Which Is The Best Fertility Clinic For Affordable IVF Treatment In Delhi?

IVF Treatment is no longer an enigma and people have become well-acquainted with the concept of a test-tube baby owing to the growing number of infertility cases globally. Earlier, IVF was perceived as a mysterious alien concept that was nothing more than a laboratory experiment. People were not certain when it came to the reliability of the procedure and felt dubious at the thought of conceiving a child with the assistance of technology. But people have become open-minded and more receptive to the idea of getting the aid of fertility treatments when dealing with the issue of infertility.

Infertility has become a major problem, leaving the infertile couple with no option but following the path of fertility treatment in hopes of reaching their desired destination, which is a healthy pregnancy.

Infertility has been estimated to affect over 27 million people in India and as a result, infertile couples are in dire need of effective fertility treatments that could provide them sought-after results. By far, IVF is one of the most popular assisted reproductive technology techniques performed on barren couples.

IVF – A Brief Insight

In Vitro Fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF is a famous type of assisted reproductive technology where a couple is able to conceive other than natural means. IVF makes the process of fertilization attainable outside of the human body. Thus, skipping the major steps that are required to get pregnant naturally and making pregnancy a lot simpler task.

During IVF, the mother’s sperm and the father’s sperm are mixed together in a petri dish and are put under observation until fertilization occurs. IVF has gained immense popularity as a method of achieving pregnancy over the past few years and has become a silver lining to infertile couples.

Go IVF Surrogacy is an eminent place for IVF treatment in Delhi and has experienced fertility doctors who perform IVF using the latest equipment. Patients choose us for their fertility treatments because IVF cost in Delhi is substantially less when compared to the fertility clinics of other countries.

A Cursory Glance at the IVF Treatment Process

IVF treatment at Go IVF Surrogacy begins with fertility medications; the woman undergoing the treatment is given fertility drugs to stimulate her ovaries. As a result of stimulation, the ovaries produce more healthy and fertile eggs, which are crucial for a healthy pregnancy. After analyzing the condition of the ovaries through ultrasounds, doctors plans for the egg retrieval procedure to take out the eggs.

In the egg retrieval procedure, eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle using a hollow needle. The collected eggs are fused with the sperms in a lab, which is obtained from the semen selection process. After inspecting them for 3-4 days, the doctor confirms the achievement of healthy fertilization. Once fertilization is achieved and embryos are formed, the situation calls for embryo transfer. In embryo transfer, the embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus by performing a minor surgical process. The condition of the woman is evaluated for another few weeks to check if the pregnancy has occurred.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi 2024

IVF treatment cost in Delhi is the reason why international patients prefer India for their fertility treatment. IVF treatment cost in Delhi 2019 is dependent on various factors such as the patient’s condition, the cost of surgeons, and the type of fertility treatment selected. We offer several fertility treatments with the assistance of top-notch IVF specialists adept at effectively executing the IVF treatment process and providing desired outcomes to the patients.

The IVF treatment cost in Delhi 2019 is INR 1,50,000, which is inclusive of all the charges and we do not charge anything apart from this customized package. This is the most affordable cost you can get for IVF treatment in Delhi using your own eggs.

If you are unable to produce fertile eggs, then you can choose to undergo IVF with a donor egg in which the eggs of a donor will be used to facilitate pregnancy. The IVF treatment cost in Delhi for IVF using donor eggs totals INR 2,75,000 in the cost of the donor INR 1,25,000 and the cost of the IVF treatment procedure INR 1,50,000 is included.

If the male partner is incapable of producing motile sperm, then you can opt for IVF with donor sperm. The IVF treatment cost in Delhi 2019 for IVF with donor sperm is INR 1,85,000 which INR 33,000 is the cost for availing the services of a sperm donor. We offer you the best price for all kinds of IVF treatment and make sure that you get positive results in your fertility treatment. Our success is higher in comparison to other fertility centers. At Go IVF Surrogacy, We promise to deliver a great and stress-free IVF treatment experience to our patients.

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