Top 17 Event Management Tools or Software In 2024 (Free or Paid)

According to expert essay writers, event management tools are helpful in ways more than you can imagine. One of the advantages of using a tool is that you can reduce the overall costs of event planning. It lets you take and manage bookings with just a click. Most importantly, the Event Management Tools automate the manual and boring tasks for you and whatnot! Thus, here are the 17 best event management tools of 2024 for you. Each tool serves a unique purpose and can help you take your business to a whole new level.


Boomset lets you streamline your events, thereby letting you create engaging hybrid events. You will get to enjoy branded event registration pages along with a customized purchase experience. You can also track attendance and issue certificates after the event is completed. There are technological features such as facial recognition that help you improve your events cost-effectively.


This one simplifies and automates the entire event planning process. You can source your venue and prepare reports after the event is over in just a click. Whether you need to conduct one-to-one meetings or get something fixed, Cvent has got everything covered for you. It lets you manage your event under one roof and jumpstart your event attendance easily.

Planning Pod

How often have you felt messed up planning a catering event? This is where Planning Pod comes into play. It is an online catering management software that lets you manage banquet event orders, menus, clients and deals, production sheets, rentals, etc. The features include event management, inventory management, travel management, customizable dashboard, attendee management, etc.


You can take care of online event registrations, event marketing, and payment cards through this software. Whova provides an easy, convenient customization ticketing of a web page. The features include an event calendar, registration management, event management, payments, online booking, surveys & feedback, etc. Your attendees can get access to updated information, live polls, messages, and personalized agenda through this software.


Eventbrite is one of the best ticketing and event technology platforms that encourage businesses to organize, manage and sell tickets to events online. This software also lets you help people discover events that trigger their passions. You can use this software to house events of all shapes and sizes. Eventbrite consists of self-service event planning tools such as ticket selling, RSVP tracking, and email invitation creation. Event organizers can find these tools handy.


Hubilo is a hybrid event management platform that takes care of the entire event planning process emphasizing engagement to help businesses yield better results. The customer team at Hubilo also provides a proactive and full-time customer support team. You can host online virtual and hybrid events from all over the world with participants, thereby bringing forth engagement and networking opportunities for many interactions.


Bizzabo has been accredited with many awards due to its initiative features. It is a holistic software that offers a wide slew of resources required to create rewarding events. It provides insights into how companies can grow through successful events. You can design an on-brand digital experience, create marketing programs and string together different communities to run impactful events.


This one is a virtual and hybrid Event Management Tools that helps marketing professionals and event organizers create real human connections and lead to sustainable growth. It consists of a wide slew of user-friendly and customizable features such as badge management, attendee management, conventions, social promotion, social media integration, volunteer management, wedding/parties, etc.


With EventOrg, you can launch a single app that can host multiple events with minimal tech support. It lets you customize the background, header, icons, and themes of the apps. Each app you design on this software is unique in terms of its branding. The popular features of EventOrg include surveys & feedback, attendee management, badge management, room block management, social media promotion, volunteer management, etc.


Splash is an advanced marketing technology that executes complicated campaigns and manages events with ease. The main motive is to streamline event management and increase revenues for clients. It also campaigns protocols, measures the impacts of events, and captures audience insights. The features of this software include attendee management, wedding/parties, social media promotion, badge management, conventions, surveys & feedback, etc.

Evenium Net

This software provides impactful solutions for invitation processes and event management. Evenium seamlessly integrates CRM tools and websites with databases on a desktop or mobile. It is affordable and provides complete solutions for ticketing, registration, and invitation for successful events. The popular features involved in this software include attendee management, social media promotion, feedback ticketing, sponsorship management, etc. Non-profits, corporations, and educational institutions that organize and manage professional events or meetings can find this software.


Socio is an end-to-end platform that helps businesses host virtual, in-person and hybrid events. This software caters to clients such as Stanford University, Google, Lessonly, Microsoft, and the National Speakers Association. Socio consists of integrated virtual software and a live event app. These apps enable drag and drop customization along with features such as ticketing, registration, schedules, video rooms, streaming, games, polls, chats, lead retrieval, live display, etc. This software is apt for enterprises, third-party planners, tech companies, associations, essay help companies, etc.


EventMobi is an end-to-end platform that helps event organizers plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging hybrid, virtual and in-person event experiences. Over 10,000 event planners have used this software from at least 72 countries all over the world. This software consists of an award-winning event app, Virtual Space, and an online event production. EventMobi is a perfect choice if you want to hold hundreds of events at the same time on one platform. It lets you create engaging event experiences for your attendees without investing a lot of time.


PheedLoop is one of the most renowned virtual and hybrid event engagement and management platforms. It enables badge printing, native streaming, registration, virtual exhibit halls, synched exhibitor portals, automated surveys, etc. Events of all types and sizes can use this software to streamline the process of event management. However, this software caters to specific industries such as government, academic, association, corporate, IBM, etc. Event planners can enjoy an incredible amount of insights, control, and marketing tools for their events. The features include attendee management, reporting, payment processing software, event scheduling, etc.


Bevy is an in-person and virtual community events software platform. It offers a wide slew of tools that are required for the planning, promotion, and execution of in-person and virtual events. You can manage and host thousands of different types of community events. Usually, a wide range of enterprise and consumer, and education sectors that intend to grow and scale a global customer-to-customer community can use this software. It features a deep permissions system along with webcasting capabilities through which local brands can grow throughout the world. 


If you are looking forward to getting more done in less time, Swoogo is the right software for you. It supports different types of events such as virtual, hybrid, and live events. Swoogo offers quick registration, standard customer service, and an easy site builder. It is mainly designed for event managers and marketers. The common solutions provided by this software include unlimited events, website creation, attendee management, email marketing, etc. The features include API, activity dashboard, guest list management, etc.


This one is a booking management software that consists of all the features required to make an event successful. Gigwell is perfectly suitable for artists and booking agencies. This software helps in identifying new talents, track sales, sell tickets and streamline the booking process for any event. You can search through innumerable venues, the industry’s best ongoing events, and the festival database using Gigwell. The main features include social media promotion, ticketing, weddings, etc.

Wrapping Up,

Event management is a complex process. You may have to invest your precious time in monotonous tasks rather than focusing on the big picture. The event management tools solve this major problem. You can download the app that suits your needs and automate the boring processes with ease. Good Luck.

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