Facilities provided by Hilton Mumbai international airport

We guests stay at hotels for a variety of reasons. Some might be business travelers while few wish to rest while traveling between countries. Huge crowds stays in hotels during their vacations with family or single. Whatever the reason might be, one thing that keeps them comfortable is the hotel they choose. Especially the amenities and experiences they receive will make a huge difference in their travel. know about the Facilities provided by Hilton Mumbai international airport,

Whenever you travel, the hotel you choose to stay is the important decision you have to make as any hindrance or uncomfort might spoil your entire trip. With each having their personal needs and expectations of the hotel, there are overwhelming choices of hotels to look at and things to consider before you find the best hotel in the city. It is essential that you get the good facilities for the value of money and amenities you need in the high comfort zone.

When you are heading towards Mumbai, here is one such hotel that provides the best facilities – Hilton Mumbai International Airport.

Here in this article we discuss about the facilities that the hotel provides to their guests and the reason why you need to stay in this hotel.

Rooms for Guests

The hotel provides the best rooms including King Hilton guestroom, pool view and twin Hilton rooms for comfortable stay in the hotel with all the basic amenities inside including colonial decor, large windows, bathtub, etc. These rooms can be shared from 2 persons to 4 based on which the rooms can be allocated.

Suite rooms

The hotel is also famous for its suite rooms with two different options of King Majestic suite and King Presidential Suite with each offering varied features and amenities such as separate dining area, executive lounge access for the former and with large size bed, butler service and special amenities for the latter. These help the guests to stay comfort with luxurious services and amenities.

Executive rooms

Here are other special amenities and facilities that the Hilton Mumbai International Airport offers to its top privileged guests – executive rooms that contain two options – King Hilton executive and Twin Hilton executive. Although these contain executive longue access, free breakfast and cocktails, work areas in common, they have minor changes in services options between them.  I am sure choosing the hotel might give you a lifetime memorable stay.

Other amenities of the hotel

With the hotel that featuring palace – style architecture, it is located very near to airport and other local places with best commuting options. The hotel contains multi-dining options including Chinese restaurant and brassiere.

Amenities for business convenience

When you wanted to move for a business trip, then staying in Hilton Mumbai international airport is the best place to stay as they provide comfortable amenities. They provide audio/visual equipment rental, sending fax and printer options, photo servicing, video conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, and secretarial services. These amenities helps to keep your business working while you can still stay in luxurious hotel.

Family comfort and convenience amenities

Of course, when you travel with family, the first thing we need to choose is the comfort and luxury as any break might spoil the entire trip. Staying in Hilton Mumbai is the best option when you accompany your trip with children as they provide babysitting services which allows you to enjoy your trip in peaceful way. They also provides special children’s menu that will ease and provide comfort for children with the food. The hotel also provides crib facility inside the room for people with babies rather allowing them to sleep on the general cot. These facilities stands out from the other hotels and will allow you to stay in the hotel with comfort.

Other comfort and convenient facilities for guests

Baggage storage – The Hotel provides baggage storage option when the guest doesn’t want to move around taking the baggage all the time. This enables the safety feature for the baggage and other personal items.

Car rental facility – When you are on the trip for business or a vacation along with family, the hotel ensure to provide car for rental as you don’t have to enjoy the trip tiresome hiring the other cars or looking for the commuting facilities around the city. This also helps you to pack the things you require for the entire day to place them in the car and use them when ever needed.

Apart from the above mentioned facilities the hotel also provides florists inside if you wish to avail the delivery of bouquets, laundry services, multi-lingual staff, safety deposit box to keep your personal things safe and secure while you enjoying the trip in the city, snack shop to keep you relax during evenings, and shoe shine Stand in case you wish to polish your shoes before attending the business meeting.

Fitness and recreational facilities

Here comes the most interesting feature of the hotel that attracts the guests across the globe. The Hilton Mumbai hotel provides fitness room for people who has the habit of doing exercises every day and this helps them not to miss their routine. The hotel also has the swimming pool for the swim lovers, and also enables sightseeing tours for the guests who wish to move around the city. The hotel also provides local area transportation facility for people who wanted to go to specific area and bar area for relaxation.

Other amenities of the hotel include:

  • Onsite restaurant facility
  • Fitness center and business center
  • Concierge
  • Executive longue
  • Best room service
  • Free Wi-Fi facilities


Amenities like the above ones are becoming more expected from the guests these days. And with all the basic amenities the guests feel that they do not notice them in the hotels anymore, but this doesn’t mean that the amenities the hotel offers is basic of course it stands out with the other facilities as well. With all the amenities and facilities, Hilton Mumbai stands out from other hotels in the city.

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