All You Need To Know About Chopta Trek

Chandrashila is the winter trek which is very famous in Uttarakhand. Therefore it lies in Ukhimath in Chopta. The main distance of the Chopta trek is from Chopta to Tungnath Temple which is around 3 km and from Tungnath temple to Chandrashila which is around 1 km.

The trek is easy to moderate.

About Chopta Trek

Chopta is basically situated in Uttarakhand and around 280 km away from Nainital. Chopta is a very less crowded and unexplored beauty of Uttarakhand and tourists come here to see Tungnath Temple, Chandrashila and Deoriatal which is the main beauty of Chopta and you can also see snow here.

In Uttarakhand there are many temples and from those one is Tungnath temple which lies in Chopta and before this there is also Chandrashila Peak and in Chandrashila Peak you are also able to see one temple. Chopta is a very natural place and here very few people come to visit because here in Chopta it is difficult to reach here and also the stay here is not so convenient. But in the present days it is becoming more popular day by day. People are able to know about this place and find it interesting so visit here to explore Chopta.

Relief features

A winter morning is a very cold grey dawn. Nature is calm, quiet and cold. There is sometimes fog all around. Nothing at a short distance is visible when the fog is thick in the morning. We breathe out smoke from the mouth. The surroundings remain silent. The plants, trees, fields, and water are as they were afraid of the cold and stand motionless. Streets and grass sometimes get wet in the dews, cold and damp. The daylight is dull and dim. Nature seems to be late. The sun rises late. The day does not start early either. In the early morning I seem to be alone awake. All men except the poor are heavily dressed to avoid the cold. Poor people enjoy the wood fire beside their huts or streets. Basking in the sun is pleasant in winter. The morning is really chilly.

How to reach Chopta?

From Haridwar to Chopta the road distance is about 230 km. From Haridwar to reach Chopta you can avail bus or sharing jeep which can be the cheapest way to travel Chopta. Or you can travel from Haridwar to Rudraprayag and Rudraprayag to Ukhimath and from Ukhimath to Chopta and reach there. In Chopta in the homestays you can get light only during the night time and for the daytime electricity is not given as solar panels are attached on the roof of the house and it works naturally.

Cottage Facilities

And in all the places this charging system is only available. And only mobile and laptop charging facilities are available in the cottage rooms. But not Tv and Geyser facility and that is only for day time not for the night time. But in some places or cottages or homestays it is available for 24 hours. And you can get 400 to 800 per person for the price of the homestays. After you reach Chopta you can go for the most famous trek that is Tungnath temple trek. Chopta to Tungnath is a 3.5 km trek. And from Tungnath temple to Chandrashila peak the distance is about 2 km trek approximately. So accordingly the whole trek is approximately 5 and half km approximately. And then you have to return the same distance so must have to be ready to move a total for the 11 km trek.


The sun, the wind, the frost, the running water and the moving ice wear away the soft rocks of highlands like mountains or plateaus. After a long time the resistance hard rocks are left there standing to form residual hills and mountains. These are known as Relict Mountain or Erosional mountain. These mountains are formed by the process of denudation, and for this, they are also known as mountains of denudation. Relic mountains are noticed all over the world. Weathering by climate elements like temperature, rainfall, wind etc, and erosion by the natural agents reduce the highlands. We find these mountains in arid and semi arid areas as well as in humid regions.

About the Chopta trek

The terrain or the trek trail is marvellous and the trek begins through a base village. The rocks are scattered everywhere and there are green grasslands all over and in winter it feels like a snowy desert. The grasslands are quite beautiful and the weather remains constant.The scenic beauty of this trek is spectacular and breathtaking which includes lush green grasslands and snow capped areas all over the trek with numerous hills and waterfalls, not only these the snow covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains is just awesome. There are also many flowers and alpine trees through the trek.The hike of this trail will take through the dense pine forest and alongside gushing rivers offering rare sights and experiences. The dense forest is covered with silver birch oak and alpine trees with the sound of chirping birds.

Environmental beauty

The scenic beauty of this trek is mesmerising and tremendous which includes frozen lands everywhere and snow capped areas all over the trek with numerous hills and waterfalls, not only these the snow covered mountains with very cold weather and little rains and snowfall at night are just awesome. There are so many beautiful mountain views on the trek. The trek is moderate and difficult.The trail of this trek will take through the white and slippery places with rocks scattered everywhere and sparkling  rivers offering rare sights and experiences.

