Top 11 Best Hybrid Event Platforms Of 2024

Virtual interaction has been on a high wave for a long time but has received the spotlight after the Big Rona situation. 2020 was an unexpected incident for every individual and entirely transformed our working practices in online mode. This had paused the in-person meetings, gatherings, and conferences with a vast audience base. Here we provide the Best Hybrid Event Platforms in 2024.

As COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitation are here to stay, the demand and usability of virtual space are increasing exponentially. But what are the criteria that define a perfect interacting session? They are proper connectivity, two-sided communication, live connectivity, and proper flow. Therefore, to truly satisfy these aspects and to build an engaging environment hybrid model is the right match.

This model functions on gathering a limited public physically, and the remaining of them connect virtually. This concept permits the visitors to link and connect with the live occasion equally. This works as an enhanced virtual connectivity platform that seamlessly connects the remote public to the seminars. 

In this article, I have covered a variety of Hybrid virtual platforms to support you in picking the right and most suitable one.

Let’s dive into it.

Top 11 Hybrid Event Platforms

For forming a foolproof event strategy, it is necessary to care for and consider all the elements that affect it. In it, 59.4% of event marketers lift their hands to the hybrid solutions to be an inescapable part of 2021 and beyond.

To get a detailed overview of the hybrid event platforms, do refer to the following points as they showcase the top 10 Hybrid Event Platforms to be used in 2024-       


The virtual event industry has seen a sudden rise ever since the pandemic hit the nations. Many new players started emerging in the market as virtual events gained immense popularity. Leveraging virtual event technology is the only viable option left for organizations and event planners to keep sailing smoothly. 


Dreamcast is one of the leading virtual and hybrid Event Platforms that was in existence long before COVID-19 came into the frame. The virtual event platform allows you to host virtual events and hybrid events of all types and sizes without any audience cap feature. Right from hosting virtual meetings, conferences, trade shows, expos, job fairs, product launches, networking fairs, or any other live physical event in a virtual world, Dreamcast serves all. The platform offers a wide array of exciting features from networking, and engagement to data analytics that help in replicating live physical event experiences in the virtual world. 

Business card exchange, B2B meeting scheduler, AI-matchmaking, virtual networking tables, live audio/video chat capabilities, 2-way interactions, and more are some of the most exciting networking features offered by the platform. It enables one to connect and network freely in a virtual environment with a wide spectrum of global attendees. In addition to this, various exciting features offered by the platform such as gamification, photo booths, social wall, signature wall, Live polls, and much more help organizers to boost excitement in the event effortlessly. Dreamcast is one of the top picks when it comes to hosting a virtual or hybrid event.   


It is a recognizable name in the field of hybrid models. It develops an interface where you develop a personalized atmosphere for the visitors. If you are worrying about scheduling your seminars and virtual meetings, this platform works best for you. It has a simplified planning tool that allows you to perform this process quickly.


Starting from forming, hosting, and handling all the activities executes well using this platform with the potential of handling more than 1000 live attendees. This virtual venue joins firms, groups, and friends with chatting, networking, and live broadcasting functionality. Moreover, it is a comprehensive platform that is optimized for interacting with and connecting visitors.

Considerable show-up rates, lesser drop-off rates, and smiling participants are all possible because of the in-out rooming feature of Hopin that gives a perfect reflection of the physical gatherings. What’s more about this? It is a customizable platform that imparts you the freedom to settle it as per your desires. It is called a pandemic app that is one of the highest used tools among all others, and it is as shown in the figure below-



It is a top-notch hosting platform developed for managing virtual, hybrid, and physical conferences related to mass and sorts of gatherings. This is an entirely web-based and intelligent stage used by top professionals. In addition, it gives 24×7 support to answer all the queries of the customers. This top virtual platform offers multiple robust features like-

  • Collective breakout sessions
  • Real-time conversion
  • Reservation management
  • Taking polls
  • Provides better insight into the analytic reports
  • AI-powered networking
  • Gamification and the list go on.

Accelevents help the organizers to arrange such an occasion that creates a long-lasting image in the audiences’ minds. For example, Growth Blazers, a well-known name in the market, used this platform for conducting its conference and received booming results. They generated 6,500 registrations, 900+ leads, 2,500 visitors, and about 160 new memberships.


Its customizable features differentiate it from the catalogue of available hybrid platforms. For an organizer who wants to see plenty of characteristics and pick the most suitable, EventMobi can satisfy your desire. It provides about 120 sets of functionalities to give you a wide range of choices.

