iPhone Replacement Speaker Repair

While phone repairing (Telefoon reparatie Rotterdam), there is a chance that you may be lost your mobile data. Before starting the iPhone repair, please make sure that your phone has been backed up. – Backup via Itunes—- (1) Connect your device to the computer, open Itunes, select your device on the top right of the computer, and select Start backup now in the backup window. Backup via Itunes—- (2) Make sure your mobile phone is connected to Wifi, follow the steps below: Set-iCloud-Storage & Backup, click to start a backup.

iPhone Repair is Not An Easy Task, Here Are Some Tips That Are Helpful For You.

1. Shutdown-Note: If the speaker is damaged and the phone screen fails, you can press and hold the power button and the return button at the same time until the shutdown dialog box appears on the screen and then let go. Although it is okay not to shut down, to minimize the loss, there is no need to be lazy.

2. Remove the 2 pentagonal screws next to the charging port. Never use the wrong screwdriver. Using the wrong screwdriver will cause the screw to slip.

3. Use a hairdryer (air gun if possible) to properly heat the edge of the phone. PS: The heating is to make the waterproof glue soft and easy to disassemble.

4. The waterproof sealing machine glue is around the frame.

5. Place a suction cup above the return button.  If the phone screen is broken, you can stick a piece of tape on the screen.

6. Pull up the suction cup, and then squeeze a gap in the edge with your nail. Due to the sticky tape, iPhone7 will be relatively difficult to disassemble. If you have insufficient experience, you can try several times.

7. After successfully squeezing a gap, insert a triangular sheet into the gap to prevent the phone from merging again. Then use the disassembly tool to cut the screen apart on the edge of the phone. In the process of slashing, the slashed position may merge with sticky again. To prevent sticking again, you can insert a card or playing card in the slashed position.

8. It should be noted that there are two cables in this position. Pay special attention to these two cables when slicing. Of course, other cables also need attention.

10. Use a Y-shaped Samsung screwdriver to remove the four screws. It should be noted that the size of Apple screws is different. If the screws are installed chaotically during installation, it will cause a large number of unpredictable failures. It even caused huge damage to the phone, even to the point of irretrievable. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that novice friends, please use the magnetic screw memory pad when disassembling the machine.

11. Removed screws and some small accessories. Please install it correctly and place it at the position marked on the memory pad. When installing, install the screws to the relative position of the phone.

12. Then, use a spudger to remove the battery cable buckle and the LCD assembly cable buckle. First, remove the battery cable buckle, and further disconnect the power supply to prevent current in the phone, which may cause damage to the phone. To remove the battery cable buckle, it is best not to use a metal spudger, otherwise, it may short circuit.

13. Then use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws at the front camera position and remove the iron plate.

14. Then, use a spudger to remove the front camera cable buckle. Then you can smoothly separate the display assembly and the middle frame assembly.

15. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws fixing the speaker

16. Use a crowbar to remove the antenna attached to the speaker. PS: You can use a hairdryer to heat it, which makes it easier to shovel it off.

Then you can remove the speaker.

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