Learn how to Get Banking Jobs in Singapore

Banking Job is a popular career choice in Singapore. The city is known for its financial market and has a great scope of jobs in this field. Singapore is a developed economy hence; the banking sector of the city serves the entire Asia Pacific. With stable economic, social, political, operative legislature, taxation system and strict money laundering laws the Singaporean banking system is one of the most progressive ones. So, if you are the one looking for banking jobs in Singapore then here is everything you must know about this profession.

What Does a Banker Do?

The banking sector of Singapore employs for many different job profiles, including commercial, personal and investment bankers. Although, the job roles and tasks of these professionals may vary, they all essentially oblige the fiscal needs of their customers. Personal bankers may undertake the job role to work and give personalised services to the clients by helping them to start small business accounts and managing fiscal transactions, such as transferring money orders, RTGS, NEFT’s and treatment of money deposited.

Commercial bankers work for processing loans for potential entrepreneurs, while investment bankers work to connect sponsors with possible venture opportunities. Travel and Overtime are often involved in these jobs, particularly for an investment banker. In general, these job roles involve more of sitting jobs and one may spend more time in office.

How can one Start a Banking Job in Singapore?

There are various steps before you start your journey as a banker in Singapore and to get to that level here is the list of steps to attain banking jobs in Singapore.

  • Get a High School Certification: It is crucial for a candidate to take up academic qualification in mathematics and business management in high school if he or she wants to land to banking jobs in future. At this stage, one should make a fine grip over normal computer software for data analysis and typing etc. This certification of high school will give one a foundation for banking jobs in future.
  • Take-up Relevant Graduation Degree: Obtaining a graduation degree in banking or finance is crucial for this job role. As per the regulatory norms of the Singapore government only those candidates can be hired for banker job role who have an academic background in banking or finance. So, those people who take up relevant graduation degrees may apply for suitable personal banker jobs or more of clerical level jobs.
  • Take-up Internships: During graduation, internships help to guide an individual about the new career. The internship is the right way to explore the banking field and work for better learning. In addition, internships also give a chance to new candidates to make potential connections and network with people from the industry.
  • Get Licensed: Becoming a licensed banker is important in Singapore. So, one who wants to start his career in some banking role has to get registered and take a license from relevant government authority. So, taking up a license is a crucial task for any potential candidate.
  • Consider a Post-graduation Degree such as MBA (Finance) for Better Growth: Degree in MBA prepares candidates for a higher job role in the banking industry, as this helps them to learn better fiscal lessons and concepts. In addition, they also learn how to make higher-level strategies and gain profits in the longer run.   

What are the Banking Job Roles one may opt for?

The job profiles one may opt for in Banking jobs are:

  • Internal Auditor
  • Branch Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Bank Teller
  • Clerk
  • Bank Marketing Representative
  • Relationship Manager
  • Cashier
  • Data Processing Officer
  • Customer Service Desk
  • Vigilance Officer
  • Data Management Specialist
  • Customer help desk assistant

So, these are the job roles one may take-up in banking jobs

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What are the best ways to Find Banking Jobs in Singapore?

The best ways to find banking jobs in Singapore are:

  • Online Portals: If you want to make a career with banking jobs then finding a job on an online job portal is the best option to get a suitable job opportunity. Job portals have great jobs for the potential candidate hence, this is where you may find an applicable job as per your skills and experience.
  • Career Agents: Finding a banking job through placement agents is a common scenario in Singapore. This is one of the perfect ways to find an appropriate job in a competitive market. Banking jobs quite tuff to get hence, these agents will be the best person to get you best jobs.
  • Networking with Industry People: Your connections with professionals in the banking domain can help you get great job opportunities. This is another best way to look out for the jobs that are not even advertised on job portals and newspaper media.
  • Official Companies Website: This is the easiest and the fastest way to take up a job. If you have relevant private bank in mind and want to start a career with that then you may directly go to their website and write to them showing that you are interested. This makes the hiring process faster and easier for the candidates.

So, if you are the one who is looking for Banking Job in Singapore then read this article and follow the steps given and soon you will make a great career.

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