Know About Initial Coin Offering And Top ICOs Of 2020

Cryptocurrency has made special importance amongst investors of regular markets and also among the younger community searching for alternatives for investing their funds. There are many options for short and long term investments. Other than investors, developers with technical skills have too expressed their interest in coding multiple projects. They are inquisitive to look for opportunities based on blockchain for their startups. There are various fundraising tools present in the crypto marketplace for startups, that are looking for money for their project launch and for the investors who are willing to invest their funds on new projects and developments. In this blog, we will brief you about Initial Coin Offering, one of the popular fundraising techniques. Besides this, we are also going to review some of the best ICO to invest in.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering or ICO, as it is popularly called is a popular crowdfunding mechanism in the crypto space. Mostly an ICO is issued by a startup for the motive of fundraising regarding top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin from investors in exchange for coins that are related to their project. To implement this plan, the token issuers come up with a whitepaper, a publishing document covering all sorts of detailing, objective, the purpose of the project.

To convince investors, they go for website design featuring all the project related information and founding members. If investors have an ample amount of coins in their wallets, then it might become possible for them to invest in the project. But it also depends on their interest in the project that seems interesting and promising to them. However, one should be aware of fake ICOs. Both issuers and investors do not have to go through a complex procedure.

Top ICOs To Invest In

After getting a brief idea about what exactly is Initial Coin Offering, now let us move on to know some of the top ICOs to invest in. Currently, Initial Coin Offering is giving many desirable outcomes in fundraising for newer projects and diversification of technology use. ICOs are popularly known for being much speedier and the simplest ways of raising the funds and to invest. So let us introduce you to some of the top ICO to invest in.


Placing the ERC 20 level, Mickle performs as the medium of exchange for products and services in its DApps including Ridesharing, MICKLE Marketplace, and others. It is one of the best ICOs to invest in.

Bullion Exchange

The Initial Coin Offering of EBLX reveals about giving the experience of unlimited trading. It won’t take much time in transactions for traders. Also, they can fill many orders. Apart from it, it also includes a major provision which is order cancellation with no monetary loss or transaction money.

Nifex Exchange

Nifex is another popular Initial Coin Offering to invest in 2020. It is because it is a quick trading engine featuring a one-click live chat.


Cryptominingcoin or CMC is a multipurpose crypto mining solution that facilitates in being a one-stop solution for lending operations, mining, and trading. By giving access to a variety of coins, CMC gives higher returns. Hence it is also the best ICO to invest in.


Initial Coin Offering is the very ideal method for being an inexpensive and simple method for exploring and promoting new ventures and acknowledging the revolution of digital financial technology. ICO is ideal for fundraisers as well as investors. Since there is no regulation compliance in the objective of ICO, it becomes a little risky for investment. Be smart, go through all disclaimers and guidelines carefully, instead of making any hasty move for investment. The ICOs which are mentioned in this blog are the best to invest in. They can prove profitable regarding your investments. To gain more knowledge about ICO, visit the Cryptoknowmics website.

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