How to Choosing the Right Custom Product Packaging

Have you ever bought something just because it looks cute? Well, we have all been there. There used to be a time when packaging was merely a container for holding the product with a labeling sticker that told you what was inside the package. It was essentially something that offered protection to its contents while they were being delivered to the customers. Today, packaging has evolved into a full-fledged industry that has revolutionized the way consumers receive products.

Packaging is, in essence, a communication tool that enables businesses and brands to convey their value and marketing message to consumers. According to research conducted on consumer behaviour, over 70% of customers perceive packaging as a crucial deciding factor when they are making their purchase decisions. Great packaging adds value to the consumers’ purchase experience as it shows that your business is detail-oriented, and that you care about your customers.

Having understood how packaging is so important for your business, let us discuss some of the factors to consider when creating the perfect packaging for your products.

Understand the Company

Before you begin the process of brainstorming creative ideas and visual graphics, you need to make sure that you fully understand the company you are dealing with. Businesses use mailer boxes as a means of reflecting their brand value and image. If the brand vision is foggy to start with, it is unlikely that you will be able to create a design that resonates with the company’s true value and motto. A custom design that will work well for a luxury brand will not be a suitable fit for a tech company. It is, therefore, important to understand the totality of the business so that the packaging reflects the values of the company.

Understand the Practicalities

Although custom packaging is used as a strategy to allure customers to the business, it is important to keep track of the practical aspects during the design process of the packaging. Each product has its own set of requirements and specifications that you have to consider when designing the packaging. Does your product require a certain type of opening? Does it the added protection of a shrink wrap? What material would work best for the product? These are all important questions that you need to answer before initiating the design process.

Understand the Information That Needs to Go on The Packaging

The packaging must be designed to carry all the necessary information for consumer knowledge. Designing a packaging or label that is not considerate of the information that needs to go on it can have destructive consequences for your business and brand image. The information that the law requires you to include on your packaging must be there as it is a pretty sensitive matter that can wound you up in unnecessary trouble. Thus, make sure to include things like warnings, ingredients, or any other instructions specific for your product.

Understand Where It Will Be Sold

There is a huge contrast between the packaging requirements of a product sold online versus a product that is sold in stores. For instance, retail is a highly competitive jungle, and for you to win the consumers attention, your product must be eye-catching so that it more noticeable on the shelf among a bunch of other competitors. On the other hand, with the products sold online, there is a lot more room to experiment and formulate an individualistic design that is reflective of your brand image. It is, therefore, important to remember how and where the product will be sold.

Understand the Value of Good Graphic Designing

A common mistake that a lot of business owners make is that they assume as if all the graphic designers are equivalent in terms of their skills and abilities. If a graphic designer cannot grasp the essence and vision of your brand, it is going to be challenging for them to come up with packaging and graphics that fulfills your branding and marketing requirements. Therefore, you need a professional graphic designer with whom you can easily communicate so that the packaging design they create is the perfect fit for your product.

Understanding the Environmental Impact

In today’s world where people are well-informed of the impact, we as humans have on the environment; there is a shift in consumer behavior as they now tend to favor products that are sustainable and ecofriendly. While you want your product to be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, you don’t want to grab attention for the wrong reasons. As we all know of the detrimental effects that our choices can have on the environment, ignoring this reality can do more damage to your business than you can imagine. You don’t want to create an impression where your brand is considered careless and ignorant of the environmental aspects of their products.

The packaging carries immense potential and branding value for your business. Packaging and custom boxes now enable companies to experiment with creative designs and craft something that truly resonates with your brand image. Make sure to opt for skilled professionals and trusted companies when designing your packaging.

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