It permits you to concentrate on the engagement criteria rather than spending more time deciding the flow of the virtual meeting. EventMobi is a branded venue that is gaining the trust of more than 10K planners. Whether your area of concern lies in the in-house gathering or training related to updates in the workforce payroll management solution or want to enhance your sales, EventMobi works adequately as per your requirements. Its list of features includes a live display, gamification, authenticated login, and reviews.


If you are looking for a simplified and speedy event tool, your search ends here. The use of AI enhances the relevancy of the content and persons based on an individual’s taste. This shares a big hand in improving their interaction with the occasion. Therefore, you can consider it a complete package that provides all the essentials needed for running a virtual session. It includes live streaming, program enrollment, ticketing, matchmaking, and 1:1 video chats.

If you are thinking of converting your meet into a huge community base, Swapcard suits it by handling social news feeds, memberships, and many more.


Boomset is a trusted platform for arranging all sorts of gatherings. In addition, it is a considerable software to unite and engage remote audiences. As a result, it is contemplated as one of the supremely accessible united solutions for hybrid events.

Do you know what the 5-star rating aspect of this platform is? It is the use of advanced technology for improving the scale of interaction with the attendees. The features of Boomset are listed below-

  • Face recognition for guest check-in
  • Performs attendance monitoring and session accessibility using UFC/RFID/NFC technology
  • Lead reviews
  • On-demand badge printing

This platform will develop an ideal pace that lets you feel that your clients are sitting right in front of you. And this is the topmost requisite for any coordinator to have in their events.


BigMarker is a browser-based platform that permits viewers to join without downloading the application. This becomes a potent source for attracting more people. You can enjoy the formation of the hybrid event using this platform as it provides more than 15 modules to give a customized look to all your activities.

To gain more insight into its popularity, let me tell you that bigwigs like Google, PWC, and Nielsen use this platform.

Whether you want to host a small conference or a giant one, BigMarker thoroughly works for it. This tool has features like screen sharing, Q&A sessions, offers, and private chat to increase the engagement ratio. In addition, it allows delivering the conferences on a privately hosted page that is entirely responsive and SEO-optimized.   

In addition, the integration of video technology with advertising actions like automated email campaigns, social media broadcasting, and the addition of logos to the gathering sessions makes marketing more worthwhile.


ON24 is a webinar platform for developing virtual events. But its qualified working is limited to the boundary of 5000 audiences. Multilingual, gamification, escape rooms, and networking competency are a few of its potent features.

It is a feasible platform that provides communicative, enriched data and an appealing virtual atmosphere for visitors. Also, it incorporates other business software and syncs the information to your marketing automation systems to give you an effortless experience. Finally, its customizability and responsiveness toward customers enhance the usability of this platform to a great extent.


While highlighting the foremost hybrid platform, Bizzabo cannot be erased from the list. It is a unified solution for the organizer, audience, marketer, and mentor to unlock the wonders of online gatherings. From planning, promotion, enrollment, and administration to integrating multiple tools are done in a single area. Also, it allows peer-to-peer networking and collaborating functionality to build and continue long-lasting relationships with the participants.    

Amazon, Salesforce, and Siemens are some of the prime names that use this platform. Bizzabo allows taking a data-driven decision that uplifts the scale of outcomes and ROI.


It is a cloud-based management tool whose ultimate focus relies on making online gathering more interactive. As a result, it received the honour known as ‘Oscar of the Event Technology’ in 2019. It simplifies the whole procedure beginning with organizing, enrollment, follow-ups, and networking.

Its characteristics include event maps, mobile sign-in, live updates, personalized conversion, and gamification. Also, by using this platform, you can get a live supporter who will respond to all your queries. Furthermore, this ensures the interruption rate to almost zero to smoothly run your hybrid event.


It is a potent platform that permits organizers to reach the public worldwide. So whether you want to arrange online gatherings, career expos, or trade shows, vFairs works thoroughly. It handles live and semi-live webinars with its extensive customizable and integrable functionalities.


Its 3-dimensional immersive feature makes visitors’ experience more interactive. It focuses more on the animation part to let audiences realize that they are physically present in the meeting. In addition, the reporting module offers better and more meaningful insights that help in framing better decisions. Also, it personalizes the landing page and email campaign to reach the targeted public and meet their preferences.


Picking the right hybrid event platforms is undoubtedly a tough job. However, it is a tool that makes the arrangement, promotion, and execution phase easier. They are developed to automate and handle every aspect to accomplish your dream hybrid event. I hope the above list helps you segment out the one based on your type of meetings and audience preferences. Make more emphasis on giving the best UX and getting booming results.