by Chinese characters or Kanji as these were imported to Japan along with Buddhism.

# 2. Plurals are not used in the Japanese Language.

# 3. In Japanese, the word Japan is pronounced as ‘Nippon’.

# 4. Articles like ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ are not used in the Japanese language.

# 5. We can frame a Japanese sentence using only verbs.


The Japanese language is unique and fascinating in its manner. The culture and etiquette followed in Japan are indelibly reflected in its language. There are multiple courses to master the Japanese language, but the above list depicts the top 10 Japanese language courses in India. This list is curated based on the many aspects one needs to consider while choosing the best one from among them. The many aspects are also penned down in this blog. You can choose the best after carefully going through the details and selecting the one that exactly overlaps your requirements. Japanese Language Course in Chennai

Hope this helps you in every manner possible.Happy blogging!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I Know Japanese to study in Japan?

A . No, you needn’t know Japanese to study in Japan, though knowing the language may help survive in the country and improve your interpersonal skills.

  1. Should I crack JLPT Exams at the first chance?

A. No, there is no such rule that you can attempt only once. You can well take exams multiple times.

3. Is the quality of education good in Japan?

A. Yes, the quality of studies is very good in Japan and there are many Universities wherein they make use of English as the teaching language.

4. Is a self-paced course or live training best for learning the Japanese language?

A. Live training is better as it inculcates activities to perfectly master the language. At the same time, a self-paced course is also good if you are up to it and can follow the schedule effectively.

5. Is there scope for Japanese translators in India?

A.Yes, there is immense scope for Japanese translators in India in travel and tourism, Commerce, diplomatic missions, Business, embassies, etc.