How Voyzapp Has Become The ‘Voice’ Of The Top Audiobook Brands Of India

Gone are the days when people spared a substantial amount of time to satiate their thirst for reading. In this fast-paced world of ours, where every second is crucial, finding opportunities to read can be no less than a challenge. While avid book reads argue that reading a book helps to comprehend the meaning better and is way better than just listening to the audio, research has shown no significant difference between the two. In fact, Audiobooks have helped to improve their listening skills while helping the users to manage their time efficiently. Also, listening to books can be done anytime anywhere, is free of damage, and is done more easily than reading.  Audiobooks are instructional, educational, and entertaining due to which the world has become obsessed with them. Here know about what is the Voyzapp?

As people are getting more and more informed about the benefits of audiobooks, professional voice-over artists have found new areas to invest their talent. Brand marketers are also tapping this sector to seize the consumer’s interests, schools are offering audiobooks in their libraries and curriculums for students to learn and understand better, and organisations are incorporating dynamic audiobook voice overs in their websites and blogs to enrich the user experience and pitch their products.

Finding a professional voice artist is an important step that will make or break the success of your audiobook. To provide the users with quality Audiobook recordings, professional and conversational voice over services are required through experienced and natural voice talents who can understand the narration variety and depth of the script, and can provide the following qualities:

  1. Clear delivery, right diction: The voice actors should have the confidence and expertise to pronounce and enunciate each word clearly throughout the script.
  2. Narrative gripping and right pace: The talent must ensure that the narration is paced properly so that the listeners are attracted to the voice and are able to understand the story.
  3. Conversational as well as convincing: The voice artists should have the ability to engage the listeners through their conversational skills, hence providing credibility to the narration.
  4. Creativity in voice and passion for reading: As multiple voices must be portrayed differently within a script, the voice artists should have the ability to provide interactive storytelling along with creative voice acting.

The rising demand of audiobooks warrants that the voice is engaging and conversational in the audios so that the audience is able to understand the content and grasp the narration. Also, to captivate people’s attention throughout the script, it is important that the voice actor is professional and is able to bring the content to life! The voice artists need to offer a variety of ranges and styles covering everything from engaging Audiobook voice over to advertisement, radio, podcasts, IVRs, TVCs, elearning modules etc so that they can bring the best out of every script.

Professional talents will do thorough practice by reading out loud. Their voice is consistent and does not feel like direct reading. They know how to perform the voice acting of various characters so that the reading does not seem monotonous. Also, they will never go ‘overboard’ with accents and will have experience in taking voice lessons to understand the native accents of the character. Being precise with the pronunciation is important and expert voice actors will understand the tone of the book/story before going for a voice-over recording. While hiring a pro voice artist is important, it is also essential to determine the budget for your audiobook narration by taking count of the total words present in the book. This will determine the voice narration cost and the final editing costs. A thorough analysis of the comprehensive requirements will ensure that you don’t exceed your budget.

Voyzapp is India’s first voice-over marketplace that offers the highest quality and affordable voice over recording services and dubbing services through professional voice actors and sound directors. The company has a team of 10000+ professional voices over artists who work in 30+ languages and multiple categories/accents/genres, and provide the highest quality voice over audios in a reliable and quick manner. Voyzapp is accessible to both artists and users, and all the recordings are completed in high-quality studios, equipped with the best acoustics and recording equipment.

The company assures the highest voice quality and eliminates the need of the customer to jump through multitudes of hoops, such as casting directors, agents, or paymasters. One can easily listen to a number of voice demos in the audiobook category, review the artists’ profiles, and select the right voice for their project. The option to evaluate the costs and delivery time according to the requirements ensures that you hire the voice of your choice and that too within the ease of a button’s click. As a technology-powered portal, Voyzapp ensures that the voice actors keep getting diverse and fresh opportunities continuously. The company provides a global platform to voice over artists who can register free of cost, upload their voice samples, and make themselves ‘heard’ to the world. These voice actors give the best options to the customers to maximize their revenue through professional voice overs for their projects.

Getting your Audiobooks recorded by seasoned voice actors is always recommended to give your script a sense of credibility and sophistication. Experienced voice actors can help to turn your Audiobook into a widely listened to show. By incorporating vibrant voice-overs to your Audiobooks, you can engage with your audience better and Voyzapp can help you to find that ‘perfect voice’ for your project. After all, using immersive voice overs can create a phenomenal experience for your Audiobook listeners and will eventually determine the growth of your audience!