Evaluating the Mental Health of Children and Young People During the Pandemic

I can vouch for the fact that the world was prepared for anything but the pandemic. Even though the devastating Coronavirus spreading fast all across the territories of China, the entire world hardly had an idea that it would slowly get the better of every other nation in such a short span of time. As a result, most of the global agencies including transports, banking, agriculture, and the likes. know about how Mental Health of Children and Young People During the Pandemic.

This led to a global shutdown that resulted in a temporary closure of most schools and colleges. Consequently, the youngsters, especially children were forced to stay back at home in order to avoid being vulnerable to the catastrophic COVID-19 massacre. However, the challenge lies elsewhere. There’s no harm in children or every other young people staying back at home, confined to the closed corridors of their abodes all throughout the day. But things tend to take an unprecedented turn altogether when a week’s lockdown gets extended till an indefinite frame of time.

Critical factors such as isolation, bereavement, depression, past traumas and other issues tend to get more prominent with each passing day, as the youngsters continue to stay back at home. Now, how fact are these criticalities concerning and what impacts do they bring on the young minds? Are you eager to delve deeper and explore the bigger picture in this context? Simply take some time to read this blog for the right insights in a constructive manner.

Gauging Mental Health Conditions among Young People

Most young people, especially working individuals are said to be the closest victim of mental conditions such as:

  • Isolation
  • Bereavement
  • Fear of loss of income
  • Insomnia and anxiety
  • Drug abuse and more

When someone is forced to stay back at home in return of zero income and decreased productivity, things tend to get all the more critical in every aspect.

So, let’s take a look further and figure out the intensities of each of the aforementioned mental conditions among youngsters and children during the pandemic.


Social isolation significantly escalates a person’s risk of premature death from every possible cause. According to reports, social isolation is associated with a 50% increased risk of dementia.

Now, if students and other youngsters are asked to stay back at home for days and months, then the risk of developing the odds of social isolation doubles up with each passing day.

As a result, the young minds get vulnerable to the challenges of being socially awkward, developing depression, over-thinking and the likes.


This is yet another critical mental condition that could lead youngsters to face some serious repercussions down the road. Bereavement leads to young people getting angry at the thought of their losses, lack of clear understanding, communication gap, and the likes.

This is one of those mental criticalities that work as a slow chemical. Sad, but true, bereavement leads to the victim making wrong choices in life, taking hasty decisions, loosing cool under any given situation and other adversities.

You may feel angry at a person who left you alone. For example, if the parents turn out to be healthcare workers, they have no choice other than to leave their abodes every day to take care of the world, which has turned upside down.

Now, if the young wards are asked to stay back at home all alone, they might develop a feeling of bereavement towards their parents due to the reasons, as mentioned above.

Fear of Loss of Income:

This is undeniably one of the most concerning of all mental ailments the youngsters are assumed to face. Most young workers including private firm employees are apparently at a high risk of losing their jobs. Such challenges and odds result in young people developing a fear of loss of income gradually.

As a result, it leads to people developing depression, negativities, anxiety and other odds. Consequently, this leads to people getting suicidal and overly negative in life from all aspects. God forbid, if anyone loses his/her job and stays back at home for way too long, then they might end up making wrong employment choices down the line.

Insomnia and Anxiety:

Every mental condition is related to each other. So are insomnia and anxiety. Insomnia, as we all know, is nothing but a critical form of sleep disorder. This, as a result, leads to other related mental ailments such as disturbed sleep cycles, behavioral issues, eye infection, and more.

In addition to each of these disorders, insomnia is directly related to the odds of developing anxiety disorders. Once you are anxious, especially if the disorder hits a different high, then you can even have your lifestyle getting topsy-turvy in every form and shape.

Young people suffering from anxiety disorders are often found to be restless, making wrong decisions, losing mind and temper on every silly topic or occurring one would come across and the likes. 

These, collectively, lead to youngsters acquiring a sad state of mind with depressive thought processes getting the better of their mental health every day.

Drug Abuse:

Lastly, most young people are often found to be exposed to the clutches of drug abuse, leading to abusive behaviour and other odds.

For example, someone who is staying back at his/her place, without income or friends to meet, or someone is already going through other dilemmas and still cannot move out of his/her place for a reprise, things tend to get overly critical during such situations.

According to researchers and psychologists, such disorders and criticalities lead young people to choose an escape route to consume drugs and abusing the same.

Exploring the Remedial Measures with Definitive Strategies

Earlier in the blog, we have talked about the intensity of mental health disorders among children and young people during the pandemic. Now, let’s tread further and look at each and every remedial step and strategies that would allow youngsters to choose a healthier and positive life ahead.

  • Students dealing with mental dilemmas concerning the temporary shutdown of academic institutes can choose to carry out their daily academic schedules from home.
  • Encourage them to sign up for a reliable online assignment writing help in the UK for customized and well-backed assignment solutions on the go.
  • The youngsters should be encouraged quite often in the matter of acquiring and boosting self-confidence as well.
  • Every responsible parent should come together with joint initiatives in the matter of helping their wards think and take things in a positive manner.
  • They should meditate on a regular basis, stay focused on their end goal, and make it a point to achieve what they wish to achieve at the end of the day.
  • Also, it is equally important for students to stay safe and healthy in every possible aspect.
  • They should not take the wrath of Covid-19 lightly. Rather, every young soul should practice healthy habits at home.
  • During the pandemic, they should strictly follow all norms concerning the criticalities of wearing masks, using sanitizers, maintaining social distances, and the likes.

So, now that you have gained insights into the intensity and every other concerning factor that determines the mental health of young people and children during the pandemic, re-read the blog thoroughly. Refer to more of such informative write-ups and know how to keep the stringencies of mental dilemmas among young people, completely at bay.