Things to keep in mind

The water level remains low. And the weather changes during the night and for that reason the weather gets warmer during the night. So the water level has risen again and the ice in the corners has melted. Its thickness has reduced. There is a 6 m thick patch of snow in the Chandrashila peak trek. Then you need to climb up the steep slopes of the mountains. You need to go through the Chandrashila peak trek trail to the other side and then continue on the snowy and slippery trek terrain. It is said that you need to be very much careful while walking Chandrashila peak trek as it is covered with snow during the winter time.The routes of the chandrashila peak trek are mostly easy but sometimes you can be afraid about  the height of the trek trail but it will be easy if you remain motivated throughout the trek.

Chopta trek and it’s trek details

Uttarakhand and these mountains feel like a second home to everyone. The most famous Chandrashila peak is not only famous but also it offers a great view of mountain ranges. And also one more noticeable thing is that the world’s highest shiva temple is located here that is Tungnath. For Chopta trek we have to follow Rishikesh Badrinath Highway. First location ahead is the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River that is Devprayag. From Devprayag we have to take a road along the Alaknanda river.Ahead of Devprayag is Srinagar. 12-13 kms ahead of Srinagar is the famous Dhari devi temple. I would suggest taking a stopover here if you have enough time. Here is a very beautiful spot midway. And one important thing you have to know about this midway or stopover in the middle.

Appropriate direction

Whenever you are going to Chopta and if you will put Chopta in the Google Maps it will take you somewhere else. Actually there is another village named Chopta as shown in Google Maps. So if you want to visit Tungnath trek or the Chandrashila trek for which you have to travel the famous Chopta so make sure you put Tungnath in the Google Maps. When you put Tungnath in Google maps it will reflect the correct location to follow and you won’t take any wrong route.

The whole route to reach Chopta

Ahead on this route is Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini river. Here we have to leave Rishikesh Badrinath Highway, and move towards Kedarnath road along with the Mandakini river. Quality of mountains is that the more you travel, the views become more beautiful. Ahead of this is Agustmuni and as soons as we cross Augustmuni we would get the first glimpse of Kedar dome. These are the same mountain ranges where Kedarnath is located. Ahead of this there are 2 roads one goes to Kedarnath via Guptkashi and another one goes to Ukhimath and we need to follow this one. Ahead of this is Ukhimath and Ukhimath is that place where winter rituals of Kedarnath worship are performed. After this you will get to see the first view of

Chandrashila peak trek

Chandrashila on the right side of the screen.  When you reach Chopta you will be able to see at first if the camps are located at this amazing location and second thing is that the views from here are amazing. Campsite is good as it’s between a lot of snow. And one more thing is that there is a network issue over here. At the time of camp booking please coordinate with them and if you will not coordinate you would waste your time to find the location of your camp.

Morning scenario

In the morning the site looks amazing and after having breakfast you can go for the trek. Starting point of the trek is 5 kn from the camp. And moving ahead from Chopta the road is snow covered from both the ends. And it will feel like driving in heaven. When you will enter the gate from where actually the trek is starting there you will see on the signboard it is mentioned that Chandrashila height is 3680 m. There is all over snow from the starting point of the trek. For that you need to carry microspikes. Being a one day trek, Chandrashilla trek offers a lot. Chopta is bugyal which means meadow. So you will witness a lot of peaks. Along with peaks, meadows over here are extremely beautiful. Chandrashila is an easy grade trek. However you are required to be physically fit for an easy trek too.

Because any climb beyond 10000 feet is difficult if you are not physically fit. Overall it’s a beautiful trek. One more information is that if you are a first time trekker and want to explore winter trek then you can come on this one. This is a very easy trek but easy doesn’t mean you won’t require any gears. You need microscopes like other snow treks as people with normal shoes are slipping a lot. So make sure you are carrying microspikes or you can check with camp staff if they can provide . Now the whole trail is under snow. Maybe around 4 to 5 feet of snow. It is very important to remain motivated on a trek. If you are not motivated anytime you will be hopeless to do a summit.

Tungnath temple

And behind the Tungnath temple there is Chandrashila peak. Beside Tungnath temple is the world’s highest Shiva temple. The height is about three thousand something in m. And it is also in Panch Kedar and so Panch Kedar  which is Kedarnath, Madhmeshwar, Kalpeshwar, Rudranath. You can feel a peaceful energy here. It’s all totally a different experience. You will have a positive energy. From Tungnath there is a 1 km steep climb for Chandrashila. Chandrashila arrow is also like going up and showing a steep climb of 1 km. The Chandrashila trek is in a Z shaped way. You can find the Chandrashila trek very slippery and dangerous and it’s a deep trench here. An experienced trekker can also be afraid of this Chandrashila trek. With the rising light, the snow started shining more. The sun rays can now be seen over Gangotri and kedar ranges of Himalayas. Sunshine is affected by the latitudinal position of a particular region. Sunshine increases the temperature of a place. Direct rays of the sun travel shorter distances through the atmosphere and hence heat up a region more than the slanting rays, which are longer. The heat is spread over a larger  area, thus making these places less hot. That’s why it is all covered with snow.

How to reach Chandrashila peak trek

Chandrashila peak trek is also considered as one of the most and best,beautiful Trek in India. The environmental beauty of this trek is sceptical and so universal which includes lofy green grasslands and snow capped areas all over the trek with numerous hills and waterfalls, not only these the snow covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains is just awesome.

There are also many flowers and alpine trees through the trek.The rocks are scattered everywhere and there are surroundings covered with frozen snow all over and in winter it feels like a snowy desert.


 The environment is too beautiful and gives very fresh air.The scenic beauty of Chandrashila peak trek is mesmerising and breathtaking which includes smooth snowy ground and snow capped areas all over the hike with numerous hills and waterfalls, not only these the snow covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains is just awesome. There are also many flowers and alpine trees through the hike of the Chandrashila peak trek.

Weather is not pleasant here but it is quite favourable and safe for trekking in Chopta trekking trail. One can trek the entire trail from the base which is 15 km otherwise it is easy to just take a jeep to a convenient spot and then trek from here. The trekking trail of the Chopta trek is divided into two prior routes, one has an easier trail and is best for the one who are not pro in trekking and the other is a tougher one and is for those who can do a tough trek easily and smoothly.

Weather information

Low pressure is usually associated with unsettled, and sometimes stormy weather as it causes inflow of winds from surrounding high pressure areas. On the other hand calm and fair weather is expected in high pressure zones as the cooler air sinks and gets compressed.

The most hazardous aspect of the climate is the strong chilly winds that blow almost throughout the year. The region in the centre is relatively calm. Snowstorms and blizzards are common occurrences during the winter months.

Additional information about Tungnath temple trek

 In the Chandrashila peak you can also experience the enchanting sunrise views of the season and that will inspire you to come here again and again. The snow may not be there as usual throughout the whole year. And in comparison it can be less according to the climate. There are small houses located in the last 300 to 400 m treks from Tungnath. You can stay here once the official yatra is open.

People lock the places here and leave once the season is over. You can get food and water here once the yatra is open, but right now you have to carry those things with you from Chopta market. In this time you will find silence all over the temple area. The main gate of the Tungnath temple was closed. And it was to open only after Kapaat opened. In this time the entry inside the temple remains prohibited and you can see it from outside only. So there are many small temples next to Tungnath temple. You can find Mahananda Parvati temple and Bhairav temple. Tungnath mountain is situated at an elevation of 12000 feet and this is why this temple is called Tungnath temple.

Chandrashila peak trek is like heaven

You can find the peaks of the Chandrashila peak trek very shiny and when it turns cloudy you can’t see the beautiful mountain peaks of the Chandrashila peak trek. Last 400 m of the Chandrashila peak trek is quite steep. After leaving from Chopta early in the morning you will reach Chandrashila at 10 am in the morning. At the top of the Chandrashila peak trek there is a small temple dedicated to Maa Ganga. The visible Himalayan ranges from Chandrashila looked quite impressive. On one side Gangotri 1 , Gangotri 2, Gangotri 3 and Mandani, Kedar, Chaukhamba peaks are also visible. On the other hand Hathi parvat. Dunagiri, Nanda devi and Trishul peaks seem to hypnotise you with their enchanting beauty.

A myth about Tungnath temple

It is said that Lord Rama did Tapasya or tapa here whereas as per other stories Lord Chandra also did penance here . From the backside of the Ganga temple you can also see the Himalayan peaks too.  

And after staying a few hours on the top of the Chandrashila peak you can descend back down. The snow on the Chandrashila trek has melted a little bit now and that can make the Chandrashila peak trek a little slippery. In the Panch kedar of Uttarakhand Tungnath Mahadev temple is the third kedar. This temple is older than 5000 years old and it is said that the arms of Mahadev appeared here.


In Chopta therefore you can find two famous treks one is Tungnath Mahadev temple trek and another one is Chandrashila peak trek. Chopta is a very beautiful place and very few people come to visit because here in Chopta it is difficult to reach here and also stay here but day by day it is becoming popular and everyone once in their lifetime must visit this trek.  People are able to know about this place and find it interesting so visit here to explore Chopta.

The mountains have steep slopes and sharp pointed tops called summits or peaks. Some of these high peaks remain perpetually covered with snow. When snow melts the rivers of ice or the glaciers slide downwards very slowly along the slope of the mountains. A mountain may have a series of ranges and peaks or gorges and valleys.